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We Are Better Off Than Four Years Ago

November 3, 2012

At this time four years ago the Dow Jones Average was about where it is now. But by December 31st of 2008, before president Obama took office the Dow was at 8800 and sinking fast and it quickly sank to half today's level before we began to turn this crisis around. George W Bush had to send out $700 checks to everybody in America to keep us from bottoming out. How Socialist is that?
So to those in business who say 'am I better off now than I was four years ago?' I say, if you like being pulled out of the frying pan and put in the window to cool, then yes, you are better off now.

To bailout haters. This American economy might have crashed and burned without those bailouts and they were bi-partisan. Period. Where would we be if we had let our auto industry disappear as Governor Romney suggested?

Unemployment has stabilized and is coming down and our nation is safer without Bin Laden.
We're not doing great, yet. But we're coming back from the deepest hole this country has seen since the Great Depression!

We are better off now and President Obama truly deserves four more years.

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