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Why is the TSA being allowed to sexually abuse children and adults? Do you care? What if it happens to you or your loved ones?

May 21, 2012

According to an article in the Guardian, the following motto is displayed at the TSA’s air marshal training center: “Dominate. Intimidate. Control.” Why is there no outrage over this?

“They make our lives completely difficult...She’s not a threat to national security.”-- Dr. Joshua Frank, a Long Island pediatrician, who is the father of 7-year-old Dina, who has cerebral palsy and is developmentally disabled.

“Dominate. Intimidate. Control.”

The TSA's mission creep is making the US a police state

Family Misses Flight After TSA Gives Pat-Down To Girl With Cerebral Palsy

"The out-of-control Transportation Security Administration is past patdowns at airports – now it's checkpoints and roadblocks"--
by Jennifer Abel, The Guardian

The TSA: America's Real Child Pornography/Molestation Machine

TSA and child abuse — again

Yet another child abused by TSA

"This three-year-old boy, in a cast, in a wheelchair, was singled out by the brilliant minds of the TSA to be manhandled, pawed, and swabbed, while his parents look on. The little boy is crying and asks his father to give him a hug. The TSA, as they always do, say, “Don’t touch your child.”"--by LISA SIMEONE on MARCH 19, 2012

"Lisa Belkin of Huffington Post writes about a letter she received from the mother of a 10-year-old boy who was groped by the TSA. In a private room, with his mother at his side. He has diabetes and wears an insulin pump.

He set off the machine and was told by officers that he could not touch or move the pump, his mother says, and that the only option was a pat-down of his genital area."

Organization pushes TSA to stop touching children

Jesse Ventura Discusses the Latest TSA Abuses, Child Pornography

Who did the TSA terrorize today? A 4-year-old girl. Why? She hugged her grandma.

'I was embarrassed and humiliated': TSA forces nursing mother to show freshly pumped milk in order to take breast pump on plane

Exclusive: TSA frisks groom children to cooperate with sex predators, abuse expert says

The TSA Is Still Groping Children In Airports

Passengers' Stories of Recent Travel

The ACLU maintains an ever-growing database of these indignities, many so graphic they're illegal to broadcast over public airwaves. Actions that violate FCC standards are embraced by the TSA. "Mary in Texas" reported:

"The TSA agent used her hands to feel under and between my b******. She then rammed her hand up into my c***** until it jammed into my pubic bone ... I was touched in the pubic region in between my l**** ... She then moved her hand across my pubic region and down the inner part of my upper thigh to the floor. She repeated this procedure on the other side. I was shocked and broke into tears."

A woman named Chris said:

"In the four times she explored the area where my inner thigh met my crotch, she touched my l**** each time, and one pass made contact with my c*******, through two layers of clothing. I told her I felt humiliated, assaulted and abused ... In my work as a nurse, if I did what the TSA did against a patient's will it would be considered assault and battery, and I did not see how the TSA should have different rules."

"Can I call America a police state now, without being accused of hyperbole?"--by Jennifer Abel, The Guardian

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