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You're old. You're white. You're history!

November 13, 2012

Am I an extremist or is Newsweek? I'm just curious because I have been called names here. I've been told that I'm extremist, and that I post too many news links and images. So strange that I'm the extremist here. Why just look, here's Newsweek and yet I'm the extremist? I've been called a racist by some here because I didn't support Obama. But is this Newsweek image of Obama not racist? But I guess some of y'all text all the time, and have short attention spans, and just like to engage in ad hom attacks instead of using logic and reason and considering all viewpoints. How sad.

From Wikpedia (as this seems to be the only source of information that some of y'all lend credence to.):

"Newsweek is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. It is distributed throughout the United States and internationally. It is the second-largest news weekly magazine in the U.S., having trailed Time in circulation and advertising revenue for most of its existence. Newsweek is published in four English language editions and 12 global editions written in the language of the circulation region."--Wikipedia

Newsweek cover depicts Obama as Napoleonic, calls GOP old, white, history


Newsweek Cover Compares Obama to Napoleon, Calls GOP 'Old,' 'White,' 'History'

Newsweek Obama Victory Cover Shows President As Napoleon (PHOTO)

"Newsweek apparently wasn't content with a racist message that discriminates against the elderly. Emblazoned on the cover is the caption: "The Obama Conquest." According to Newsweek, Obama didn't just win an election, he conquered the country."--BY: JOE NEWBY

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