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Grimes: Ukraine isn't worth life of single U.S. soldier

The Neocons always beat the war drums. Bomb, kill, maim, destroy. They send thousands of our good men and women to be shredded while their fat butts sit in comfort. What the American people don't realize that war is good for business. The "leaders" have always realized this, so nothing is going to change. After 9/11 we should have formed alliances with foreign governments to have police departments similar to Interpol--not invaded sovereign countries. France told us it was an unwinnable war, and they have been proven right. But, OMG the profits for companies in the milatary industrial complex, like Cheney's old company, Halliburton was AMAZING!

posted @ Tuesday, April 22, 2014 - 07:17

Crisp: Full disclosure only option for Senate torture report

@snarkydude: While it is a waste of point was that Iraq had not done anything to us to warrant our killing 100,000 + Iraqi citizens. Bush didn't know whether they had anything at all--chemical, nuclear--whatever. The inspectors that were sent in found nothing. When they came back and told Bush there was nothing, Cheney decided to "out" Valerie Plame, the wife of the head inspector, in angry, childish retaliation. She was a CIA operative who had been undercover for many years, and, with her cover blown, had to leave her post. Cheney lied (proven, so I don't have to) and Cheney's assistant took the fall for him. I encourage you to read her book about the Bush Administrations lies. The reason this is important IS because the administration was looking for yellowcake. Now, my point doesn't MATTER! If they had a forty megaton hydrogen bomb and a billion pounds of Anthrax! They. Had. Not. Attacked. Us. Do you not get it yet? Let me put it to you this way. The United States has a zillion weapons of mass destruction. We dropped I don't know how many thousands of tons of bombs on Baghdad. What would you think if Iraq invaded us on the pretense of looking for WMDs? They had every right to be more afraid of our using WMDs on their civilians than we had of them invading us. But you keep defending torture. American torture.

posted @ Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 18:56

Crisp: Full disclosure only option for Senate torture report

@snarkydude: You are right, I do really hate that more than seven thousand American men and women died because the Repug, neocons insisted that we invade a sovereign country that had never attacked us. I really hate seeing the tens of thousands of American men and women who have returned to this country without arms, legs, and with severe brain injuries. I really, really hate that Rethuglicans cannot seem to vote for legislation that will increase aid to these wounded warriors because, to do so, would be admitting complicity in their injuries. I hate that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowicz conspired to commit crimes against humanity by bombing Baghdad and killing over 100,000 innocent men, women, and children. I really, really hate that the men in this cadre of evil are all enjoying a fat and happy retirement while so many people have suffered and continue to suffer untold hardships because of what they did. I guess a noble person would say that, "I don't hate the sinner, but I hate the sins...", but you know what? I don't believe you can separate the evil men do from the person, so, you are right, I hate them all. I am still more noble than you, because your ilk simply hate President Obama for having the audacity to be black, and aspiring to be President.

posted @ Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 13:29

Crisp: Full disclosure only option for Senate torture report

@snarkydude: Benghazi has been fully investigated by a bi-partisan Congressional hearing. No lies were proven, nor will there be. No matter how much Faux News insists on beating that dead horse. We know that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld lied. Colin Powell, himself, forced to lie before the UN has told us so. We know that, before 9/11, Bush had expressed a desire to topple Saddam. If you believe Faux News rather than your own judgement, that is your perogative. But do not fall into the Repug trap of repeating lies over and over expecting people to believe them.

posted @ Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 12:27

Crisp: Full disclosure only option for Senate torture report

Though I agree with John McCain on very little, this is one subject that I feel he has nailed. Why? Because he is the only "representative" in DC that HAS been tortured. When we allow the kind of activities that the Bush Administration seemed to love--torture, invading a sovereign country without provocation, lying to create a scenario which makes all the unethical, legal things appear to be patriotic and okay--we lose the moral high ground. How can we hold Putin's feet to the fire, when we invade foreign countries with impunity? All it takes is a President that is willing to lie, as Bush did with Iraq. How can we invoke the Geneva Convention when we have been proven to torture people, kidnap private citizens from the public streets and systematically destroy their lives by moving them from more civilized countries to countries where it's okay to kill, maim and to true these illegally held people? I think, for what it is worth, that TV and movies have helped create this American myth that, because we are Americans, and "exceptional" we are above the laws that apply to the rest of the world. Who among us don't feel a sense of satisfaction when Jack Bauer tortures the evil terrorist and saves the world in the last two minutes of the 24 hour day? But the real world is not a fantasy. When our soldiers are captured, if they' re tortured, we cannot be outraged.

posted @ Wednesday, April 16, 2014 - 06:56

Social issues fade in GOP campaigns

@TMKvetch: The only way they have "wised up" is that their thousand dollar an hour "strategists" have told them that the middle, independent voter like myself, has abandoned the Republican Party because we are sick to death of their incessant screeching and insistence on trying to regulate every aspect of our private lives while de-regulating every major corporation. We are left with ever stricter laws on abortion, birth control, lack of healthcare, while our banking system (especially in GA) imploded because of crooks gaming the system. We are left with mining corporations that destroy the only sources of drinking water, then, declare bankruptcy (thanks to the ever shrinking laws against that sort of thing). We are left with a petroleum industry which was allowed to write the de-regulations of their own industry in a secret meeting with Dick Cheney. All this leads to companies like Enron screwing over the consumer, lying, cooking the books; oil companies fracking for cheaper energy, wasting scarce water and dangerous chemicals into the ground resulting in the destruction of water sources. Maybe we aren't as stupid as the GOP thinks we are. But, let us all be aware, just because they've been coached to go easy on social issues in order to slime their way into office, let's not be fooled. That is the agenda.

posted @ Monday, April 14, 2014 - 06:49

Police: UGA student died from drug overdose

Legalize all drugs, tax them, remove the profit motive from the drug cartels and a few things will happen. One, drug use should drop. Almost every person who has been hooked on heroin got there because someone, usually the dealer, got them started. Very few kids go out looking for heroin. Second, the taxes from the legal sale of drugs will help pay down the public debt. The taxes can be used to treat drug addition rather than spending the billions on sending them to prison. The "war on drugs" is an expensive, massive failure. And the last, cynical, point, if drugs are easy and cheap to attain, and idiots are stupid enough to use them, refuse treatment, they eventually will die. But it will be their choice. They won't be incarcerated in a prison cell costing the taxpayers billions of dollars. This weird public policy issue with drugs has always fascinated me. Many decades ago, when I was in the Medical Services business, I saw many people die from liver damage caused by alcohol. I saw many people killed by drunk drivers. I saw many, many people die from smoking. I never saw that kind of pillage from drug use. The other thing that frosts my cupcake is how ordinary people, caught with a small amount of any drug, go to jail on a routine basis. Meanwhile, our elder rock stars, many of whom are admitted drug abusers are lionized, and seem to look and feel pretty great after decades of use and abuse. The younger celebrities like Bieber and Charlie Sheen, caught with massive amounts of cocaine (Sheen reportedly had a briefcase full of it) are never punished. Our kids' idols, sports "heroes" , routinely are caught using one drug or another and never go to jail, so what are kids to think?

posted @ Thursday, April 10, 2014 - 07:18

Boy, 11, killed while playing with gun

Charge the parent who owned the gun with negligent homocide.

posted @ Saturday, April 5, 2014 - 21:54

Georgia group mulls sharpshooters to reduce deer herd

I live in a subdivision by the river, in the five years we have lived here I have watched the several deer herds multiply rapidly. Everyday it is common to see herds of ten to fifteen deer eating everything in sight. What is scary is when they all run as a herd. Drivers are in danger, the kids who might be playing outside are in danger. In addition, they carry ticks and lice that carry really bad diseases. If you walk outside in the summer you come in covered with deer ticks which cause high fevers, bad rashes, etc. We seriously need to stop thinking of these giant rodents as cute Bambi's and start eradicating them. This is not a laughing matter. It is a public health issue.

posted @ Thursday, March 20, 2014 - 07:17

Filler: World without work may be on horizon

The answer is Zero Population Growth. Fewer people will mean less people looking for scarce jobs, fewer people using scarce resources. Very good article in NYT today about the drought in Texas and other places out West. The "elite" in Austin get to keep watering their lawns, the people with homes on Lake Travis keep enough water to float their boats because they truck in water!?? Farmers have to sue to get water to grow crops. It won't matter whether you have a machine to make burgers. Without the farmers, there won't be any meat. What a truly cocked-up world.

posted @ Monday, March 17, 2014 - 07:19

Angered when turned away by dealer, Athens man allegedly lashes out at girlfriend

Please don't let them breed.

posted @ Friday, March 14, 2014 - 06:56

Harrop: Hipsters have children, too

As an adherent of the Zero Population Growth movement, it has always interested me when the topic of birth rates become politicized. We are not having enough children to replace the existing human race, we are told. What is wrong with this, since we are overpopulated anyway? The scarce resources in the world are becoming scarcer, yet the Right Wing Conservatives insist that we must continue to multiply. They tell us that, in this country, "The Others" are outbreeding us. Families with their own scarce resources are encouraged by their pastors to have more and more children in a race to out-breed whatever group they find distasteful. Then, when a mother, forced by her husband to breed drowns her kids in the bathtub, or stabs them to death, we are "shocked"! The Catholic Church fights every attempt in any country to bring much needed birth control to the inhabitants, preferring, instead to create saints like Mother Teresa who care fore thousands of "orphans" that are produced by the ignorant populace and left at their doorstep. In countries like Brazil, where millions of unwanted children are born, we see what a harsh, hopeless world they live in, and we see that they grow up ignorant, unschooled, unfed, and they breed more ignorant, unwanted children. The Catholics, for some reason, love this seething, nasty, starving mass of humanity. Now, in our country we have this faux "issue" of "Liberals are going to make us die out, and Conservatives are going to protect the human race." BS! No family, rich, poor, black, white, brown should have more than two children. This old Earth cannot sustain it. And the sooner the Right Wing whackadoodles stop politicizing this issue, the better.

posted @ Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 07:31

The Editor's Desk: Close Senate numbers might just fall in Broun's favor

@Used2baFreeCountry: You HAVE to be joking! This Do Nothing Congress, comprised of nuts like Broun are letting this country go to hell in a hand basket, and all the frack you are worried about is whether other nuts can buy fracking ASSAULT weapons!? What planet do you live on? NO ONE --not Obama, not Harry Reid, not Nancy Pelosi--is going to take your phallic symbols away from your hot, sweaty hands. You guys are fed this BS paranoia by multi Gazillionaire talk show hosts who really need to keep the tax rates on their earnings low, so they do what is known as "red-baiting". This way they get you to the polls. You want to hear what Nunn says about banning assault weapons??!! What about asking her opinion on a hundred more germane issues?

posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 18:22

The Editor's Desk: Close Senate numbers might just fall in Broun's favor

In the article about this poll, it was noted that 23% of the GOP voters polled said they wanted someone else other than those coconuts that are running! The Republicans can't even stand their own candidates. How does Broun do this without some sort of rigging? He ran UNOPPOSED in my district! I had to vote for Charles Darwin! This POS bat shiiiit crazy whackadoodle has NEVER really won an election without some weirdness involved. How, how, how does he do it? In the years he's been a Congressman, he has never produced a piece of legislation that made it to the floor because the rest of the Congressmen know he's a nut job. Why are we going to reward him with the title of Senator?? So he can spend years on his duff doing nothing?? He is an embarrassment!

posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 18:06

Wilson: 'The American thing to do'

Mostly I agree with this editorial, but, too many of the Hispanics who are here illegally don't give a fig about our laws. Twice I have been in an accident caused by illegal aliens. Neither had a driver's license, neither had insurance, neither were obeying the rules of the road. A third time I and several others were on the on ramp from Buford Hwy to I-285 when a pickup truck loaded with Hispanics were coming the wrong way!!! Terrifying! All of us scattered, and the truck kept coming. They were laughing their a$$es off. I believe in Zero Population Growth for everyone, rich, poor, black, brown, white. It makes me ill to see a woman with five kids and one in the oven shopping in Walmart (it bothers me to see the blond, blue eyed women in the same situation). Our country cannot support the excess growth from these illegal aliens. I would like to have one of our spineless representatives present a bill to eliminate the right to be an American if you are just born here. I believe we are th only industrialized country to do this now that Canada has eliminated it.

posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 06:59

Poll shows Broun comfortably at front of GOP Senate field

Just when you think Georgians (and I was born and raised here) can't get any more stupid, something like this happens. I just hope that Nunn can beat him. Evidently there is no cure for Conservative ignorance.

posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2014 - 06:48

Dudgeon: State lawmakers working hard to provide excellent public schools

@dahreese: I accidentally hit the minus on your comment! Fat fingers, small IPad! I agree with you 100%,

posted @ Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 10:11

Dudgeon: State lawmakers working hard to provide excellent public schools

Sonny Perdue, alone whacked $2.5 billion (that's billion with a "b") from education.. For Dudgeon to expect glowing accolades for replacing $532 million is so typical of the rest of the spin he puts on the ways the Georgia "representatives" have tried to eviscerate public education in the past 20 years. I love how he spins the wording on removing Common Core Standards. Myra Blackmon said it exactly the way we should see it. Dudgeon, in typical politician speak, says, "...the Bill under consideration would have prevented adopting existing Common Core science and social study standards in their entirety, not from adopting standards." How stupid does he think we are? If the state of Massachusetts has certain standards, and their schools are performing at a level roughly twice the level that GA schools are, why would the Legislators, who know diddly squat about education, want to remove ANY standards from the Common Core? We The People, who have watched this train wreck over the last twenty years know how you politicians carefully select the weasel verbiage in these bills, making the wording so tortuous that the slimy pols can basically do whatever they choose. As to Charter Schools being "public schools"...yeah, right. When any Charter School has to operate under the same standards ( has to accept all students, can't kick a child out for mis-behaving, etc), then, you can say they are the same as any other public school. We know that the Conservatives throughout this country has an agenda to eradicate public education. So far, the states where the people have had enough sense to elect more progressive, or middle of the road candidates, have the best education, the best jobs, the best publicly funded research and development, the highest per capita income, the best healthcare...the list is long. The people in this state have to look at our pathetic representatives and decide if this is how we want our state to continue. It will not end well. Keep up your good work, Myra Blackmon!

posted @ Sunday, March 9, 2014 - 08:51

Stossel: President doesn't understand market forces

Go to the Department of Labor and look for job creation during Dubya the Dumb's administration. Hundreds of thousands were lost during the last years. And, no matter what Stossel would like to believe, the deficit has been slashed since Obama took office. If it had gone up the Repugs would blame him. It sticks in their craw. If a-holes like the Koch brothers would spend half the money creating jobs as they did buying Tea Baggers, we'd all be better off.

posted @ Friday, March 7, 2014 - 20:50

Georgia not allowed to dredge harbor with state funds

Usual Congressional obstructionism....."need more time"???What BS! It has been decades. I would posit that the Republican dominated House will NEVER let anything get through that will reflect positively on Obama. This Port will add thousands of jobs to this state, and they can't have that.

posted @ Thursday, March 6, 2014 - 07:54

Thomas: Christians should focus on restoration, not condemnation

Let's not forget The Inquisition. See, Cal, you guys just don't get it! It is Freedom of religion and freedom FROM religion. Since Obamacare gets dumped on all the time let's use this as an example. If Hobby Lobby has a thousand employees and half are Catholics that don't believe in contraception, but the other half don't gives a rat's a$$ about religion, but want contraception, how does it infringe on the Catholics if it is part of their health plan? If you don't want to buy and use it....don't. What's the big deal? But when you force all of your employees to toe your philosophical line, you are subverting the tenets of our Constitution, which protects us from idiots like you hellbent on forcing your God down our throats.

posted @ Monday, March 3, 2014 - 09:25

Defenders say collapse of Mt. Gox good for Bitcoin

Tell the people who lost the $400 million that this is a good thing. There's a sucker born every minute.

posted @ Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 12:50

Bitcoin transitioning from obscurity to commonplace

How can there be "No downsides so far? How can this "journalist" write an article about Bitcoins without talking about last weeks "vaporization" of $400 million of people's' Bitcoins? Has she not seen the pictures of real humans who were stupid enough to think they were purchasing real money standing outside Mt Gox's virtual coin factory with signs asking "Where is my money?" What about the downside of dumb people who want to be "too cool" and drug dealers who paid over $1000 for one Bitcoin seeing the value of the virtual currency plummet to less than $300? What this means is, if you bought Your Bitcoins at the top, you now have to use three to for times the number of Bitcoins to purchase the same item. Talk about inflation! But, this pathetic journalist, who seems to be shilling for the Bitcoin industry, doesn't mention that, since she says there are "No downsides, so far!" Jim, you are the editor of this paper, did you read what this woman wrote? Did you know that there are massive issues using a currency which does not exist anywhere but in the ether and is not backed by the full faith and credit of a sovereign nation? Why did she not address the illegal uses of this phony money? It allows money launderers to completely bypass the safeguards set up by sovereign countries. Sheesh! A fool and his money are soon parted.

posted @ Sunday, March 2, 2014 - 08:24

Spencer: Republicans must fight Obamacare

I find it amazing, but typical of the Republican hypocrisy, that this "representative" backed Newt Gingrich when he ran for President. Does he not realize that the ACA with mandatory health insurance for everyone, was first postulated by Newt in the '90s? He proudly says his bill would prevent navigators from assisting the people of Georgia try to find a better health care plan that they might be able to afford. Does he not represent his constituents, and shouldn't he be doing everything in his power to make their lives better? He blatantly says he would make it illegal for the insurance commissioner to do the job for which he was elected. Of course, our present Insurance Commissioner is pretty useless anyway. And he has proclaimed he will block the ACA at every turn. My question is, why do we keep electing these useless POS???

posted @ Friday, February 28, 2014 - 08:42

Chilton: Bitcoin could bring corporate efficiency to criminal enterprises

The only people using Bitcoins are the seedy underworld traders--drug dealers, money launderers--and the idiot class that think they are soooooooo cool. The criminals benefit, because they now have a currency which is usable and cannot be monitored by governments. Those that think they are cool are going to be wiped out. Idiots.

posted @ Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - 21:01

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