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Verizon turns on 4g at Lake Sinclair

November 30, 2012

Lake geeks rejoice--Verizon, Consumer Reports' favorite cell phone company, switched-on fourth-generation data connections at Lake Sinclair at 5:45pm today!

At about 5:30, just as I sat down to eat supper, my cell phone data quit working. I tried restarting my dumb "smart phone" a couple of times but the bars were gray-- data wasn't available. The signal was good, two bars, but data refused to turn on. Then, as I ate, the signal grew to three bars and they turned blue. Data was restored, stronger than ever, plus something new: the little "4g" insignia was beside the bars, for the first time at this remote cabin. I opened the browser and went to CNET's online speed test to see if I could tell any difference. Although we've only had 3g here before, speed's been remarkably good. 600,000 bits per second was not unusual. Now CNET reports my Internet's zooming at over 5,000,000 bits per second. Thanks, Verizon, for the excellent, early Christmas present!

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