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Writing a book, 140 characters at a time

April 29, 2012

We have user-generated posts on Athens Talks, user-generated photos on Spotted® and comments by users all over our sites. What would you think of a user-generated collaborative novel written by submissions from the internet?

Willy Chyr, an artist from Chicago, is trying to do just that.  Chyr's experiment is to create a novel "written by the internet."

Users submit to the novel one 140-character sentence at a time and the community votes on the sentences with a +1 or a -1 just like we do with our rating system here. 

Read more about his experiment at

Do you think if this experiment is successful it could change the way books are written?

I remember reading books as a kid where you could choose the choices and destiny of the main characters by going to a different page.  This was considered interactive at the time.  Those books are no longer very popular thanks to video games and other technology that is truly interactive.

I am considering trying an experiment sort of like this right here on our site.  Who would be interested in trying such an experiment?

We could start a post that has an opening paragraph and each comment would be the next sentence in our story.

Tell me what you think and if there's enough interest, I'll start the process. 


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