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When will you people start using your brains and wake up. Australia collected all of their guns. Turned them good citizens. Their crime rate has sky-rocketed. Murder is over the top. Rape is up. Robberies are up. The thugs are just walking into peoples homes and committing crimes. They do not have enough police officers to control all the crime. The moral of the story is: The laws are only for the law-abiding citizens! Get it!! The criminals will not obey. They haven't and they will not. SURPRISE!!

And it looks like the new buzz word is on the mega clips and assault rifles. This is all scare tactics. NO WE ARE NOT the paranoids that have the guns, it is you who are terrified that are paranoid. And as far as the death toll at the hands of a gun...their are more children killed each day by an abortion than by a gun. More killed by a car. You need to get your head straight and wake up. We are not the enemy. You need to ask yourself, why is the government pushing so hard to get our weapons. Why is the media pushing so hard? Hmm?

If guns kill people as you say, well then forks make people fat and pencils make people dumb! If they don't have a gun to kill some one they will find something else. IT IS THE PERSON!

You liberals keep voting our rights away piece by piece and soon we won't have any. You think about it. Your cell phones...go through the satellites! Think about it. Cars with GPS...goes through the satellites! There are devices in the automobiles advertised to stop the car in case a thief takes it or a drink driver...right!! Think about! Just what needs to happen so we all have no privacy at all anymore Mr. and Mrs. Liberal. Right now, everything about you, banking, medical, history, children, debts, have conveniently put on line. Now you want to vote away more.

I feel more comfortable if you would just stop denying reality, stop blaming, and use the brain you keep telling us you have and think about it.

posted @ Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 23:34

Wow...this is an intense conversation. To me the scary part is the father let the child run off in the store. From the information I was reading, he was also not close or within eyesight of his child.

I think I would have had the father arrested for negligent behavior and endangerment for the child. I use to live in the city. It would not take long for a child at that age to disappear. It may have in an odd way kept the child safe because she became and adult figure in the little boys life at that moment.

Granted it wasn't on the best of circumstances...but I have seen a great many people just not watching their children. From letting them run loose, to almost falling headfirst out of the carts. A few months ago, in a WalMart, a mom was chatting with the cashier and her 4-5 month old was propped up in a carrier in the infant seat area of the cart. The baby started kicking and moving, all of a sudden I realized the baby was going to fall, I got there just in time to stop the carrier from flipping out of the cart. The mom wasn't even aware until I rushed up.

I'm not sure, but it appears the newer generation of parents (not all) are just not as engaged into their children as they should be. I could be wrong, but so far I have not been proved otherwise.

posted @ Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 22:44

By most of the comments, your experience in dealing with the public in the food industry is "nil". Those "waiters & waitresses" that you so easily criticize do get paid enough for the abuse they get from the public. From "picky" people who thinks their tea is too cold, or not enough ice, or grumpy people who think it is OK to come into the restaurant and take out the anger on the server. How about the teens who come in thinking its funny to turn the condiments over, but first loosen the caps. Put their tip in the dirty plate? Beverage glass with some beverage still in it.

Who is to say they are not allowed to have a bad day? Why is it the customer thinks it is OK to come in to the restaurant and treat the server badly and they had better treat you like royalty. I do not think that waitress should have been fired. I think that owner/manager needs a wake call. I have been in the customer service business for awhile and people can be very cruel. It does not surprise me that the "pastor" felt righteous about leaving the note. Everybody looks down on the servers.

But they are the frontline people of the companies and they should be making a great deal more money than some of those managers.

Someone said to me once if a blind man stepped on your foot, would you be upset with him? Probably not. You would be understanding. Why not extend some grace to this person, she could have gotten some bad news, maybe a family member was in a terrilble accident, or a child is in just don't know. We need to remember some of these jobs that we look down on, are the most difficult.

posted @ Saturday, February 2, 2013 - 22:23

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