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@nowheregirl: Good evening. thank you for taking the time and bringing his passing to my attention. I'm somewhat at a loss as to a response. There is no emotion to be felt. Nothing.

Sadly, as it relates to Boland I was too late in coming forward to tell my the slight, slight hope that he was recognized for what he adult man that raped young boys and got away with it. He raped young boys and he got away with it...and while people that knew didn't raise their eye's from the ground. Sad.

M. Holmes

posted @ Sunday, February 10, 2013 - 19:26

@E.J.: Thank you for your interest and reply. I wish I could add to a reasonable conversation toward prevention. Not unlike the issue of gun control that our society contends with now I do feel the answer is a combination of measures. Your's is not only valued input but yet again raises questions regarding the again, so many years later I look back at my experience and shake my head...the script was being shouted at us and nobody saw it...the playbook was on the table and nobody picked it up and took notice. And as you wrote, who is a threat and who is do we make that distinction?

A few years back I resistered to help with troubled kids...not unlike big brothers and sisters organization. I had to fill out a lenghtly background check list and have three of my friends give a verbal profile on me...I remember being slightly taken aback by the background test...and then I thought about it and realized how stupid i was to question the effort given my history. I continued the thought to realize how weak the check of just who I was, actually was. I could have had designs of harm and how was a few friends saying good things about me and my self filed report to be strong defense?

I wish I had better answers...I wish from my experience that I could say more to open up eye's to provention or protection.

posted @ Monday, January 21, 2013 - 15:00

I was a neighbor of Ernest's when i was twelve and thirteen years old. i lived in the housing developement Waverly Woods, only a few miles away from Ernest's home...i was going to Hillsman middle school when i met him. I'm 51 years old as i write this. I was not a member of the Boy Scouts and I was never a member.
My home life was in shambles with my mom living out of state much of this time as a divorce was in he works. I beloned to a groupd of boys in the area that ernest befriended...we had been told he was nolonger involved with the Boy Scouts due to a back injury. this started my introduction with him (Boland).

He liked me. He told me i was handsome. He started to spend time with me alone...that being time without the other 2 or 3 members of our group of friends. He would often take us to school in his big car and just as often pick us up in the afternoon. We would constantly talk about girls and sex...two things of which none of us in the group really knew anything about... but we were so consumed with the mystery of the female shape and attraction, virtually every hour of the waking day we were slaves to their thought.

On a day when I was alone with Ernest, he kissed me. We were in his car. That was how it started. It was a turning point. It was not just a innocent kiss on the cheek from an adult to a child but an adult kiss to a child on the lips...I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I didn't understand was strange, it was uncomfortable...I was a child and could not understand it.

I can only say that it developed from that moment in a disiplined 'grooming' until he was confident he could do as he wished with me...and he did.

In his home in a bed room, was the first of what was to be many times he molested me. He had control over me and he knew he did...did i want to be there doing the things he instructed me to do? Did I want him to be doing things to me with his hands and mouth? No, to all! Never!

Did he force me with a gun or a threat? No! Did I have a choice? No!

He was good at this molesting thing...of course I did not understand that until so many years later...he was good at it.

I could not have been the only one, I used to think, as I would look back to that chapter in my life. Occasionly I would do a casual search to see if his name was associated with a report of an abuse...nothing. And then, a few months ago, the Boy Scout report came out and I searched again...there it was...his name and reports of child molestation everywhere. I called the Athens Police and talked with a Detective. I drove a thousand miles a few weeks later and sat with a detective and recorded my story for the public record.

I also gave my story to the Banner Herald as a suggestion from local athens authorities.

please, don't ask why I waited...why did I wait to come forward? It's not an easy answer...if I could answer for that matter. The Athens police told me that too much time has passed for anything to be done to Ernest Boland from my story. However, if my story can be a support to others that were abused or molested by him then maybe some good may come from it. But not just him...these evil people are all around us and those that we love. Be careful and be cautious...please.

posted @ Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 18:34

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