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VIDEO: Sony defends shelving 'Interview' after Obama criticism

@FanaticalModerate: I think Leon Panetta would disagree with you about Obama's role in the killng of Osama Bin Laden. Had it not been for Panetta, the action would not have taken place.

I support our national security. The North Koreans would love people like you, who turn a blind eye to valid criticism of a weak administration, just like they love weak leaders like Obama and Clinton. Please list how any Democratic president since Harry Truman has stood up to North Korea. Today's Democratic party is populated with gutless, cowardly people whose objective is to weaken America both economically and militarily, with the goal of reducing our national stature to that of a weak, European style nation. You prove me wrong.

posted @ Saturday, December 20, 2014 - 09:33

North Korea fully capable of Sony computer hack, says UGA expert

@PatrickD: Please explain how Dodd-Frank stresses self-achievement.

posted @ Saturday, December 20, 2014 - 09:27

Rubinstein: Not profiling is foolish and dangerous

@PatrickD: Prove where I am prejudiced against any race. Have I said that whites are genetically superior to other races? You can define racism, right? I dislike behaviors and aspects of a culture. My personal opinion is that blacks are just as capable of maintaining good behavior as anyone else, if they are not influenced by the urban ghetto culture.

I'm not offended. For you to offend me, your opinion would have to have value to me, and it doesn't. I'm just pointing out a personallity trait that I find common in liberals, in which they must create in themselves a false sense of intellectual superiority over those with whom they disagree. Without that, their arguments fall flat.

Name another culture that is as destructive as the urban black culture. Go ahead.....we're waiting......

You say standards in schools weren't lowered for blacks? Are you old enough to remember schools before integration? I can assure you that standards were lowered after integration, because none of the liberal minds at that time took into account the achievement gap between black and white students. They're still making excuses for it, and doing nothing about it, because to do so would mean isolating poorly-performing students by educational level, and that would mean predominantly black classrooms again. (By the way, we were told back in the 1960's that having polka-dotted classrooms would solve all the problems.)

If you think graduation rates are rising here, please go back and check the last article published in the ABH. In Atlanta, the only way the administrators could make the numbers go up was to change answers on standardized tests. I personally think we should abandon the idea of all this testing, and go back to teaching. Right now (according to a family member employed as a teacher in the CCSD) we teach to pass tests, not to instill knowledge.

You are correct that many white families are moving back into Atlanta.....into areas that were formerly black, but are now going mostly-whiite again. You will find whites moving into northeast Atlanta, taking back and rehabilitating the neighborhoods of Kirkwood, Grant Park, East Atlanta, and the Ponce de Leon corridor, because they want to get away from the longer commutes. You DON'T see whites moving back into Dekalb County (with the exception of Decatur and Avondale Estates), southeast or southwest Atlanta. Blacks have moved outside the perimeter into eastern Dekalb county, western Rockdale, northern Henry county, western Cobb county and Douglas county. Clayton county has become mostly black. Whites are not moving into the primarily black, low income areas, just back inside the perimeter where property prices and taxes are forcing the low income people out.

"If you watch the news and focus on race, in an area where a lot of black people live..." Okay....let's watch the Atlanta news. There are 13 counties in the metro Atlanta area, and approximately six million people, give or take a few. In the metro area, we have almost any given nationality, ethnic group, and race on the planet. (Maybe we're short on Eskimos.) Where is the crime, and who's committing those crimes? Keep your answer limited to 1000 words or less.

Read the papers, watch the news in particular areas of California....(Oakland?), the Pacific northwest (haven't seen any riots there) and New Jersey (Newark come to mind?)....thanks for making my case for me. Oddly enough, I haven't seen any massive demonstrations or riots lately in Tifton.

Solving the problem would entail reforming our welfare system, and having programs that made people self-sufficient instead of permanent wards of the state. Having people gain self-respect and respect for others comes from achievement, not handouts. The New Deal programs of the Depression-era Democratic party required effort from the participant in order to receive the benefit. The Great Society programs required (and still don't require) any effort or improvement from the beneficiary of the program. We have created a class of people who think someone else is responsible for their upkeep, and now, they think we're supposed to provide them with a middle class lifestyle, without them working to achieve it. These programs targeted the most vulnerable people, the poor, many of whom were black, in an effort to create a dependent class of voters, which it did.

Want to start solving the problem? Start in the schools, and start requiring higher standards for everyone. Make achievement count, instead of rewarding mediocrity. Return standards of discipline to the schools, and start backing up law enforcment instead of yelling "race". Make our jails and prisons some place people don't want to be. Start requiring personal responsibility of those who have children, by limiting extra cash benefits to one child born while on public assistance. Enforce current standards with regards to child support, and make them sting. Those are solutions. All hard choices, and choices the left doesn't have the guts to make. If you have any better ideas, list them here.

posted @ Saturday, December 20, 2014 - 09:26

North Korea fully capable of Sony computer hack, says UGA expert

@mpd0.59: Because I think George Bush was a good decent man, doesn't mean I agree with everything he ever did. I don't recall Condi Rice "kissing" Khadafy's butt. I do think Reagan had the right approach, by sending missiles into Khadafy's home. It shut him up for a decade. You also remember that at the outset of the Iraq invasion, Khadafy voluntarily got out of the WMD business, because he thought he'd be next. Think that would be possible with your princess president?

Theater owners reacted out of fear of lawsuits, another product of our liberal-leaning, litigious society, where everyone thinks that someone else should be responsible for any negative occurence in their lives. You did read the article about the 2012 shooting before posting it, right?

Mc Cain was the only high-level American politician that had the right idea about Putin. Obama didn't, and neither did Hillary, or GWB. You called Eqyptian president Mubarak by the name "Barack'. That's racist on your part.

Bottom line: our administration is so weak, that we can't respond to this cyber-invasion by NK. We don't know how. We've been caught flat-footed (again) by a terrorist nation, because we have allowed the liberal doctrine of political correctness to direct every facet of our lives, to the point that we're letting a penny-ante dictator tell us what we can watch, and what we can't.

Meanwhile, Obama is preparing to lock lips with another Communist dictator in Cuba.

posted @ Saturday, December 20, 2014 - 08:53

North Korea fully capable of Sony computer hack, says UGA expert

@PatrickD: Liberal policies are behind most of our problems, yes. Liberal policies have produced most of the problems in the black community, yes. I could go on, but I'm going to eat now.

Policies that make our nation stronger, and make all of our people more able to be self-sufficient, I like. I just don't see that in the liberal agenda. They promote dependency on government. Prove me wrong. Find a liberal policy that actually stresses self-achievement, and individual effort.

Yeah, I couldn't think of one, either.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 18:17

North Korea fully capable of Sony computer hack, says UGA expert

@mpd0.59: "For fear" now, we have to be told what we can and can't watch "for fear".

You really should read what you just wrote.

George Bush didn't have a policy of bending over and kissing every dictator's butt, either. Obama hasn't met a dictator he didn't like. So, now, instead of finding a way of fighting back, and telling these people to go to hell, we pee on ourselves because they threaten us. Great job.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 18:13

Rubinstein: Not profiling is foolish and dangerous

@hjfedrick: Watch the news, hoss. Watch it any night in Atlanta. Tell me where the crime comes from. There are plenty of white criminals, but the urban black ghetto culture causes more problems as a percentage of the total population of their race, than any other group. Prove me wrong.

You should be asking the same questions I ask, instead of defending sorry behavior and the failure of an entire culture to take advantage of the opportunities we have in this country. Ask why so many young people don't finish school or get marketable skills. Ask why we have so many births to unwed mothers, whose children almost always grow up in poverty. Ask why we have to make welfare payments to so many people who are capable of working. Ask why so many of these men won't support their children, yet go on to produce more and more for the welfare system to support.

You're trying to defend the wrong side. You, more than anyone else, should be asking "why" young men can't comply with police instructions, and wind up getting shot when they fight back. You should be ashamed for trying to defend a culture that does nothing except drag its people down, and keep them down.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 18:08

Rubinstein: Not profiling is foolish and dangerous

@PatrickD: If it's not culture, then what is it? All blacks don't act this way. No other culture or ethnic group behaves in this manner, it's only the urban ghetto black culture that does.

Most people don't like talking about race. You've been trained to ignore the subject. You're scared that if you actually say what you think, someone will call you a racist. The fact is that we have a BIG problem with a segment of society, and that particular segment of society is predominantly black.

Watch the news in any major city. Hell, read the police blotter in the ABH. Where are the problems, and who commits the crimes? There are more whites in the country than blacks. I'm not talking sheer numbers, I'm talking about the number of crimes committed by blacks as a percentage of their total population. The same goes for incarceration rates. Look at the number of blacks incarcerated as a percentage of the black population itself, not the total population. If whites comprise some 55% or so of the total population, you would expect the total number of white criminals to be higher.

You are right that I am prejudiced. I'm prejudiced against what I see as a destructive culture that we support and for which people like you constantly make excuses. Your entire post has been filled with excuse-making for a problem that exists, but which you refuse to recognize.

Also, notice that I can actually respond without calling you "irrational", making statements about "the likes of my mentality", or other derogatory comments. I'd like to know what it is about the thought process of those on the left, including you, who can't have a discussion without demeaning the person with whom the disagree. You can't.

I don't know how old you are, but I went to school before the standards were lowered. I watched as discipline eroded and then vanished in public schools. At one time, Dekalb County schools were regarded as the premier schools in the state. People fought to get their children INTO Clarke County schools from surrounding areas. Where are they now. The Atlanta public schools had a reputation for excellence. Clayton County was actually a nice, safe place to live. Downtown Atlanta was alive and humming, and you could go there at night without putting yourself in harm's way. This isn't a product of my imagination. I have watched these areas deteriorate over the last 50 years or so. I have watched the Clarke County schools become like inner city schools, due to the student body makeup. I had a neighbor who taught at a local middle school tell me to get my son out, before he went to middle school.

All of these things have one thing in common: they were all affected by the urban black ghetto culture. Now, you tell me how I'm wrong. Take each of the items I just described, and tell me how and why I'm incorrect. While you do so, make sure you can respond without insulting my intelligence, my background or my thought processes. Just tell me EXACTLY how I'm wrong....if you can. each of my comments, I have not demeaned your intelligence, or your ethnicity, background, or anything else. See if you can respond without doing so to me. I'm betting you don't have that ability. THAT is a stereotype I find very common in politically correct liberals. Unless you try to feign some type of superiority, your arguments don't hold water.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 18:02

VIDEO: Obama says Sony 'made a mistake' in shelving 'The Interview'

@mpd0.59: Obama doesn't need to criticize anyone for backing down. He's done the same thing himself. Remember all those "red lines"? He's the pot calling the kettle, well........

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 17:43

VIDEO: Sony defends shelving 'Interview' after Obama criticism

Obama doesn't need to criticize anyone for not having the courage to stand up for something. He's been wishy-washy his whole term.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 17:41

North Korea fully capable of Sony computer hack, says UGA expert

This is the result of years of liberal policy and political correctness run amok. We can no longer say and do what we want in this country. We have no response from leaders of either party. Years of liberal lack of leadership have made us into a country that pees on itself when threatened, rather than tell the group making the threat to go to hell.

Sony should have stuck to their guns, and our government needs to tell anyone who threatens an attack on our country that we will respond with all resources available.

Go ahead, liberals. Tell us again why we need to "empathize and understand" our enemies. What a bunch of wussies.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 12:57

Rubinstein: Not profiling is foolish and dangerous

@PatrickD: What makes people continuously break the law, and defy law enforcement officers? What makes them have more children than they can afford to feed, and have them again and again by different men? You tell me why, day after day, people are attacked and killed by members of their own race, for useless reasons. You tell me why people refuse to pay attention in school, get out with no skills, yet think somehow people are supposed to pay them more for jobs tha require no skills. Tell me why these types of behaviors are found in generally one subset of one group. Then, you tell me why these characteristics are not found in any great numbers in any other group in this country. Making the case that all races are equal, that leaves one factor: culture.

Asian culture features strong family structure, a very high work ethic, and demands success of its members, as does the culture of those who come here from India, Pakistan, and other countries in that area. Why are those attributes not found in the urban black ghetto culture? Most of the other cultures in our society hold themselves to higher standards than does the urban black ghetto culture.

We don't make excuses in schools? The standards in schools have been continuously lowered since desegregation again and the point of socially promoting children who could not achieve, just to get them out of the way. I can introduce you to several educators who will verify that fact. When he first arrived, our current superintendent suggested lowering requirements once again, to "boost the numbers", or have you forgotten that. We don't make excuses for crime? Michael Brown attacked a police officer and got himself killed in the process. Citizens of that town burned the place to the ground. How much news coverage have you seen that castigates and criticizes those people for causing that damage? How many people have been arrested and charged with arson? People walked out into the interstate in Atlanta, causing untold delays. How many were arrested? We make excuses every day. Have you seen anyone told that we won't support any more additional children they have, because they can't keep their legs together and act responsibly?

If you think the smallest proportion of our society thinks the way I do, guess again. If you think that my views are restrictive to Georgia, guess again. Since it is a fact that all blacks do not act in this manner, and that it is a subset of the black race that does, if it's not a failed culture, you tell me why we have this problem. This behavior is the result of a culture of irresponsibility that we created and that we subsidize.

We have one specific group that causes the vast majority of this type of behavior. You don't want to admit it, because to do so would mean that libeal philosophy and policies have failed. We did NOT have this much of this type of behavior before the Great Society programs were instituted in this country. I'm old enough to remember, and it wasn't there. You can agree or not, but it doesn't change the facts.

Name one other group that causes as many problems in this country as the urban black ghetto culture. Name one that we spend as much money on, and that causes as much civil unrest. Tell me which other group occupies as much space in our prisons, and crowds our justice system. You can't. Case closed.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 11:34

Rubinstein: Not profiling is foolish and dangerous

@PatrickD: You are 100% wrong. I've never said or indicated that we need to keep blacks subjugated. Just the opposite: I think we need to make sure that blacks, whites, and all other races are treated on a completely equal basis. We have made special exceptions for blacks for the last 50 years that we have not made for any other ethnic group in this country. Other ethnic groups take full advantage of the opportunities afforded people in this country, and I think it's time for the black community to do so as well. I think it's time for them to examine their culture, and ask why they have failed in that regard.

Name one other group in which you're afraid to travel in their neighborhoods after dark. Do you feel threatened if you encounter a group of young Asian men, or a group of young HIspanics? When was the last time a bunch of white guys burned down a neighborhood because they didn't like a court decision? It's time we quit making exceptions, and expected the same amount of personal responsibility and self-sufficiency from blacks that we do from every other group in this country.

We have made excuse after excuse, and exception after exception, for sorry behavior for decades. We excuse poor performance in school, and poor discipline, because of race. We allow our cities to be burned, because of race. Who compensates those merchants and property owners when that happens? Insurance often won't cover that, because of the cause. So you tell me.....when is enough, enough? When do we start expecting and demanding that this culture start being a productive part of society, instead of a complete drag on all of us?

As far as profiling goes, police officers are trained to notice and be aware of criminal activity. That's their job. People riding around neighborhoods, with no obvious destination, cars with defective equipment, loitering....all of these things attract the attention of the police. If you don't want to be profiled, then stop doing the things that attract the attention of law enforcement. If someone wants to dress and act like a gang-banger, then they should expect extra scrutiny, just as someone should expect the same treatment if they walk around with purple hair and piercings all over their body.

Profiling is common sense, but liberals demand political correctness, which is at complete odds with common sense. Being politically correct is the belief that somehow, you can pick up a turd by the clean end. We have let ourselves be cowed into accepting this behavior by the politically correct crowd. Anyone who points out the obvious is shouted down by people like you, who call them racist. I'm old enough to know what real racism was. I distinctly remember the Lemuel Penn killing in Madison County in 1964. I remember separate waiting rooms, lunch counters, water fountains and restrooms. Demanding that people act with self-respect, respect for others and common dignity isn't racism. It's common sense.

posted @ Friday, December 19, 2014 - 09:19

Rubinstein: Not profiling is foolish and dangerous

Better watch out. Someone will do a Bill Cosby on you.....

There is no debating, as this author states, that blacks account for a very high percentage of crimes committed in this country. Holder is telling us that we shouldn't pay attention to that. Eric Holder, Obama and the other race-baiters that come out of the woodwork need to solve the problem of black crime instead of telling us to pay no attention to what's right in front of our faces.

posted @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 17:58

Obama: As a black man he's been mistaken for valet

[quote][b]PatrickD[/b] - He has been mistaken for a muslim, Kenyan, socialist, emperor, anti-American, terrorist, worst president ever, racist...poor guy.

Actually, there was no mistake in those items you mentioned.

posted @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 17:46

Doctor says Oklahoma inmate suffered in execution

There's a simple way to solve this prolblem.....just go back to hanging or a firing squad.

posted @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 17:28

Georgia paying more than $40,000 to Gurley's attorney

Got $400 measly bucks, Gurley threw away a chance at the Heisman, and if he doesn't recover sufficiently, a chance at a million-dollar-plus pro career......$400 lousy dollars. How shortsighted can you be.

As for the slimy jackass that paid him the $400, they should print his picture on every UGA ticket stub, in hopes that some fan somewhere will see him and give him a good ol' South Georgia ass-whippin'.

posted @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 15:24

Lanoue named finalist for National Superintendent of the Year

Our graduation rates are still miserable, despite spending almost $12000 per pupil per year. If this performance gets you superintendent of the year, the rest of the crowd must be sorry as hell.

When you "close the achievement gap" between groups of students, does that mean the ones on the bottom do better, or does that mean there are fewer students in the top group still in the system to use in comparison?

Lanoue came here with one objective in mind: beef up his resume for his next job, by manipulating numbers and statistics. I don't believe our students are any better off than when he came, the teachers I know aren't any happier, our schools aren't any safer, and people still avoid this school system like the plague.

So what's to celebrate?

posted @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 12:57

VIDEO: Cubans hope for better future with US-Havana deal

I personally am not concerned if this heralds a brighter future for Cuba. I'm concerned about the United States, and the message that this, and other actions of Obama, send to the rest of the world. Let's keep exchanging spies and terrorists on a three for one or a five for one deal. That makes us look real smart, doesn't it? Let's start supporting more dictators and more Communist regimes like Cuba, or radical Islamic countries like Iran. Let's give away the whole store while we're at it. Is the administration and the entire Democratic party serving the United States, or are we back in the business of trying to make our enemies like us (which will not work....never has.)

The only thing this shows me is that Obama and the elitists, socialist Democratic party are the most anti-American they have ever been. Obama will negotiate with Cuba and Iran, but he won't talk to the members of the Republican party. He's like Carter.....never met a dictator he didn't like.

We need to think long and hard before we ever elect anyone who spent their formative years in another country. Obama might have had an American mother and grandparents, but he wasn't raised as an American, and he doesn't seem to share and understand the values and traditions that people who were raised in this country have in common with each other. My honest opinion is that his intent is to bring this country down from a superpower to the level of European countries that can't wipe their own noses. Without a doubt, this man is the worst president in our history.

posted @ Thursday, December 18, 2014 - 12:53

Ambrose: More conservatives needed on college campuses

@TheBetterGeneration: Explain where and how I have "attacked" you. (Again.....another characteristic of those on the left......any disagreement is seen as an "attack").

You said you weren't going to respond, but you did. You also said people didn't like commenting here. Aren't those two statements in conflict with your post?

I would consider your retorts a "tantrum". My four year old granddaughter acts like that sometimes, when she gets mad.

You're really rather thin-skinned, aren't you? (That's also a common characteristic of those on the left, as well as those on the evangelical right.)

And, thank YOU.

Your BFF,

posted @ Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 13:18

Crisp: Torture is stain on American honor

@dahreese: "Ah!, another revelation of the depths of your shallow world view." Again, you are not able to respond without demeaning the person to whom you reply. Is that because of a deep-seated feeling of inferiority? Do you think your background REALLY makes you smarter than other people? Please tell us how smart you are again. It's entertaining.

You consistently try to justify the actions of radical Islamists on these pages. Time and again, you have said how you felt they were justified in doing what they do. Remember "those whom they kill, they do not see as innocents"? Scroll up a few lines if your memory is bad. Does that make their actions palatable to you? (Epic fail, here, bub.)

The release of this report had nothing to do with what we have done wrong, or right. If that was the case, we would have had a full report on the Benghazi affair right after it had happened, we'd have those missing IRS emails from Lois Lerner, and we would have the subpeonaed documents from the Justice Dept. on the Fast and Furious debacle. This has nothing to do with ethics, right, or wrong. This report is an attempt by a failing administration to distract the public away from those failures, and rally support among its base after being devastated in the November elections. It didn't take eight years to gather this information, and if I'm correct, no CIA personnel were interviewed during the creation of this report. I don't think either of the last two Democratic presidents, or ANY of the last several Democratic candidates for president could accurately define ethics, and I'm sure Mrs. Clinton has never heard of the word.

I question many things, among them why the leadership of the Democratic party, the President, his advisors and the leadership of the Senate think that trying to make political points at the expense of our national interests is good policy.

I questioned why LBJ wanted so badly to get more involved in Vietnam. I questioned why the leaders of the Democratic party supported George Bush when he asked for their votes before invading Iraq, and then turned tail later on, when it became politically expedient.

I don't question scaring people in order to get information, when those same people kill schoolchildren, shoot young girls in the head for getting an education, or behead people who are there to help civilians, and do it on video. I guess you can empathize with their justification when they do that.

Maybe "around the world", other countries are glad that one nation is willing to stand up and fight for freedom, including the freedom of those countries, so that they don't have to do the heavy lifting themselves. That gives them the opportunity to feign disapproval, and gives you the freedom to have your opinions as well.

Somebody has to make the hard choices. Not all of them work, and not all of them are good choices, but someone has to stand up and do so. Might I suggest you take a turn in that chair. it's probably a lot different than just teaching school.

posted @ Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 13:03

Camille Cosby's statement on assault accusations

@GaltMeister: The left doesn't believe in personal responsibility. That's so "yesterday". They believe in "fairness", "equality", and a "level playing field", which in reality means we all have the same amount of nothing.

"Fairness" and "equality" mean we all have the same opportunities to put our talent, innovation and work ethic into practice. As for a "level playing field", I've never seen one of those. All pathways through life are filled with highs and lows, and it's up to the character of the person to make of life what they can. Nobody ever said that everyone was supposed to have an "equal amount of stuff".

When people become self-sufficient and prosper, the argument of the left rings hollow. They realize they got to wherever they are not by handouts, but by taking advantage of every opportunity they could. Saying someone else owes you something doesn't mean very much to a person who has achieved his own measure of success.

posted @ Wednesday, December 17, 2014 - 12:43

Ambrose: More conservatives needed on college campuses

@TheBetterGeneration: "You will note that snarkydude is falling in line with most people who are ignorant."

I rest my case. You can't say you disagree with me without demeaning the person with whom you disagree. I can assure you I am not ignorant. I have differing opinions than you, but that doesn't make me ignorant. It is a common denominator with those on the left, and particularly one or two commenters on here, that they must have a self-perceived, self-created vision of themselves as being of superior intelligence. Otherwise, what do they have?

You want to cite some study or opinion piece that agrees with your pre-determined conclusion. That's fine. I've been around a long time. I've managed to absorb a great deal of knowledge during that time. For every study you wish to cite, it's very possible to cite one that totally disagrees with yours, many times using the same information. So much for studies.....

Finally, regarding another character flaw I