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Denson says "I know Melissa Link has a vision for Athens that brings us closer to equality, sustainability and prosperity and I know she has a desire to get done what needs to be done." Sounds like another far left liberal slogan equaling higher taxes, more anti-business policies, and less individual freedom.

posted @ Friday, July 18, 2014 - 16:50

Laura, this all sounds so warm and fuzzy...the words alone make us feel better. Don't get me wrong...I am all for greting more bang (positive health outcomes) for the $...but what are the specific questions that you are trying to answer that cannot be answered with data that is available? Your article is loaded with generalities. Everytime I read something like your article i feel like government is once again prying into our lives with an insatiable appetite for data and information. Regards

posted @ Monday, July 7, 2014 - 08:04

Sustainable energy is just another liberal word for increasing taxes! A message to Melissa Link...the last thing we need is another panel of environmental about a panel of taxpayers who are not activitist who have common sense.

posted @ Thursday, July 3, 2014 - 08:12

Mr. Broyard, Logical is absolutely correct!! I would go further and suggest you are delusional! So you really believe a software application will solve the poverty problem? Thompson, you must have been sleeping at your computer when this article crossed your email for approval...its premise is illogical...just buy software and it will solve the poverty problem!!! Broyard, if this is what you believe you are not competent to be in any leadership position. You clearly do not believe in a tough love message and programs that make work mandatory, but rather you appear to believe in continuing the same decades old War on Poverty way of thinking that creates incentives that motivate people to game the system and be dependent on the government. When you are in a hole...increasing poverty since the One Athens Initiative started...stop digging!!! Cheers

posted @ Sunday, June 22, 2014 - 09:41

You state that "So whatever happened to Whatever It Takes? The answer is that while Family Connection-Communities in Schools will no longer use the Whatever It Takes name, the community collaboration that produced the successful Promise Neighborhoods grant application has been in place for more than two decades, and it remains in place today." So tell us what outcomes have you achieved in the past 20 years?

posted @ Wednesday, June 4, 2014 - 06:39

@MyraBlackmon: Myra, you are so predictable. The kernel of most every article you write about education has to do with wanting more $. For the record, I am not prejudiced against everything you write. I just don't think you actually think thru what you have written some times before you hit the send button. BTW, what part of your ideology are you willing to compromise?

posted @ Monday, June 2, 2014 - 20:29

@autumnlark: wow!!! You sound like a left wing liberal with the same old recycled Myra message...just spend more money. For decades we have thrown more and more $ at the education establishment while academic achievement has remained flat or declined. Don't you have any other ideas than to spend more $ to get the same result?

posted @ Monday, June 2, 2014 - 06:41

Myra, you are certainly consistent...whenever you talk about schools in your articles you always start from the proposition that more money is needed for public education. Asking for more $ is second on your list of questions for candidates. So in your world you must only support candidates who want to increase school funding. How about first asking candidates what they would propose to improve the outcomes of public education. Cheers

posted @ Saturday, May 31, 2014 - 20:13

@Jim Thompson: No, I read what you wrote. I could buy your argument that in theory they should not be mutually exclusive, but Jim,this is the peoples republic of Athens. There is ample evidence over a long period of time demonstrating the anti-business fervor of the cult-of-the-liberal creative class. Having little trendy shops, public art, pottery shows, etc. are ok, but they do not replace or equate to the need for Athens to have a vibrant business community that employs larger numbers of people. Have a great day.

posted @ Friday, May 30, 2014 - 12:09

Thompson re your "But, inasmuch as those percentages are tightly grouped, we’re not doing too badly, and have a legitimate claim to promoting ourselves as a creative community while in pursuit of economic development opportunities." So the desire to be a seen as a creative community is more important to you than to be seen as a vibrant community for economic development and growth? Perhaps this explains the anti-business culture of the ACCG and the Athens elite.

posted @ Friday, May 30, 2014 - 07:19

@snarkydude: Amen!!! Well stated.

posted @ Thursday, May 29, 2014 - 15:47

Oh Susanna! Let me see of I get this right...if Athens were only like Austin, Boulder, and Prague we would be doing the right thing? I have spent a lot of time in all three places and thank goodness we are not like those cities...although I do like the many walking streets and the shopping in Prague. If you are so stressed by southern life in Athens perhaps relocation would be a good option...Cheers!!!

posted @ Wednesday, May 28, 2014 - 18:20

The intolerance of liberals for any thoughts and ideas that are different than theirs is in full display and when they are called out for their intolerance they react with an even more emotional rant. I came to the conclusion years ago that liberals are emotional beings devoid of rational thought. The People's Republic of Athens is full of people like that. What ever happened to the Democratic part of JFK?

posted @ Sunday, May 11, 2014 - 14:48

This is nonsense. So by your logic someone who has been out of control in their speeding habits and gone deeply into debt should start spending more money again like a drunken sailor because for awhile they slowed their spending for a period of time. What is wrong with a balanced budget?

posted @ Wednesday, May 7, 2014 - 21:55

Myra...I think the smoke of rising from your rant must have obscured your solution since I could not see one. It is far from clear what you are advocating. Cheers

posted @ Sunday, April 27, 2014 - 20:32

@MyraBlackmon: as I recall were you not engaged in a previous propaganda effort with an Islamic group that you reported on in the ABH. Why Thompson is giving you another platform to spew this propaganda is beyond understanding. You need to get your head out of the politically correct sands and understand Islam for what it is...a radical religion. You are like many liberals in the post 9/11 world that would rather rationalize away the threats we face from domestic and foreign terrorism by Islamist than have to make a judgment to support and defend this country. Using Easter as a cover for your sympathies for Islam is an affront and shameful. Where are the marches by the U.S. loving and peaceful Islamist in the U.S. against what you would call their radicals? Where are those demonstrations in Egypt and Pakistan and Saudi Arabia by Moslems advocating the rights of Christians to worship freely? If most Moslems are peaceful and do not support violence then where are those demonstrations? What are Christians being jailed and killed in those and other Moslem countries? Grow up Myra and take off your veil and look at the reality of the threat.

posted @ Monday, April 21, 2014 - 16:43

Islam...restorative justice? Don't think so. How about calling it what it is...a violent based religion that is anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, and for violence agamist women. You lost credibility when you apparently were overwhelmed by wanting to be politically correct and insert Islam into an article about Easter.

posted @ Monday, April 21, 2014 - 07:32

Leon, you clearly do not believe in the inherent value of choice since you say " the libertarian view that it isn’t the competition that’s the core value they’re promoting, it’s the choice. Choice is of such surpassing value, they might argue, that maximizing it is worthwhile whether or not any competition results." My sense is that while you would deprive parents of educational choice for their children you do believe in the inherent value of diversity and that diversity is worthwhile unto itself at any price no matter the consequence. The liberal mind.

posted @ Monday, April 14, 2014 - 07:35

Hey Jim, perhaps one positive measure of the performance of elected leaders should be how few plans they approve, how few ordinances they pass, and not approving any actions that raise taxes! By my measure they are improving according to what you report! Just a thought. Cheers

posted @ Monday, April 7, 2014 - 20:32

@MyraBlackmon: so are you saying we are spending lots of money on non-proven solutions? When per capita spending has steadily increased while performance has been flat or declining for decades that merits the term systemic failure but perhaps in your world that is success.

posted @ Monday, March 17, 2014 - 20:07

Myra, I admire your passion. But why does every argument you make in every article you write always come down to yoir belief that spending more money will solve the systemic failures of public education? Your argument seems to rely on equating "will" to us being the wealthiest nation in the world and therefore we should spend more money!

posted @ Sunday, March 16, 2014 - 07:23

@JanetEHill: so it appears your answer to my question is yes that you do support cx my Heath insurance policy and me having to pay 2x or more for coverage I do not need. I guess your customers will be pleased to know you believe in theft of other people's money and that government bureaucrats know best.

posted @ Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 21:25

Janet: So I assume you think that it is ok then for me or my employees to have our policies cx and Obamacare plans that provide services I do not need or want to cost 2x to 3x more so you can write this article?

posted @ Tuesday, February 25, 2014 - 07:51

@PatrickD: you sound like someone on Worthy's staff at UGA or in the President's office who spins out a press release anytime the UGA Navigator Program is criticized.

posted @ Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 07:53

President Morehead, you assert as the basis and justification for UGA administering the Navigator Program that this effort is just a continuation of the UGA tradition of providing unbiased information to the public. So can we assume these Navigators tell citizens that Obama lied and they cannot keep their physicians and health care plans and that they will not save $2500 a year in premiums? Those are unbiased facts. If you want to convince us then I challenge you to do the following: identify the names of all navigators and their compensation, post all HHS and UGA developed navigator training materials on a UGA web site with not restrictions, and identify the performance measures being used to assess the effectiveness of the program. To your statement that UGA does this sort of thing all the time...please tell us you really did not mean that you will continue to get UGA embroiled in pushing such contentious and politically charged Obama policies. Hopefully you and Worthy have learned your lesson and you tso are looking for a tactful retreat. Go Dawgs!!!

posted @ Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 21:08

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