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Stelter: What does 'government' mean?
Here is a brief quote from the above investigative article by Jim Walls:
“The AJC reported the unusual circumstances of the investigators’ departures in June. But until now there has been no public report as to the scope of their investigation.
According to documents obtained by the AJC, their preliminary inquiry found “widespread and systemic irregularities” in Deal’s campaign disclosures.
Possible violations, according to a complaint drafted by commission staff, included accepting campaign contributions above the legal limit; paying credit card bills without identifying all the expenses or the card holder; and failing to list all of Deal’s assets and liabilities on personal financial disclosures for 2008 and 2009. “
In Georgia, when an ethics probe of high officials gets too close, the government cuts off their funding and fires the investigators.
Isn’t the FBI in Atlanta to investigate corruption in Georgia government? How about it FBI? This is just another day at the plant in the cesspool of Georgia government here.

posted @ Monday, August 29, 2011 - 08:23

Third teen dies after being struck by car

A much more enlightening article is published at the link below, including a picture of the “good citizen” who killed these young teenagers with her automobile.
Here is a brief quote from the article:
“Johnson, 48, was talking on her cell phone and had taken anti-depressants at the time of the wreck, according to police.
She faces a slew of charges in the case, including two counts of vehicular homicide, driving under the influence, hit and run and obstruction of an officer. She was being held Saturday in the Clayton County Jail, according to jail logs.
Johnson also was charged with driving on a suspended license, driving in the emergency lane, reckless driving, failure to exercise due care while on a cell phone and having no proof of insurance.
A friend of Johnson's told Channel 2 Action News that she was impaired by anti-depressants and on the phone fighting with the man she called her husband when she crashed
Don’t we need more good citizens like the subject of this article here in Georgia?

posted @ Monday, August 29, 2011 - 08:01

NeSmith: Red-hot brand would put sizzle in state economy

"Behind the Hedges: Big Money and Power Politics at the University of Georgia" [Hardcover]
Richard Whitt (Author) , New South Books, 2009.

Here is a review of the above book on by George Shriver:

“This well-researched book reveals the truth about the tenure of Adams, the present president. It also reveals the truth about the Board of Regents in GA which controls the university system. There are no educators on that board. It is filled with wealthy friends of the governor ( who have, by the way, contributed major money to his re-election ) and other politicians who know little if anything about the realities of higher education. That Adams has not been fired for major errors and fraud is mainly due to a board which refuses to admit error in appointing him as well as to a super wealthy friend on the board who insists on his retention. Unfortunately, this story is certainly duplicated in other states but definitely not as vividly. The author has all the substantiated truth in this excellent volume. A sad but true story that perhaps merits a revealing movie !!”

One of the chapters of this book is called “The Kaswan Imbroglio”. This chapter details the fabulous original discovery of a billion dollar drug for the horrible condition of dry eye in animals and humans by a very distinguished professor of veterinary medicine at UGA. In fact, this discovery is one of the most significant and financially rewarding discoveries ever made at UGA in its over 2 centuries of existence.

Professor Dr. Rene Kaswan majored in chemistry at Emory University. She then earned a DVM degree from UGA, following which she was appointed assistant professor of veterinary medicine there. She rose through the ranks and became full professor in the 1990’s. She was very bright and very original. She did not just follow the crowd and copy others. She invented a new substance to cure the condition of dry eye in animals, but later showed it also could be used safely in humans as well. The FDA approved this drug which grossed billions of dollars.

But what did UGA and its “leader” Adams do? Rather than congratulating her for this seminal discovery which could prevent blindness in both animals and humans, they sought to destroy her and used money stolen from her by their legal attack dogs they siced on her,
to harass,, bankrupt, destroy and steal money from her.

Professor Dr. Kaswan is the only person in Georgia qualified to hold the job of Chancellor of the University System of Georgia and it was she who should have been appointed to that job, not the low level insider good old boy crony who was appointed and given that underserved high paying job on silver platter he did not deserve or earn. Professor Dr. Kaswan earned her stripes, but was treated like garbage by Adams and his gutless cowardly henchmen and henchwomen with their underserved soft jobs on the Board of Regents, where Perdue improperly stacked it with 12 of his cronies from UGA.

Even though the average consumer in America is a duped fool, fooled daily by advertising lies in the media, one still cannot just cook up some clever brand name and fraudulently fool the public into believing it is something valuable when it is not. The names mentioned in the article did not become famous over night just from public relations. They had to earn their stripes with original contributions and determined efforts to serve the public with honesty, integrity and convincing achievement in their respective fields of expertise.

Georgia in general and UGA in particular have not yet earned their stripes. While they brag about being the oldest land grant university in the country, they have not had a single Nobel prize winning scholar on any campus save for Jimmy Carter or Dr. Martin Luther King the Peace prize winners. No science winners while many other younger schools have had many.

Another example of a great institution for cancer treatment is the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. Do you want to know one of the reasons they are a great institution? Because they don’t just copy what everyone else has failed at. They use intelligence and original ideas and ingenuity. For example most hospitals are full of germs and bacteria. Conventional cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation and surgery all act to impair the immune system of the human body. Treatment in a hospital is not an intelligent thing to do, because the impaired immune system exposes the body to horrible diseases as a third world country might. But while the local doctors were still foolishly doing that here in Athens and Georgia, the doctors at M.D. Anderson were installing portable pumps on cancer patients to slowly pump the chemicals into the body over a period of days, for example, at home away from germ infested hospitals. The results were lower exposures to life threatening diseases by cancer patients with already decimated immune systems, and less stress on the patient’s heart as a further benefit. MD Anderson Cancer Center earned its stripes and is as good or better than Harvard, but cheaper to live there. Georgia does not even get honorable mention. Georgia has not earned its stripes and will not earn them unless and until it abolishes the secret, corrupt, narrow, provincial cronyism and copy cat mentality from its midst. Only then does it deserve to be branded. It must stop naming public buildings for political hacks like Miller and Davison and stop treating distinguished scientists like Professor Dr. Rene Kaswan like garbage, while installing low level political cronies to run their so called “university system”. Why would anyone come to this intellectual cesspool anyway, especially with a former bible college student in charge who is at least ten years overdue for firing?

posted @ Sunday, August 28, 2011 - 15:53

Science or Tinkering?

Another scientist with the name of Wilson accomplished great things.
About 100 years ago, a great physicist by the name of Charles Thomson Rees Wilson, b. 1869, Glencorse, Scotland, d. (1959) near Edinburgh, discovered and invented the cloud chamber for which he was awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1927. Here is a brief quotation from the "Biographical Encyclopedia of Scientists", Facts on File, Inc., New York,1981 Vol. 2, page 852:
"Charles Wilson was the son of a sheep farmer but his father died when he was four and Charles and his mother moved to Manchester. He was educated there and started to specialize in biology but moved to Cambridge University to study physics. There he started work with J. J. Thomson.
Wilson began experiments to duplicate cloud formation in the laboratory by letting saturated air expand, thus cooling it. He found that clouds seemed to need dust particles to start the formation of water droplets and that x-rays, which charged the dust, greatly speeded up the process. Inspired by this, he showed that charged subatomic particles traveling through supersaturated air also formed water droplets. This was the basis of the cloud chamber, which Wilson perfected in 1911 and for which he received the Nobel Prize for physics in 1927. The cloud chamber became an indispensable aid to research in subatomic particles and, with the addition of a magnetic field, made different particles distinguishable by the curvature of their tracks."
By the way, J. J. Thomson was one of the great geniuses in physics and succeeded John Rayleigh as Cavendish Professor of Experimental Physics in 1884. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 1906 and knighted in 1908. He is credited with the discovery of the election arguably the most fundamental particle of all science, and yet today, the least understood.

Let's hope this young scientist Taylor Wilson becomes as great or greater than
the above top physicists one day. J.J. Thomson is one of the greatest physicists of all time.

posted @ Sunday, August 28, 2011 - 14:40

Another half-dozen A/C units stolen

”Georgia Constitution Article I, Section I: Paragraph II. Protection to person and property; equal protection . Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government and shall be impartial and complete. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.”
Observe the word property in the above fancy sounding but virtually meaningless statement. Why is not the local government Athens Clarke County complying with this demand of the Georgia Constitution and protecting its citizens, taxpayers and property owners against the destruction of air conditioners and arresting owners of and/or closing businesses which illegally buy stolen copper and other metals from these stolen air conditioners? It is also illegal to release Freon into the atmosphere when these criminals cut the lines to dismantle the unit. It is illegal to buy and illegal to sell stolen property in Georgia When the law is not enforced or complied with, it is called corruption.
The Athens Clarke County Police Chief Jack Lumpkin is in charge of the department directly responsible for enforcing the law, but the District Attorney is also responsible; his name is Ken Mauldin, an elected official.
Mr. Lumpkin has supervisors with the power to fire him for failure to act to enforce the law. Two of his immediate supervisiors are
Alan Reddish, Manager of ACC and Bob Snipes, Deputy Manager of ACC.
All of these individuals, except Mauldin, have supervisors, the Mayor and ten Athens Commissioners who have the power to fire all of these persons for failure to enforce the law. Here are their names and contact information:
Mayor – Nancy Denson
420 Forest Heights Drive, Athens, 30606
District 1 – Doug Lowry
280 Robert Hardeman Road, Winterville, 30683
Initial Term: 01-02-07
District 2 – Harry Sims
170 Cone Drive, Athens, 30601
Initial Term: 01-05-93
District 3 – George Maxwell
P.O. Box 7073, Athens, 30604
Initial Term: 01-07-03
District 4 – Alice Kinman
323 Milledge Terrace, Athens, 30606
Initial Term: 01-04-05
District 5 – Jared Bailey
706-338-9019 P.O. Box 327, Athens, 30603
Initial Term: 01-04-11
District 6 – Ed Robinson
255 Deerfield Road, Bogart, 30622
Initial Term: 01-06-09
District 7 – Kathy Hoard
248 Springdale Street, Athens, 30606
Initial Term: 01-07-03
District 8 – Andy Herod
315 Brookwood Drive, Athens, 30605
Initial Term: 03-22-07
District 9 – Kelly Girtz
562 Pulaski Street, Athens, 30601
Initial Term: 01-02-07
District 10 – Mike Hamby
125 Jennings Mill Pkwy #3312, Athens, 30606

It likely won’t do any good to call or seek to contact any of the high paid administrators, with virtual lifetime jobs, who make well over $100,000 a year since they will likely just make the usual excuses for not enforcing the laws and failing to do their soft virtually lifetime jobs in Athens.
Therefore, call and complain to the Mayor and Ten Commissioners and demand all these incompetent high paid managers who are failing to comply with the Constitution and their own oaths, be fired and replaced by others who will do their jobs.

If you need more information the website is

We are often told the hot air that if one does not like the way government works, we can change the government at the next election. But even if we make changes, the high paid administrators with their soft jobs usually remain and continue the same corruption year in and year out. This illustrates the total, dismal failure of home rule, and our state lawmakers should provide more effective and efficient tools to remove incompetent corrupt , high paid administrators from high paying soft jobs. Our local yokels have failed us and our state representatives have failed us too. Our government is a dismal failure. Finally, it was recently reported that the FBI is in Atlanta to investigate government corruption in Georgia. You call them and complain too.
Here is the meaningless false lie of a “mission statement” for Athens Clarke County:

Mission Statement
“Athens-Clarke County, an open and responsive government, will facilitate a positive environment for individuals to obtain a high quality of life and local organizations to achieve success by providing innovative, high-quality services and responsible stewardship of the community's resources, to benefit current and future generations.”

Finally you might call Mr. Blake Aued, Mr. Joe Johnson and Mr. Thompson of the Athens Banner Herald and ask them why they don’t question various officials of our government more about the horrible multi million dollar losses of air conditioner vandalism and thefts right here in our back yard Athens Clarke County, Georgia, the Robin Hood, Communist politically correct capital of Georgia, where no matter how incompetent or corrupt a government employee may be, they never lose their job, unlike the private sector.

Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA 30607
Citizen and taxpayer of Athens for 45+ years; just received about $13,000 tax bills due in less than 2 months to partly support incompetent government officials with lifetime employment.

posted @ Thursday, August 25, 2011 - 08:22

UGA gets grant for minorities in science, math

Our federal government is bankrupt in more ways than one, to the tune of trillions of dollars. A trillion dollars is one thousand billion dollars or one million million dollars. The money for this so called "grant" is really borrowed or printed money our federal government cannot afford. It should be used to pay down the debt, rather than wasting it on politically correct so called science programs. The description of the grant does not give a single specific example of success in the early wasted grant. This is really welfare money for UGA. This is the one activity UGA is good at, begging. Most of the money is wasted on busywork or overhead anyway.
Obviously UGA isn't very good at science since they have never had a single Nobel Prize winner on campus either for work done at UGA or even elsewhere, despite the fact that they brag they are the oldest land grant institution in the country. For example, much younger institutions like the University of California (1868) or the California Institute of Technology or the University of Chicago have had many Nobel Prize winners and produced many themselves, but not UGA. UGA is a low level school and is most certainly not a true research institution.
Science has been going on for centuries long before the existence of the corrupt National Science Foundation and will go on long after its demise. It should be abolished today because it has only served to corrupt science. It is just another federal government bureaucratic failure like the war on drugs, war on cancer, war in Iraq, etc.,etc.,etc.
Read the book and articles at these links below for proof of failure and corruption at the NSF and American Science in general. And if you think UGA cares about science, read how they treated the inventor of a billion dollar drug for dry eye Professor Dr. Renee Kaswan, D.V.M., in Chapter 13 of the book by Rich Whitt, “Behind the Hedges: Big money and power politics at the University of Georgia”, New South Books, Birmingham, 2009. Chapter 13 is titled: “The Kaswan Imbroglio”. This chapter documents how Adams treated the inventor of a billion dollar drug to cure dry eye in animals and humans, like a piece of garbage. Why would any good scientist want to come to UGA after reading this book? Adams is at least ten years overdue for firing.

Quoted from NSF Flaw #1 at the above link: “ The application of anonymity and freedom from accountability in the peer review system gives unfair advantage to those who would unjustly berate a competitor’s proposal for obtaining funding for research. The perception – real or imagined – that some individuals would do just that has had a chilling effect, forcing scientists to become defensive, adopting only the consensus-approved viewpoint and refraining from discussing anything that might be considered as a challenge to other’s work or to the funding agency’s programs. And that is not what science is all about.” J.M. Herndon, Ph.D.

”The Corruption of Science in America” by J. M. Herndon, Ph.D., The Dot Connector Magazine,
Vol. 2 (14), July, 2011,
“That man will be very fortunate who, led by some inner light, shall be able to turn from the dark and confused labyrinths within which he might have gone forever wandering with the crowd and becoming ever more entangled. Therefore, in the matter of philosophy, I consider it not very sound to judge a man’s opinions by the number of his followers.” Galileo Galilei, The Assayer, 1623 quoted from the above article “The Corruption of Science in America” by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Let's judge people on the quality of their character, not the color of their skin as Dr. King advocated.

posted @ Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 07:52

Police tracking down check fraud suspect

How about investigating local government for fraudulently collecting taxes on inflated, false, tax values? Some properties wouldn't even sell at any price.

Fraud by government is not the same as fraud by lowly citizens is it?

posted @ Monday, August 22, 2011 - 17:57

When law enforcement officers cross the line

America is already basically a police state. You can thank your elected representatives of both political parties, and Bush for the gang rape of our Constitution. Our liberties are already decimated and our own elected leaders did it to us. Even most of the so called Patriot Act is still SECRET!
American leaders are so mentally retarded they copied the principles enunciated by Adolph Hitler into our laws! This proves the dismal failure of higher education in the U.S. We even now have a national police force.

Be careful what you say and buy next time you pick up ammo or flashlights or ready to eat meals; you might be a potential terrorist you know and that businessman is likely to spy on you and report you just like they did in Nazi, Germany. You might end up quite dead from a bullet from the DHS Gestapo of the U.S. Or you might have a little “accident”, like they did in Nazi, Germany or like the Mafia routinely does to folks.
Read the article at the link below:



FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash
Government calls buying 'night flashlights,' making 'extreme religious statements' indicators of terrorism

Read more: FBI wants businesses watching for customers paying with cash

posted @ Sunday, August 21, 2011 - 07:54

Worries haunt Wall Street

The only reason the New York Gambling Casino is so high is due to the edict of the little Hitler running the secret, corrupt Federal Reserve Bank, dictating interest rates at zero. Zero percent is not the market interest rate. This shafts the only solvent mostly senior citizens and encourages them to take risks with this corrupt, fixed market, which then aids the speculators and inflates the market as it is intended to do by those corrupt bankers running things in secret out of any citizen control.

If interest rates were at true market levels of about 10% or more, the New York Stock market would drop like a rock to about 6,000 where it belongs. Don't invest one dime in this sham, fixed, gaming house.

posted @ Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 21:22

UGA brass spend most of week at resort

For all those who are unhappy with this meeting, tell your lawmakers to abolish the secret, corrupt Regents system, stacked by former Governor Perdue with his crony UGA graduates, which prevents any citizen control over costs and decisions in higher education, and also tell the lawmakers they must totally abolish lifetime employment guarantees for everyone from UGA presidents like Adams, UGA propagandists like Jackson, to mostly good for nothing professors working on mostly worthless busywork, wasting more federal tax money on papers collecting dust on library shelves, while the secret, corrupt football program brings in more thugs we taxpayers must provide police and judicial services for when they are arrested, all the while paying the football coach more money than anyone else in government in Georgia, over $ 3 million a year. Citizens have totally lost any control over higher education in Georgia. These people likely have a good laugh about it when they are away from the media. This is why they go out of town for these meetings.
By the way, how many of you have lifetime job protection like Adams, Jackson, Huckaby and the thousands of worthless, cowardly UGA professors who won't utter a peep about our many problems today, .especially right here in their backyard?
Adams is about ten years overdue for firing isn't he? Hasn't this bible college graduate done enough damage to Georgia by now? Read “Behind the Hedges: Big Money and Power Politics at the University of Georgia” by Richard Whitt, 2009. In particular read the chapter “The Kaswan Imbroglio”. The late Richard Whitt was a Pulitzer Prize winning author.

posted @ Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 08:38

GOP rankled over waivers of cuts in air service subsidies

Athens Clarke County ought to be embarrassed that they are one of these airports receiving and wasting precious federal tax dollars and hastening the ultimate bankruptcy of the whole country because of their small, selfish, local vested interest. Athens receives over $ 1 million federal tax dollars, likely borrowed, for the local airport subsidy which is totally unjustified. When this is added to the federal money for the local inefficient bus system here, they total of wasted federal tax money rises to about $ 2.3 million.
“A million here and a million there and pretty soon you are talking real money”.
Selfish Athens Clarke County is also accepting and wasting about $ 1.23 million federal tax dollars on the local, mostly empty, unsafe, polluting and unjustified bus service, which is not even provided to all areas which are forced to pay the nearly $2 million local Athens Clarke County tax dollars to subsidize this boondoggle too. Shame, shame, shame on the selfish, arrogant local yokels of Athens who care more about their narrow local wasteful program than the larger issues of national bankruptcy and destruction!
For example, for every dollar of mostly tax money to keep the foolish bus service afloat, farebox passengers pay on average a tiny 12 cents, while the federal taxpayers over the whole country pay about two times that or 25 cents and the local Athens taxpayers are forced to pay a whopping 38 cents about three times what the non UGA riders pay! When one imagines this type of waste spread all over the country, it is not difficult to comprehend why America is bankrupt in more ways than one.
See local article in Athens Talks: “Making sense of bus costs in Athens Clarke County” for details.

posted @ Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 08:04

GOP rankled over waivers of cuts in air service subsidies

Four presidents have sought to end the wasteful local airport funding to some 140 airports in every state, but every time different constituencies came together to prevent it and continue the pork gravy train. So this time, instead of seeking to end the waste at all airports except Hawaii and Alaska, the U.S. House passed the FAA bill containing the provision that the program would be eliminated at only those airports either less than 90 miles to a major hub or in which the passenger subsidy exceeded $1,000. This would have eliminated programs at only13 airports including Athens.
So what happens, who blocked the bill? Not the Republicans or Tea Party folks, but Harry Reid in the Senate. His State of Nevada has the highest wasteful passenger subsidy in the nation of almost $4,000. He is so selfish and arrogant he held up the entire FAA bill so he would not lose this pork for his selfish interest.
Harry Reid, as most of you know, is the selfish non leader of the Senate and a member of the Democratic party.
The recent "compromise" was a total joke, because the arrangement is that the provision in the bill which Reid didn't like would be over ridden by "discretion" to continue the wasteful subsidy by the FAA director.
Mr. Reid and his cronies in the Democratic party are the ones who refused to compromise here, not the Republicans and Tea Party folks.

posted @ Saturday, August 20, 2011 - 07:41

My tenant isn't paying rent. Can I change the locks or turn off the utilities?

This is a perfect example of how lawyers have sold out landlords by failing to challenge the illegal and unconstitutional state laws like the illegal and unconstitutional landlord-tenant law in Georgia.
The United States Constitution trumps all state law. According to this provision in the U.S. Constitution
Section 10, paragraph a. Powers Denied the States, a landlord and tenant have every right to mutually agree, i.e., contract, for the eviction of a tenant just like any store front business or hotel or motel routinely does everyday .
“No State shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation; grant letters of marque and reprisal; coin money; emit bills of credit; make anything but gold and silver coin a tender for payment of debts; pass any bill of attainder, expost facto law, or law impairing the obligation of contracts, or grant any title of nobility.”
The State of Georgia has been willfully and deliberately and negligently violating this provision of the U.S. Constitution for many years. The reasons for this are purely selfish. They do this in order to corruptly and illegally force landlords to pay money to unfair and slow and often corrupt local courts to provide an illegal income stream to the State of Georgia, effectively keeping these often corrupt courts in business like a Chicago racket.
Moreover, this unfair and one sided and draconian procedure is only applied to so called “landlords”, but unfairly, in patent violation of both the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and the similar provision of the Georgia Constitution applied to any other business like a store front business, hotel or motel. They all are permitted to evict unruly or lying or tenants engaged in fraud or theft by deception, or destruction of property, for free by the local police. Georgia Constitution:
“Paragraph I. Life, liberty, and property. No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property except by due process of law .
Paragraph II. Protection to person and property; equal protection . Protection to person and property is the paramount duty of government and shall be impartial and complete. No person shall be denied the equal protection of the laws.”
The above Paragraph II of the Georgia Constitution is routinely violated in Georgia both by the totally unfair enforcement of the illegal and unconstitutional landlord tenant law vis a vis the “free” eviction provided to store front businesses, hotels and motels, and also by the totally and routinely unfair treatment of landlords vs tenants by the often corrupt and unfair courts and autocratic judges of those courts all over this State. This patent unfairness costs landlords billions of dollars a year and provides institutional support for irresponsible tenants routinely seeking to defraud, lie, cheat, steal, and commit theft of services provided by responsible property owners and landlords in Georgia. This patently illegal and illegally and unconstitutionally enforced law is another nail in the coffin of property rights compared to squatters rights. The once great America has degenerated into the cesspool of raising squatters rights above property rights and illegally codifying it into the law in patent violation of the U.S. Constitution, the supreme law of the land.
The corrupt legal so called “profession”, if you can call it that, has dismally and totally sold out the landlords for selfish, personal, corrupt gain. Not only will they not properly challenge often corrupt and improper rulings by local lower court judges lest they offend the judge for their next appearance before that lawyer, they fraudulently charge landlords for virtually worthless and unenforceable contracts the provisions of \which are routinely but illegally ignored by local corrupt judges of these so called courts which are little more than corrupt money machine rackets for the State. The lawyers have also sold out by their dismal failure to challenge this legal, or rather illegal, gang rape of landlords by the corrupt State of Georgia for the sole purpose of providing an income stream to both the local magistrates courts and the local Sheriff departments who force, at the virtual point of a gun, landlords to pay them for sham services rendered.
I don’t know how many thousands of dollars I have paid to numerous lawyers over the years for virtually fraudulent, worthless and unenforceable contracts which judges routinely ignore most of the provisions, but lawyers corruptly and cowardly fail to challenge errors and more when made by these often corrupt robot type judges.
Numerous earlier contract forms used by lawyers for landlords and tenants contained this provision even when the current law was in place: “If a tenant violates any provision of this contract, the landlord may take immediate possession of the premises.” This means changing locks, turning off utilities and transferring all items left on the premises to the landlord by contract. Landlords and tenants have every right to make such a private contract without illegal and unconstitutional interference by the State, as provided by the above quoted reference Section 10, Pargraph a of the U.S. Constitution quoted above.

Shame, shame shame on the cowardly legal non profession for placing their selfish interests above the higher interests of responsible citizenship of society the great Founders of America envisioned. The great Founders did not envision the State condoning and encouraging lying, destruction of property , deception and fraud by its citizens as the unconstitutional, illegal and illegally enforced landlord tenant law of Georgia patently does. You lawyers ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
As my late Mother told me often when I misbehaved: Shame, shame, shame…. A thousand times…. On you!
I and any landlord could provide literally thousands of examples of the unfair gang rape of landlords for over decades by corrupt courts and lying outlaw tenants over the some forty years I have been engaged in this legal horror of our time.
By the way, no court was required when the tenant was provided “possession” of the premises was it? Why then does the corrupt and illegal law require it to remove a lying, property destroying or cheating tenant who did not uphold their part of the two sided agreement? Tenants quickly learn they will be favored by local unfair courts. They quickly learn to do as they please, while demanding only the landlord comply with contract provisions, but not the often lying, cheating and property destroying tenants costing landlords collectively billions of dollars of losses a year, aided and abetted by the sham courts and sham policies of the outlaw State of Georgia and its corrupt courts and Sheriff Departments patently violating the U.S. Constitution provision quoted above.
I have also sought to bring some of these issues to our gutless lawmakers. But they just ignore me. Government here hates landlords but loves to illegally extort money from them to operate their Robin Hood, Communist , Squatters government unfairly and improperly and politically correctly favoring the irresponsible citizens over the responsible citizens of society.
Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA 30607

posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 - 23:58

Heated incident at Oconee BBQ restaurant

Once upon a time in a former free country called America, the property owners ruled the country and their own lands. There were automatic "no trespassing" signs posted on all lands. In earlier times this truck wouldn't have just one flat tire, but 18, and the insolent truck driver wouldn't be complaining to the deputies because he would have a rifle bullet in his head. All the deputies would have done is send the undertaker out to pick up the body.
Mr. Thomas is part of the dying breed of owners left, who still fight for their rights, while government shafts them with political correctness as it uses the armed power and force of government to collect taxes at the virtual point of a gun, while transferring Mr. Thomas' hard earned money to the good for nothing drones of society.
I vote for Mr. Thomas. Unfortunately for him I am not on the jury. Mr. Thomas is a top citizen and a top American willing to fight the losing battle against those who have stolen our precious property rights. Everybody, especially government, hates property owners and all Robin Hood, Communist, politically correct government wants is tax money to pay the costs of other good for nothings of society.
I have not talked to Hot for many years, but I met him when we owned the motel just up the road. Thank you Hot for standing up to inconsiderate, arrogant, disrespectful, insolent, trespassing,….truck drivers who play brinksmanship games with their trucks, ignoring posted “no trucks parking” signs, and lacking the common courtesy to even ask for permission from the property owner, and by routinely exceeding the posted speed limits and risk the public safety every day with impunity on the highways of Georgia. If I am going the speed limit on the interstate of 70, they routinely pass me going 80 or more and no sheriff deputy or state patrolman is ever observed citing them or even stopping them. They couldn’t stop if they had to in an emergency, and the fact that this driver pulled in front of this business with very limited parking space demonstrates itself how foolish and inconsiderate he was. What happened to asking permission of the property owner if you can trespass on his property? And what happened to having the respect for the property owner to respond to his demands to move, by actually moving without an argument? Frankly, this truck was likely unsafe before this tire went flat and the tire should have been replaced earlier and likely would not have gone flat if it had been.
Best wishes and good luck to you Mr. Hot Thomas. If the late Bernie McWhorter were still alive to have witnessed this, he would be cheering you on too. Unfortunately you are fighting a losing battle because America has lost its way aided and abetted even by politically correct law enforcement and government itself.

Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA 30607

posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 - 17:50

Wild swings of last week return to stock market

The New York gambling casino is very likely being manipulated by the secret, corrupt Federal Reserve Bank and its little autocrat dictator Mr. Ben B. He arbitrarily and capriciously forces zero interest rates to encourage the only responsible and solvent senior citizens to blow their hard earned savings in this disgusting, illegal gambling casino promoted every day with hand clapping in front of the U.S. flag and by the corrupt media all over the world. This corrupt "Little Hitler" is responsible for a massive transfer of wealth from the responsible senior citizens to the irresponsible junior citizens so they can blow more money on consumer junk, which is worthless as it moves out the door, and aid the already bloated corrupt bankers and speculators who were responsible for the crash a few years ago. Shame, shame, shame on Ben B. and the idiots in Congress who continue to allow this corrupt obscenity the secret Federal Reserve Bank. Don't invest one thin dime in this corrupt, fixed stock market!
Riddle: Why would anyone of "good and sound" mind loan billions of dollars to the virtually bankrupt government of the U.S. at essentially zero percent interest?

posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 - 08:48

Deal orders online gambling crackdown

"The jails are full of petty thieves, but the grand thieves are running the country"

The late history professor Howard Zinn, Ph.D.

posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 - 08:32

Making sense of bus costs in Athens Clarke County, GA

As a corollary to the above comments, the salary entry for the bus department is
$3,479,700. The number of employees is stated to be 60. Dividing the first number by the second gives a result of almost $58,000 average pay per employee.
Isn't this pretty good money for bus drivers in Athens?

posted @ Thursday, August 18, 2011 - 22:53

Farmer: With autism, there are no simple answers

Should parents be jailed for refusing to have their children vaccinated?

posted @ Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 17:57

Tax bills to be sent this week

This is the insidious process where those business and individual property owners are forced, under the threat of confiscation of their property, to pay many of the costs of those who do not pay for the education and other costs for their own families and the children they fostered and brought into this world, often out of wedlock. About half or more of the tax bill goes to paying education costs for children. The business and senior citizens are forced to pay these very high costs year in and year out even after having done so for their own children years ago.
There are hundreds of kids in public housing whose parents pay little or nothing for the high, about $11,000 per year, costs to send their kids to public schools. Even parents with a home usually pay only a fraction of these costs.
This unfair process takes money from the responsible citizens and their children and grandchildren, and it raises the costs of doing business for everyone, and transfers it forcibly by the government, to the other irresponsible ones, who did not prepare and plan for paying their own way. This places the responsible citizens at risk in an already unstable economic environment where senior citizens cannot even earn a decent interest rate on savings or even sell their homes today, without virtually giving it away, and some cannot be sold for any price, for the foreseeable future. I know a business person who does not even live in the county, who is forced to support about 5 kids he did not foster in public schools although his own family of 4 children grew up 30 years ago. He is forced by the local and state government to pay about $100,000 per year in property tax. He and other business people pay and pay and pay year in and year out for the costs of the dead beats of society. And he even has no, zero, representation at the ballot box either, the very issue over which our country was founded!
This is the philosophy of Robin Hood and Karl Marx in action. Robin Hood was the mythical outlaw in Sherwood Forest who stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Karl Marx was the Father of Communism. Here is his dictum: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs".
We must stop idolizing the failed philosophy of Robin Hood and Karl Marx in our failed laws.
Our country was formed by people who thought everyone should, to the greatest extent possible, pay their own way and be responsible for their own actions. It was based on personal responsibility. Others must not be forced, by the armed powers of government, to pay the living costs of of the have nots year in and year out. But this is exactly what this unfair, disgusting and insidious property tax does every year, because our non leaders never take any action to change the direction away from a Robin Hood, Communist government in Athens Clarke County and the rest of the State of Georgia as well. This is the insidious unfair issue which must be changed and addressed by the lawmakers, not the income tax which the governor and lawmakers are wasting hot air talking about.
As usual, the editors of this newspaper are also silent about this massive, gross unfair transfer of wealth from the responsible haves to the irresponsible have nots, right here in our backyard, Athens Clarke County, Georgia. The boat is being overloaded and it is sinking fast. If it sinks everyone drowns.

posted @ Tuesday, August 16, 2011 - 06:17

New districts cheat minorities, some warn

Change Voting Law in Georgia to Majority Rule.
Dear Governor Deal and Lawmakers McKillip, Cowsert et al: The real problem with elections in Georgia is minority rule and details in primary elections which differ from general elections. Basically we have minority rule in Georgia because most of the time a majority of the registered voters does not even show up at the polls, let alone “elect” anyone or vote for any multi million dollar tax increase. The voting law in Georgia arbitrarily flushes all abstentions down the toilet. Those who do not vote by not going to the polls, or those who show up at the polls but do not vote for a particular candidate or ballot issue, for whatever reason, have their vote not counted at all!
Even in Union elections, it was recently reported the other day that it has been long standing policy for all the abstentions or non votes to be recorded as “no” votes. At least they don’t flush them down the toilet. With the corrupt voting law in Georgia, the abstentions do not count at all period!
I never vote for an unopposed incumbent on the ballot? Why should I? They automatically “win”! This is totally outrageous.
The law must be changed to require that no one is “elected” to any office, regardless of whether running unopposed or with opposition, unless a majority of the registered voters approves period, and no tax or other ballot issue is “passed” unless a majority of the registered voters approve period. This would be majority rule although even the non registered voters are still not counted.
For those who claim we can’t run government with these rules, nonsense! These rules are a simple statement of true majority rule, not the existing sham of only a plurality of those who happen to show up and vote yes or no. What we have is minority rule most of the time. The right of abstention, which means the voter has not yet decided which way to vote, is just as fundamental as voting “for” or “against” or “yes “ or “no”. Under normal circumstances, when enough voters abstain, they can prevent business from being transacted and that is exactly what should happen, nothing. But the corrupt voting law of Georgia only counts the usual tiny minority which happens to show up at the polls, while throwing all the rest out the window. Suppose only one commissioner showed up for a business meeting for Athens and single handedly did business? This is the same thing. Minority Rule. How would you like it if this happened in Athens on our Commission? Well, it happens at almost every election.
We need to get back to majority rule for a host of reasons. Many of our problems can be traced to this insidious minority voting law, which ought to be outlawed by the U.S. Justice Department anyway.
And to those who claim we can’t make people vote, why can’t we? We fine and/or jail people for the most trivial of offenses except voting. Why is voting “voluntary”? Why not fine people $10,000 every time they fail to vote? This would serve two purposes: It would get voters off their duffs to vote, and it would help solve the financial problems of government too. We fine people for jay walking. Isn’t voting more important than jaywalking? However this is unnecessary if the above requirement demanding every candidate or ballot issue be approved by a majority of the registered voters, is implemented.
Obviously the powers that be who make the rules, fear true majority rule, and love government and tax increases approved by a tiny minority most of the time.
Winfield J. Abbe, Ph.D., Physics
150 Raintree Ct.
Athens, GA 30607
Citizen of Athens for 45+ years. Citizen of U.S. for 72+ years.

posted @ Monday, August 15, 2011 - 14:58

Meth lab busts, arrests follow traffic stop

You can verify in the Physician's Desk Reference that all legal prescription drugs are liver toxic. In fact, according to the link below, such legal drugs kill about 270 innocent victims a day. But do you observe any executives of the drug companies in jail like these low level criminals? Quote from this link:
“Prescription medicines can help you if you get the right drug at the right time. But over the last 25 years, a powerful force has made that less likely to happen. That force is aggressive promotion on the part of the pharmaceutical industry. The big drug companies have learned that if they spend enough promoting a drug – even one that often doesn’t work as advertised – they can earn billions of dollars.

The consequences of this industrial strategy have been devastating because all drugs have risks. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Americans – about 270 each day – die from medicines hey've taken just as the doctor directed.”
Also, read “Let those dopers be” by 34 year police officer Norm Stamper, former chief of police, Seattle, WA:
Drugs need to be legalized like alcohol was. All illegal drugs contain toxic impurities from improper manufacture. Many of the bad effects are due to this problem. The same problem existed when alcohol was illegally manufactured.
Our cities were war zones then just as they are war zones today. We have gone down the failed road of the war on drugs now for many years; it is time for a change.
The reason government clings to the failed war on drugs is because so many depend on it for employment, and because so much "dirty" money is converted to "clean" money when government uses its powers and corrupt courts to confiscate it from the drug dealers. A multi million dollar diamond, confiscated from a drug dealer, is being auctioned off by the government in Ohio soon.
There isn't any money in investigating and solving billions of dollars of destruction of air conditioners and buildings for their copper as there is billions of dollars for government from the failed war on drugs. It comes down to MONEY.

posted @ Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 18:36

Drug task force seizes marijuana

You can verify in the Physician's Desk Reference that all legal prescription drugs are liver toxic. In fact, according to the link below, such legal drugs kill about 270 innocent victims a day. But do you observe any executives of the drug companies in jail like these low level criminals? Quote from this link:
“Prescription medicines can help you if you get the right drug at the right time. But over the last 25 years, a powerful force has made that less likely to happen. That force is aggressive promotion on the part of the pharmaceutical industry. The big drug companies have learned that if they spend enough promoting a drug – even one that often doesn’t work as advertised – they can earn billions of dollars.

The consequences of this industrial strategy have been devastating because all drugs have risks. It is estimated that more than 100,000 Americans – about 270 each day – die from medicines hey've taken just as the doctor directed.”
Also, read “Let those dopers be” by 34 year police officer Norm Stamper, former chief of police, Seattle, WA:
Drugs need to be legalized like alcohol was. All illegal drugs contain toxic impurities from improper manufacture. Many of the bad effects are due to this problem. The same problem existed when alcohol was illegally manufactured.
Our cities were war zones then just as they are war zones today. We have gone down the failed road of the war on drugs now for many years; it is time for a change.

posted @ Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 18:27

A dose of the real world as med students make the rounds at ARMC

The public was told that one of the main reasons for the new medical branch school at UGA was because the Augusta area and other areas of the state were not able to provide more residency programs. Yet the two main hospitals in Athens have not initiated any such residency programs here yet. Isn't this a case of the cart being placed before the horse? Obviously both hospitals are sitting around waiting for you know who to pay the multi million dollar tab for these fancy new residency programs; namely, the taxpayers of Georgia.
If these students must leave the state for their residency requirement, what was the point of spending all this money on this new medical branch here at UGA when it could have been implemented at MCG at Augusta where an established program was already in place? Georgia already has four medical schools and all are increasing the size of their classes anyway. Many states have no medical schools.
Another point is that the two local hospitals are used to operating with an information blanket provided to their many secret operations outside of any citizen or democratic control. A crop of young Turks might risk “the beans being spilled” about many of their now secret negligent or corrupt activities. I am sure this is also part of the reason for the delay in implementation of these residency programs. This newspaper and local radio stations have aided these hospitals in this secrecy of their operations for decades. They are likely planning machinations to keep these idealistic, young medical doctors from spilling the beans on some horrible negligence they might witness at these hospitals.
And what about the hollow claim also made by the proponents of all this, that doctors trained here and completing their residency here, will remain here and practice in rural Georgia? We don't need more doctors in Athens. We need doctors in the rural parts of Georgia, where there are few entertainment venues, few restaurants, no colleges or universities, perhaps no car dealers or major grocery stores. These areas also have many poor people who may not pay their bills either. Shouldn't these students be bused to some of these rural areas to live for weeks or months and work with doctors there to see how they might like working and living in rural Georgia? Shouldn't they also be taught how much the government pays for reimbursement for various treatments by Medicare so they can decide if they should refuse to treat such patients?
There are doctors in Athens who refuse to treat or accept patients once they are on Medicare. In fact, before you can even get an appointment with most doctors you must answer a lot of questions about what your insurance company is.
These young doctors also must be trained in the law dealing with collecting bad debts. They must learn to never extend credit lest they work for free.
You don't suppose the proponents of this new medical branch program for UGA misrepresented the facts about how its graduates would fulfill the need for more rural doctors in Georgia do you? They wouldn't do that would they? They would not tell a lie to achieve their selfish ends, would they?

posted @ Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 16:48

Alone in life; alone in death

Just because Mr. Murray chose to live a private life to himself does not mean he was in any way a bad or irresponsible citizen as the prejudiced media would often have us believe. Loners are even under constant undeserved suspicion by government in the U.S. Even presidents and legislators once left office and returned to ordinary private lives like the rest of us and did not have all the kudos bestowed upon them like fancy retirement benefits, fancy health plans better than ordinary citizens have, after they have spent years voting for selfish, wasteful and decadent funding programs to bankrupt our country. And of course every x-president today must have a library to house all those millions of documents prepared and signed with public tax money. Even some legislators have libraries. Why Barney Frank may even have one preserving the video of him breaking wind the other day on national television!
Luckily for Mr. Murray, he was not in ARMC in the final days as they would most certainly have depleted what remaining assets he may have had with their outrageous charges of $5,000+ per day.
Rest in peace Mr. Murray.

posted @ Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 10:10

Tant: Responsible Republicans must control the party

If the "compromise" advocated by Mr. Tant is what is illustrated in the above referenced article in the NYTimes regarding these wasteful local airport programs, this illustrates exactly why America is virtually broke, bankrupt.
This is exactly why the debt is so outrageously high, because this sort of nonsense is going on in all programs, especially the wasteful wars and Pentagon pork programs. And this issue is a much greater potential threat to our security than any phantom foreign invading force could be. Someone must have the guts and courage to stand up and finally say no to more wasteful government spending or our country will end.
So far, these so and so's have not reduced spending one iota. This is all smoke and mirrors. Both parties are to blame.

posted @ Saturday, August 13, 2011 - 09:29

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