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ZOMBIES-The Walking Dead-Season Two starts Tonight Sun10-16-11

October 16, 2011

Last seasons re-runs are being re-aired today on AMC starting at 2:30PM, so you can get caught up or refresh your memory. The new season episode starts at 9:00pm.

Filmed here in Atlanta, the zombies are back!!.....2 hour season opener tonight.

Atlanta has seen a sharp increase in hosting the entertainment industry making movies, music, tv. All of that is good for the state's economy! Jobs, permitting, hotel stays, food will all be benefitted by having the industry work here.

Walking Dead is not just a zombie story, there is lots of plot written into this tv show. Well worth watching.

-And.....I know someone who will be in it as an extra, not a zombie, though, a living person..... Party

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