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What do you think of the Distinguished Warfare Medal that's in the news?

February 16, 2013

Does anyone care about the drones that are being used all around the world, including the USA? Does anyone care that innocent people, including US citizens and children are killed by drones? Without calling for me to be banned, and calling me an extremist, what are some thoughts about the new medal for drone operators in the military? Is it okay for Obama to have a "kill list" of Americans, and to use drones to kill Americans on American soil? And then to award the drone operators medals for killing Americans?

Veterans attack 'boneheaded' medal for drone pilots

"Veterans have attacked a "boneheaded" new military medal for US drone pilots, arguing that it would unfairly outrank honours earned by soldiers serving on the front line."-By Raf Sanchez

Pentagon Creates Medal to Honor Drone Operators

"The Defense Department has decided to create a medal to honor US soldiers who sit at a computer and operate armed, unmanned vehicles bombing people thousands of miles away."--By John Glaser

"Does President Obama think that he has the power to kill American citizens on U.S. soil? If he accuses a guy in the Arizona desert or rural Montana of being an Al Qaeda terrorist, is it ever kosher to send a drone over to blow him up, as was done to Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen killed in Yemen? Or is it never okay to drone strike an American citizen to death here in the United States?"--Conor Friedersdorf, FEB 15 2013

This Isn't Hard, Mr. President: Do You Think You Can Kill Us on American Soil or Not?

Some Compare ‘Distinguished Warfare Medal’ to Video Games

Boris and EJ don't like my posts and call me names. Just because I support the Constitution and believe in our republic. Hmmm...

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