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@Jim Thompson: I haven't been around for awhile, so I didn't see the story and subsequently didn't post or read comments.

I think the biggest problem is that many tend to use a very wide brush to paint everything the same color - suspicious.

Insensitivity runs rampant in our culture. It's a bit disheartening.

posted @ Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 09:57

Far reaching consequences for this kind of reckless behavior.

While this might be an unpopular statement ........ the "victim" sort of made herself a victim by having unprotected sex with ANYONE. That doesn't excuse the dirtbag, and he should suffer the full extent of legal punishment. Still, it's unbelievable, in this day and age, that women are still being so reckless themselves. They have a choice - use a "rubber" or let the rubber hit the road.

Don't get me wrong ..... I don't feel the least bit of sympathy for Mr. Wonderful, but I do question the lack of intelligent judgment of both parties here.

posted @ Saturday, January 25, 2014 - 09:44

We stuck our noses into Iraq and THAT worked out pretty darned well, right ? So why wouldn't Syria be a boon to our economy and popularity as well ?

What are we waiting for ?

(Sarcasm intended.)

posted @ Friday, September 6, 2013 - 10:52

@Joe Johnson: Glad you cleared that up for the "novice" -

as Joe says "uttering" is "presenting", "delivering", etc. as in "passing" a bad check or bad currency, etc.

However, I think 2 negs is probably enough egg on one's face.

posted @ Wednesday, August 14, 2013 - 10:13

Great disguise !!

posted @ Thursday, August 8, 2013 - 12:36

Not sure any of this makes much difference. In my retirement, I work part-time (just to get out of the wife's hair) tracking down judgment debtors. Since I have the occasion to run a multitude of credit reports, from what I've seen, not too many people actually pay back their student loans anyway.

You could make the interest rate 30%. The government would still not likely see the money coming back.

posted @ Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 09:06

@soybean7: How utterly disrespectful !! Even if you didn't like the guy or his character, one should show a bit of restraint under the circumstances.

James was a fine actor, and by all accounts, a modest and benevolent man.

Riposare in pace, James.

posted @ Thursday, June 20, 2013 - 09:01

.....and they say pot doesn't lead to violence ....... ??

posted @ Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 11:21

Maybe he was on his way to 4/20 in Denver ?

posted @ Sunday, April 21, 2013 - 11:18

Sad to see these wonderful "birds" grounded, but we have our Congress to thank for that.

posted @ Thursday, April 4, 2013 - 09:37

That IS great news for those in the Hall County area. I was happy when the Athens (Madison County) VA clinic opened, even though it's still a 90-mile round trip for me. Augusta, however, was 160 miles round trip.


posted @ Tuesday, March 19, 2013 - 09:10

@keepitsimple: The fact is that there are still gay-hate crimes being committed. I think that, in the interest of protecting this individual IN SPITE of himself, the DDS SHOULD reject those tags.

posted @ Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 17:47

This guy started his "career" some time ago - here he is at age 28 in Dekalb County (Deposit account fraud / bad checks).

Time for some serious 'INTERVENTION'.

posted @ Tuesday, January 22, 2013 - 17:29

@oldwarrior: There is the LETTER of the law, and there is the SPIRIT of the law. In this case, I'd have to agree that restitution should settle this.

From what friends and colleagues say, he was simply a terrible bookkeeper.

posted @ Friday, January 11, 2013 - 12:05

@DanMatthews: Problem is, the registered owner might not be the driver / wanted person.

posted @ Friday, January 11, 2013 - 11:34

[quote][b]Save our Republic[/b] -

A warrant for what? What judge signed the warrant? In Georgia, it is my understanding that no child under 13 can be charged for a criminal offense! Am I mistaken?


It's not a criminal offense, it's a "delinquent act" when it applies to a child. Even some offenses considered a crime when an adult are categorized as delinquent acts when committed by a juvenile (child).

Any Judge can sign a Juvenile warrant to place the child into custody for evaluation and intervention (treatment).

posted @ Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - 10:01

"Howard yanked the driver’s side door of the woman’s vehicle open, pulling the handle completely off...."

Gotsta luv dem dere Toyotees !!!

posted @ Sunday, January 6, 2013 - 12:17

[quote][b]Junius[/b] -

That's legal here in Colorado (except for running the stop sign).


True. Possession and use by an adult in Colorado is now legal. Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of even a LEGAL drug is NOT.

It's the same in all States. Just because you can legally possess and use a drug (i.e., Lortab, Vicodin, Oxycontin, Marijuana) doesn't mean you can take it and drive.

posted @ Sunday, January 6, 2013 - 10:42

"Oconee Sheriff plans boycott" of Dana Safety Supply !

Really ? Choosing to consider other supply options for firearms is a boycott ?

I'm not particularly a proponent of gun control, mostly because, as somebody else mentioned, the "bad guys" aren't usually lining up at the gun shop counter filling out the dreaded yellow form. Law-abiding citizens do that. Careless law-abiding citizens arm the "bad guys".

Is it sensible (or even necessary) to own a semi-automatic assault-style weapon ? Don't know. I had a lot of fun popping off several repeat rounds at a target from time to time, but I'm not sure I could reasonably argue in favor of any other reason to have one that doesn't hinge on being a danger to someone else through some illegal activity. Still, I don't see much reasoning behind banning them entirely. There are a lot of people out there who own something just because they can and want to. No harm there.

Given that, I think it's ridiculous to term Berry's stand to be representative of a boycott. However, I also think it's irresponsible for Berry to take a public stand that would give that impression. It's all about appearances.

posted @ Saturday, January 5, 2013 - 10:40

@fitzdawg19: Yeah......especially the foreign-exchange students from Great Britain. Wink

posted @ Friday, January 4, 2013 - 09:41

[quote][b]helligater69[/b] -

" “The driver was out ... $48 and the pizza.”

A $52 pizza...?


Had to be one of those ultra max-cheese-filled-crust-meat-lover-wings-on-the-side-don't even hold the anchovies pizzas.

posted @ Friday, December 28, 2012 - 11:04

What a wonderful idea - finally somewhere the spoiled rich kids can put their parents / grandparents so they can take over the lake-front mansions for those weekend parties !!

posted @ Friday, December 28, 2012 - 10:56

[quote][b]paper[/b] -

......., that money will be properly redirected to his victim.


Not so. It's entirely up to the person holding the money-judgment to execute the judgment, which can only be done after obtaining a FiFa (fieri facias).

Nothing is automatically re-directed to the judgment holder. It's a collection process that requires FINDING the assets, then properly executing a Sheriff's seizure (replevy) or a garnishment action (i.e., wages, bank accounts, etc).

Depending upon the size of any judgment, that alone could push him into bankruptcy BEFORE he gets a job, inherits Uncle Morris' fortune, or wins the lottery. By the way, you can file bankruptcy while you're in prison.

The only thing exempt from the bankruptcy (among other things) would be a Court Order for restitution. [523(a)(13) - U.S. Bankruptcy Code]

posted @ Sunday, December 23, 2012 - 17:51

@zillybong: I couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, the insurance company (IF the idiot was insured) is limited to the level of coverage in the policy. They wouldn't be on the hook for any more than that.

The driver, on the other hand, could be exposed to whatever a jury / judge might assess in terms of loss to the victim. Sadly, although felony charges MIGHT be appropriate here, a conviction would severely limit the collectability of any money-judgment the victim might obtain. Consider time in prison, then the difficulty in obtaining viable employment with a felony conviction. That sort of limits the financial resources of the offender from which to pay any judgment.

Then of course, there's always bankruptcy. I've seen many cases where a civil judgment was the guiding force behind a bankruptcy. The civil judgment goes away.

posted @ Sunday, December 23, 2012 - 09:31

[quote][b]LocPac[/b] -

@LeglEgl: They don't; this is handled through the Clerk of Courts office. A clerk is assigned to this particular duty. I believe this is accurate.


I know that. I was being sarcastic.

posted @ Sunday, December 23, 2012 - 09:18

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