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State details project list of affordable housing

[quote][b]Oistrakh[/b] - `Drove past the new Pauldoe , and it looks very extravagant.

If they let the same people back in to occupy the new Pauldoe, it will look like a slum again in six months or less.

posted @ Monday, November 24, 2014 - 12:31

Hagel resigning as Defense secretary

@mpd0.59: most likely the result of:

"a tenure in which he has struggled to break through the White House's insular foreign policy team."

In other words, the inability to get past the other rigid idealogues that insulate the President (also a rigid idealogue) from common sense. You can't fight a war with a flyswatter.

posted @ Monday, November 24, 2014 - 12:27

Climate-change deniers are like cult

@rzimdars: Gee....a column from a "Republican" columnist in the Daily Kos, which would have to qualify at least in the top ten most-left-leaning publications in the world. Can you find an article in a more non-biased periodical? I make a point of not quoting from those sources who are obviously biased toward conservatives.

If you think Republicans or conservatives are "disappearing from the landscape", go back and take a look at the vote totals from 2012. The popular vote was 51.1 % to 47.2%. A helluva lot of people have to "disappear".

I don't know your age, but this is what I have observed over the last 50-plus years since I started paying attention to national politics: every 15 to 20 years, we get an electorate that forgets certain basics, like "someone has to write a check if you want something", and we elect a liberal president. That lasts for a few years, until the libs muck it up so badly that the public elects a more conserative leader. The pendulum swings back and forth. If it swings too hard to the right, we get a correction. If it swings too hard to the left, the same thing happens.

Each and every time, the winning side becomes over-confident, and proclaims the "death" of the opposing side. What the Republicans do or don't do, coupled with what Obama does or doesn't do, will determine the outcome of the next election.

We, as a nation, have stressed political correctness over perfomance and achievement for about forty years now. We no longer try to win and be the best, because someone who isn't the best might get their feelings hurt. Nowhere is this more evident than in our primary and secondary school system, and in youth athletics.

What I see in my son's generation (he's 33) is that after years of hearing about "fairness" and "leveling the playing field", they are discovering that those terms mean everyone has the same amount of nothing. and that what they achieve is based on the choices they make.

Liberalism is fine for college students who live on someone else's dime, and those who work in a protected environment, such as you. It becomes much more difficult to sell, when you're out here trying to make a buck in the commercial world. If I expect someone to "level the playing field" for me, I'll be left in the dust.

My take on the midterms? A majority of the voters who went to the polls expressed their dissatisfaction with the president and his handling of the nation's economy and foreign policy.

I don't expect much out of the next two years. I don't expect Obama to stray from his agenda, and there's not much that the GOP can do to over-ride a presidential veto. If this level of discontent continues at the current rate, and the GOP can find a candidate who can energize people in the manner that Reagan did, we'll have a Republican in the White House in 2016.

I think that Hillary is her own worst enemy, based on recent statements she has made. I guess that happens when you live in a cocoon where everyone around you agrees with you, and you don't hear any dissent. You begin to believe your own press releases.

Of course, we can always agree to disagree.


posted @ Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 11:32

UGA moves to fire professor for dating student; professor appeals

What part of "don't crap where you eat" is that hard to understand?

This is just another case of "make a special exception for me", and trying to find a loophole to excuse behavior that this professor knows is out of bounds. It ain't that hard.

posted @ Saturday, November 22, 2014 - 10:19

Atlanta readies for reaction to Ferguson case

Yes, by all means......if something goes against what you think, get out there, riot, and burn down the very businesses that are there to serve you. Kill your own people, because that really shows your anger. Laws and common sense don't mean anything, because you're a VICTIM, by God, and somebody owes you something.

Meanwhile, everyone else who is self-sufficient and has a job goes to work, so that they can pay the taxes that support the government and hopefully have a little left to live on.

There are those who make things happen, and those to whom things happen. You have a choice of which one you want to be. Being a perpetual victim, all the while holding your hand out for that next check, won't get you success or respect. Having a job (any job) and doing all you can to support yourself and your family gets you respect.

All of this could have been avoided if those who participate in the urban ghetto lifestyle would learn to respect themselves and the rights of other people.

posted @ Friday, November 21, 2014 - 15:37

Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders

The president stated many times in the past that he did not have legal authority to do this. Now he's saying he does.

What you are witnessing is the destruction of the constitutional form of government that we have depended on since our founding. You are also witnessing the exact same method Adolf Hitler used to usurp power in 1933-34. Hitler ignored the German constitution, and no one stopped him. Obama is doing the same thing. He is ignoring the rule of law, and no one has stepped forward to stop him from doing so.

(Before all you overly-emotional liberals get all sideways and get your panties in a twist, I'm not talking about Hitler's tactics toward the Jews, I'm talking about how he gained power, so stuff it.)

If they think they can challenge Obama's authority, the GOP needs to file suit in federal court and get a injunction preventing any of these items from being implemented, and let the court system decide if presidential authority goes this far.

posted @ Friday, November 21, 2014 - 13:40

Obama's immigration actions do have limits

@Mr Charlie Told Me So: "Dude that's a total joke. He wasted two years trying for bipartisan healthcare reform. He wasted a lock in both houses to not be too forceful. He could have pushed way more through. '16 is gonna be fun to watch when repubs have to answer all these questions that they are on the wrong side of. "

Obama never submitted the ACA for open debate. It was forced through in a parliamentary procedure. That's the "total joke". He wasted two years in which he could have sought bi-partisan cooperation on many issues. He has only met with Mitch McConnell six times since he took office. He has constantly poked his finger in the eye of those who disgree with his policies, and basically told them "my way or the highway".

You give me one instance where he went to the Republican leadership and said, "I will make concessions on this issue, if you make concessions on that issue." One instance....that's all I want to see.

You need to check your sources about how many Americans approve of his actions. You might also want to check the election results from November 4th.

posted @ Friday, November 21, 2014 - 12:52

Georgia's jobless rate declines to 7.7 percent

@Duke Briscoe: if we had elected a Democrat, you'd be praising this unemployment rate drop as if Jesus Christ himself had made an appearance.

Starting with Alabama, the rates go thusly:
Alabama 7.0
Arizona 7.0
Tennessee 7.1
California 7.4
District of Columbia 7.4
Kentucky 7.4
Michigan 7.7
Nevada 7.7
Rhode Island 7.7
Georgia 7.7
Mississippi 8.0

Number 40 out of 50 states is Oregon, with a Democratic governor. Kentucky and California have Democratic governors. Illinois is solidly (up until Nov 4th) Democratic, and they're at 6.8.

No matter how much you people want to hoot and holler, the one thing Deal has done is attract businesses to Georgia. Here's your challenge for today: give me specifics on how Jason Carter would have increased Georgia's employment, and attracted businesses to Georgia. I'd like to see specific Democratic proposals, not "hope and change" or "change we can believe in" or any other hokey slogan that does nothing. SPECIFIC proposals.

Bottom line: the Democrats had control of Georgia for 138 years prior to the GOP takeover. How well did we do then? Were our children achieving at any higher rate than they are now? I'd like to see ANY parameter for the past 138 years that is significantly higher than the same indicator right now.

If you can't come up with specifics, or proof that Democratic leadership is better for this state than what we have now, the you and the rest of the Democratic whiners need to just admit that all you want is control of the money, and shut up.

posted @ Friday, November 21, 2014 - 12:42

Athens man caught with 50 pounds of pot at California airport indicted in federal court

Never fear....he'll have the Choom Brothers on his side. You know, Eric Cheech, and Barack Chong? After all, if it weren't for these pesky, useless marijuana laws, this young man would already have his MBA in physics, and be a productive member of society.

Yeah, I'm still laughing, too. Legalize pot, and all the dope dealers will get jobs....hahahaha. Good one!

posted @ Friday, November 21, 2014 - 12:26

Atlanta Streetcar delayed over safety concerns

Yeah, that electrocution course would be a wise thing to know.....

I really hate to see this delayed. What are we going to do with the hordes of people who are clamoring to ride from downtown Atlanta through the ghetto to the King Center...(which sits in the middle of a ghetto). I know.....they can all come to Athens, and park in the empty park-and-ride lot where the bypass meets Lexington Rd. One government boondoggle can help out another government boondoggle.

Glad we got that settled. Now I can sleep tonight.

posted @ Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 17:57

Los Angeles schools blame girl for sex, win suit

@TheBetterGeneration: The school board hired a teacher. This teacher had sex with a student OFF school grounds and NOT during school hours. The student willingly went to meet the teacher, and regardless of her being underage, that shows intent.

Assuming the teacher had no prior record of any transgressions, the school district would have no way of having any type of warning this might occur. How are you going to hold someone liable for an event that they had no control over, and was not on their property? Where's your legal basis for liability here? Are all employers expected to assume liability for their employees' off-premises, after-hours actions?

Put me on that jury and see if these people get a thin dime.

posted @ Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 12:31

Obama's immigration actions do have limits

No more resistant than Harry Reid holding almost 400 bills on his desk, and keeping them from open Senate debate. Works both ways, doesn't it?

If your president wanted cooperation, he could have had it day one, by not taking the in-your-face, my-way-or-the-highway, approach he has taken since his inauguration. By taking unilateral action today, he's saying once again that he will not cooperate with the majority of American voters who told him on election day that they oppose the way he is handling the country.

His actions are intentional, not accidental. Obama is telling the country that he doesn't care about their wishes, he is only concerned about his ultra-left agenda. Even left-leaning Oregon voted down a measure giving driver's licenses to illegal aliens. His use of executive order today will probably bite every Democrat in the ass in 2016.

posted @ Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 12:23

Georgia's jobless rate declines to 7.7 percent

WHAT??? I don't understand this. How can this be? We didn't elect a Democratic governor, nor did we elect a Democratic Senator. In fact, we sent a sitting Democratic congressman packing. I thought the only way we would add jobs is by supporting Democratic candidates who were in cahoots with the labor unions.

Wait...I bet I know the answer.....

All these new jobs are evil, rich CEO jobs in evil, rich corporations lured here by evil, rich Republicans who only care about themselves and want the little people to starve, right?

Funny how it works, isn't it? Electing Republicans means we get jobs. Electing Democrats means everyone stays perpetually broke and on the government dole. The Dems complain that trickle-down economics doesn't work. Well, their trickle-up poverty sure works, because we've got a lot more people who are worse off than they were before the Dems took over.

posted @ Thursday, November 20, 2014 - 12:15

What Others Say: Government can't fix the family (The Orange County Register)

That was someone saying that basically we have made it too easy to become a dependent ward of society. If you want to pick one thing that has done more to contribute to the decay in our society, the Great Society and its associated programs would qualify.

posted @ Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 13:04

Grimes: Improved U.S.-Iran relations could pay dividends

If anyone is naive enough to think that Iran would do anything at all to improve relations with America, they need their heads examined.

These are the people who chant "Death to Israel, death to the West". Their leaders are hard-line Islamists, who give women the same value as cattle (or less), and kill homosexuals rather than admit they exist. They consider it acceptable to lie if it advances their agenda (hmmm.....who does THAT sound like?), and they are intent on building a nuclear device capable of reaching Israel. Any attempt at softening our stance to them will be seen as a sign of weakness on our part, which they will try to exploit.

You can't be friends with a rattlesnake. Sooner or later, it will bite you. People like Mr. Grimes need to get their heads out of their rear ends, and quit pretending we can make people like us who are really committed to the destruction of our culture and way of life.

posted @ Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 12:57

4 Israelis killed in Jerusalem synagogue attack

Yes, these horrible warmongers were worshipping their faith, fell on the meat cleavers of these peaceful Palestinians, grabbed the Palestinians' guns, and shot themselves.

If you really want to see the problem in the Middle East, look at this incident. The Palestinians will not let Israel be at peace. The Islamists....Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS and the other not want "peace". Their goal is to annihilate Israel, wipe it off the map, and kill as many Jews as possible in the process. They have no peaceful intentions at all. "Religion of peace" my royal red behind.

posted @ Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 12:25

Model-TV host Dickinson accuses Cosby of assault

Two thoughts occur to me about those who wait 30 or 40 years to bring forth this kind of accusation:

1. They think they can extort money from Bill Cosby.
2. I wonder how much of this is tied to retaliation for Cosby's very vocal condemnation of the black community for its failures and its culture.

I wouldn't put either scenario past some people.

posted @ Wednesday, November 19, 2014 - 12:15

Charles Manson gets marriage license

The only thing sicker than Charles Manson, is the woman who wants to marry him.

posted @ Tuesday, November 18, 2014 - 17:49

Harrop: Calling conservatives' bluff on Obamacare

@dahreese: I don't expect anything from Deal, but the business community seems to be comfortable with the way he's running the state, and we're not doing too badly, considering how slow the over-all recovery has been nationwide.

The only governor that left office with a smaller net worth than when he went in, to my knowledge, was Lester Maddox. Unfortunately, increasing their net worth is something that both Democrat and Republicans governors and politicians seem to do.

Carter has no experience in managing anything. No experience in setting budgets.....he has nothing, period. Nice guy, maybe....nice looking kid, with a famous grandfather. You would think that the state Democratic party would have SOMEONE with a bigger resume they could have run. Dubose Porter from Dublin? No, they decided to try to get people to vote for a name only. I don't have a problem voting for a Democrat if they will nominate someone who I feel represents my views and the views of the majority of Georgians.

You can say the same about Democrats and money if you consider the amount of welfare dollars spent, and votes received. That sword cuts two ways.

By the way, if the FBI didn't come after some of our other previous governors, I don't think they're going to bother with Nathan Deal.

posted @ Monday, November 17, 2014 - 18:03

Atlanta reality TV star involved in dispute at Athens hotel

Just because you have a little money and a job on TV, it doesn't give you class, or the right to push others around.

posted @ Monday, November 17, 2014 - 17:54

Today's editorial cartoon

[quote][b]cyou299[/b] - the cartoon, like so many people, confuse science with modeling.
you should try one with all the 'predictions' of what Obama's gonna do.
The science is settled. The results, predictions, models are not. The Pentagon takes this very seriously. [/quote]

I had ONE prediction of what Obama "was gonna do". He was going to screw up on a major level. I'm 100% accurate on that one.

That cartoon just illustrates WHY people don't buy into this climate change barking. There's no difference between the climate change pushers and the religious zealots who hide in caves because the world is supposed to end on Tuesday. They're all a bunch of nuts who point to someone else's contrived projection to make their claim.

posted @ Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 13:31

Obamacare 'stupidity'? New energy for repeal push

@mmman: 7+ million people may have an insurance card and a premium notice. If you can't afford the premium without a subsidy, how will you pay the co-pays and deductible? Also, that insurance card is worthless unless you find a doctor who is in your network.

Plus, insurance at what price? I have a $10,000 deductible. and my premium went up last year by 63% from the year before. It's now looking like another almost $100 increase per month for 2015. Projected premium for me and me alone.....$850 per month. Boy, how "affordable" is that. The BlueCross/Anthem operator I just spoke to not five minutes ago told me that the premium increases were astronomical. (Excuse me if I remind you that double-digit increases have been predicted over and over, due to the lack of young people enrolling, but you Demmies keep saying that won't happen.)

You need to get out into the real world, and find out what's going on, instead of listening to the daily talking points provided to you by the Propaganda Dept. of the Obama administration.

posted @ Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 13:23

Obamacare 'stupidity'? New energy for repeal push

"He has since disavowed the most controversial remarks, saying he "spoke inappropriately and I regret having made those comments"......

No, Mr. Gruber just told the truth. (I know....the truth is a rare commodity in the Obama adminisration). He spoke when he thought no one would notice, and he said exactly what he meant.

If this law is so good, and so necessary, why did the Democrats not vigorously campaign and show their support for this law during the last election cycle? Why didn't the candidates who voted for this law want the president to campaign for them in their districts?

If the Democrats think we need this legislation, and they think deceiving us is the only way to get it passed, due to our so-called "stupidity", why don't they just say so. Why doesn't Nancy Pelosi embrace Mr. Gruber and his work now, as she did in 2009? Why doesn't Harry Reid or Mr. Obama tell us they think we're stupid?

Remember this in 2016, people. You have a political party that believes you are stupid, and must be deceived by those in power. They have just told you this. You also have someone who wants to be president that believes that businesses and corporations do not create jobs. The Democrats have lied to you again and again, and don't really care if you know they did it. They believe you're too stupid to figure it out.

If you want to continue to vote stupid, vote Democrat.

posted @ Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 12:58

Harrop: Calling conservatives' bluff on Obamacare

@dahreese: Poor people need healthcare, not the ACA. Telling someone that has few resources that they have to meet a 20% to 50% co-pay, and meet a $2500 to $3500 deductible of out of pocket expense is the same thing to that person as showing up with no insurance at all.

Middle America doesn't need to be forced to buy coverage they neither want nor need, in an effort to subsidize groups who might support the law. I'm physically unable to get pregnant. Why should I pay for pregnancy insurance?

There is no doubt that there have been abuses by insurance companies over the years, but the answer is not forcing another layer of government bureaucracy, nor is the answer more intrusion into our lives by the IRS. When the state mandated that all people acquire liability insurance in order to drive on public roads, a high-risk pool was created for those drivers with poor records, and the expense was shared between companies, and also the consumer. If you want to insure people who have pre-existing illnesses, creating a shared pool of risk would be a logical way to do so, and those people should pay a higher premium based on their increased risk.

If your goal is just to provide healthcare at no cost to certain individuals, just create clinics across the state, in conjunction with hospital emergency rooms, that can act as triage for minor illnesses and injuries at a lower cost to the public than using the ER itself.

There are several ways to handle healthcare. A surcharge to the social securitymedicare withholding tax could be used to purchase a catastrophic healthcare rider for individuals at a reasonable cost, and let them pick up the first-dollar expense of their healthcare out of pocket. The ER/clinic idea, with the provision of allowing doctors and nurses to work off a percentage of their student loans in return for staffing those clinics is also a good idea.

Lets keep in mind that the goal of the ACA was never to provide healthcare for the poor or anyone else. It was a tax increase, plain and simple, and a way for one political party to control more of the public's lives and thereby stay in power. If this was NOT the case, there would have never been such an effort to hide the provisions and force the law through without open debate.

posted @ Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 12:40

Harrop: Calling conservatives' bluff on Obamacare

@dahreese: I don't think there's any doubt that all politicians of all parties do things with which we disagree, Bush included.

Sorry...if you're a liberal or progresive, that puts you smack in the middle of the Democrats. You may not want to put the party label on you, but if it walks like a duck.....

I haven't seen the level of lying and cheating in the GOP that I've seen in the Democratic party, and I haven't seen the level of moral decay, particularly in presidential candidates, nominees, and office holders in the GOP that I've seen with the Democrats, particularly since the election of Bill Clinton.

I voted for Deal because I wanted a known quantity with leadership experience over someone who had no experience whatsoever, and was running basically on the strength of a family name. It's easy to be squeaky clean when you haven't done anything except show up. The voters elected a president in 2008 who had no experience in virtually anything, and who made baseless, vague promises with no specifics, other than he intended to "radically transform America". The results from that have been disastrous. I didn't want to see Georgia make that mistake on a local level.

posted @ Saturday, November 15, 2014 - 12:22

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