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Will Obama's new war be against Syria?

November 14, 2012

"Never mind President Obama’s vow to end a decade of Mideast wars; America instead soon might find itself embroiled in a new conflict in that region — perhaps even before the president’s Jan. 20 inauguration."--By BENNY AVNI

Bam’s next war?

NATO will defend Turkey in conflict with Syria, says chief

Syrian govt slams France, says opposition ‘declared war’

Israel fires at two Syrian mortar batteries, reports ‘direct hit’

"Britain’s most senior general told a BBC interview that the UK is considering contingency plans to take a full-blown military action against Syria instead of trying to organize the country’s rebel groups. "

Britain’s Chief of Staff hints at Syria invasion

Israel Shells Syria and Gaza

France recognizes new Syria opposition

"For months throughout the Syrian conflict, possible full-scale Western intervention loomed. It still does. Post-US elections, it’s more likely, not certain, but reports suggest expect it."--by Stephen Lendman

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