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UGA frat members won't face criminal charges in alleged hazing incident

@OconeeJoe: Exactly!!! And, an "anonymous parent" called? If I was concerned about my child, I would gladly give my name. What do you want to bet that this caller was not a "parent" at all?

Fraternities, sororities, and all types of other organizations do all kinds of stupid things for initiation that do not rise to the level of criminal activity. Nobody forces anyone to join, or take part in any of these activities. Each person has a brain and two feet. If they don't want to take part, all they have to do is walk away. My uncle joined an organization of veterans years ago, and one of their activities was to blindfold prospective members and then make them drink from a big washtub of water. They were then allowed to lift the blindfolds, where they saw the tub filled with Baby Ruth candy bars. In the dim light, you can guess what they thought those candy bars were. Nobody got hurt, and everyone later had a big laugh about it.

People need to get over being so damned anal about everything.

posted @ Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 11:21

Dallas nurse receives thanks, hug from Obama

More namby-pamby, feel-good crap from a do-nothing president.

posted @ Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 10:59

Debate over compromise shapes Georgia Senate race

As long as Obama is in office, and Harry Reid remains in power, no compromise is possible. There are almost 400 bills passed by the House, many with bi-partisan support, that have never seen the light of day in the Senate. If this administration WANTED compromise, they would have made compromise happen. Their goal has always been "my way or the highway", and to make it look like Republicans were totally responsible for the gridlock. To date, they have done a fine job of that.

Michelle Nunn will have little to no effect on anything in Washington. As a junior Senator, any influence she may have will be minimal. If you want things to change, the Republican party must gain control of both houses of Congress. That is the only way to stop this march toward socialism and mediocrity.

posted @ Saturday, October 25, 2014 - 10:42

After 1st Ebola case in NYC, 3 others quarantined

We need to get serious, and stop letting people come into the country, without first going through a 21 day quarantine period. Are we going to let liberal political correctness allow a deadly contagious disease like this to gain a foothold in this country, because the president doesn't want to offend his black voter base, and because he thinks it will add fuel to those who are calling for him to enforce immigration laws? Obama needs to start protecting American citizens first, and worrying about Democratic dogma later.

posted @ Friday, October 24, 2014 - 14:57

Athens officials to consider wildflowers to combat Atlanta Highway woes

[quote][b]retiredandhappy[/b] - Interconnecting access roads is a good idea for certain. But there is much more wrong with the Atlanta highway than flowers will fix.
Why do we see so many new businesses moving to and doing well in Oconee County? Has it got to do with business/government climate?

It has more to do with "who shops where". The money is in Oconee County, and the more upscale shoppers tend to go where the money goes, leaving the others to pick up the scraps. Malls have been going down in popularity for years, and groups of young people congregating in the common areas doesn't help matters. The Atlanta Hwy corridor was built in a hodge podge manner over several years, as opposed to a planned development like those on Epps Bridge Pkwy, and it looks like US 78 from Snellville to Stone Mountain, which was developed in a similar manner.

I really think the answer is having two lanes of thru traffic going both ways, with two exterior lanes allowing access to businesses, and not allowing left hand turns. I saw this in Trenton, NJ recently. To make a left hand turn, you exit to the right, and come up to a stoplight to go across.

Flowers in the medians won't hurt and may very well improve the appearance in the area, but I would like to see either prisoners or community service workers doing much of the work, in an effort to save money. Seven thousand dollars isn't unrealistic. I've seen us spend much more than that on a more useless project. We spent almost four times that much on a rotten railroad trestle a few years back because it was on an album cover.

posted @ Friday, October 24, 2014 - 14:47

Gunmen rob UGA students downtown hours before armed home invasion

@SmartAzz: Of course, not living in close proximity to the hood would help, too.

I did like the comment about "admitting he sells pot to friends". Maybe this clown needs better friends. What is it about being around "dope" that makes you stupid?

posted @ Friday, October 24, 2014 - 09:50

Officer critical but stable after hatchet attack

Good Morning America showed the attacker's Facebook page, which was full of radical Islamic rantings. Yesterday's attacker in Canada was an Islamic convert. Two Canadian police officers were run down by a car driven by an Islamic radical, yet nothing from the White House. Obama is silent on these attacks. Why?

Obama has been sympathetic to the Islamic movement since he has been in office. He makes an apology tour, he bows before the Saudi prince, he supports the Arab Spring movement in Egypt and Libya, giving them military equipment and money, he has been openly hostile to Israel while he gives Hamas piles of money, and he tries his best to initiate a war with Syria to help the very people who are now on the verge of conquering Iraq.....again with military equipment left behind when he tucked tail and failed to leave American troops in Iraq. He thinks he can negotiate with Iran, while they use this time to increase their ability to build a bomb. Can you please tell me when enough is enough? When does "looking like a duck, walking like a duck, and quacking like a duck" actually mean you're a duck?

posted @ Friday, October 24, 2014 - 09:25

Man who phoned in Walmart bomb threat wanted $2,500

I guess that was a bargain basement type of bomb threat. You'd think someone looking at prison time would ask for more money. Next time, ask for the BOGO special, dude.

posted @ Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 17:54

'Outsourcing' changes Georgia race in closing days

@sweept: All ads are aimed at low intelligence voters. Watch the auto ads. The louder the volume, the lower the class they are aiming to attract.

Perdue (not my first choice, by the way), is a businessman. He is a "turn around guy" who is hired to either make a company profitable, or shut it down. He is responsible to the owners of the company or the shareholders, not the rank and file employees. Decisions made in that regard are made for the financial health of the company, and very often, in order to be globally competitive, production is outsourced to countries that do not have the regulations we have, or have a more favorable tax structure.

Of course, the answer to this is to look at those industries who have outsourced the most jobs, find out why those jobs were eliminated, and try to fix the underlying problems in this country. That would make rational, logical sense. But NOOOOOO, the party of whiners doesn't understand how profits are made, and that businesses are there to make those profits, so they think people should just sit here and pay higher wages, not realizing that if forced to do so, the company may very well go out of business.

Perdue, or any other business executive who has to make hard choices about producing a profit, doesn't make those decisions lightly. This idea promoted by the Whiner Party that execs sit up there, gleefully rubbing their hands together, salivating over another nickel, while they send jobs overseas is just bogus. If it were possible to produce products in this country and be competitive with manufacturers worldwide, they would do it. The regulatory environment, and the tax code need to be examined to find a way to keep jobs here, but the Democrats' answer to this is to penalize companies even more.

It would be nice if all the academics, elitists, and others who line up under the Democratic banner step into the real world for a while, and go to work trying to make a profit. I think things would change if they did.

posted @ Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 17:28

'Outsourcing' changes Georgia race in closing days

@mpd0.59: Perdue's ads are accurate. Nunn has no way indicated that she will opposed any part of the president's agenda. His ad about her non-profit's ties to terrorist organizations is also accurate. Her own internal campaign memo was concerned about funding to groups that supported Hamas.

Nunn can say what she wants about outsourcing, although I find it highly hypocritical of the CEO of Southwire to say anything about "investing in Georgians" since they shut down their plant in Watkinsville and put several dozen people on the street. There aren't enough metro Atlanta voters nor are there enough minority voters to offset suburban and rural voters who are sick to death of Obama and the Democrats. The third party candidate may pull enough votes for a runoff, but Georgia will not elect a Democrat, as long as the socialist elitists have control of the Democratic party.

Of course, if the Democrats gave away free cheese, more of them might show up.....

Democrat: the party of whiners.

posted @ Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 12:45

Authorities identify owner of burned car in Athens with body inside

Looking at the news this morning, the car was a Buick Century or Regal, somewhere between a 1998 and 2005.

posted @ Thursday, October 23, 2014 - 12:34

Carter: Georgia's largest public education contraction ever under Deal

Gosh, Jason....

How well did Georgia do under 138 years of Democratic domination of state government when it comes to education? Where did Georgia students rank when your grandfather was governor? Were we higher then? Did our student graduation rate, and our academic performance suddenly slip from #1 in the nation to where we are now, simply because we elected a Republican governor in 2002? We spend almost $12000 per pupil here in Clarke County on education. Can you tell me how much it would take to get a student body that can communicate and be able to count change from a cash register?

Liberal policies do not work, people. The liberals have had control of our education system for the last 50 years. We've tried every new theory, and spent billions of dollars, and our students do not perform as well as their grandparents did, and their grandparents went to school under much harder conditions. We even have a federal Dept. of Education that squanders money at the rate of millions per day, and our students still do not achieve on a par with students from other countries.

We had a school system that produced generation after generation of achievers, movers, shakers, and producers. Now, we have a school system run by liberals, and we have students who for the most part are functionally illiterate, and I believe that has been by design. Our schools used to be safe, and our teachers respected. Now, some of them are war zones, the teachers are blamed for the failures of the parents, and are expected to change in a few short hours what years of living in a culture of failure and dependency have created.

posted @ Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 18:20

US to track everyone coming from Ebola nations

Of course, just banning travel from those nations to anyone except those who have been through a 21 day quarantine period would be too simple, right? Heaven forbid we protect Americans. We might offend someone in another country. I sure wish we had a president who was as concerned about America as he is about third world countries.

posted @ Wednesday, October 22, 2014 - 17:50

Gov. Deal assembles state Ebola assessment team

Many rumors have circulated about what kills Ebola, and how it is transmitted. Regardless of what Deal may or may not have said, at least he is taking some type of action to put a team of professionals in place to deal with a possible infection here in Georgia......BEFORE it happens.

posted @ Tuesday, October 21, 2014 - 12:52

Today's editorial cartoon

The placement of a political operative in charge of this crisis tells you that the Obama administration is more concerned about managing political fallout than they are about protecting American lives. Of course, this has been true of most anything they have done since 2008. The reason Obama won't take a stand on anything is because he doesn't want the possibility of being attached to a failure. Ironically, the only policy that his name IS attached to, is a colossal failure (Obamacare).

Liberal policies do not work. Liberalism is based in fantasy. It's based on a utopian world, instead of dealing with reality. They also have to confiscate money from others in order to try to achieve their goals, because people will not voluntarily contribute without force. Nobody says "I think I'll give some more money to the welfare program, so people can go out and get tattoos and buy junk food." A rational person would attach conditions to that money, or provide the food for someone. LIberalism is based on fantasy.

About every twenty years or so, we get a generation of voters who either haven't read history or are gullible enough to buy into the fantasy of liberalism. We try it for a few years, and after it is proven to be a dismal failure (again), we return to the conservative/middle of the road approach that stresses individual responsibility and personal achievement.

posted @ Monday, October 20, 2014 - 18:05

On campaign trail, Obama says GOP is peddling fear

@W.B. is correct. The government under the Reagan administration largely ignored AIDS until they just couldn't any more. What could/should they have done? Would the public have stood for total isolation of AIDS patients? After 30-plus years, we STILL don't have a cure for AIDS. The treatments are better, but are horribly expensive, but after billions spent, still no what could Reagan have done that would have a different outcome now? Let's be honest, and realistic if you answer.

We have FOUR Ebola cases in this country. Emory is treating another patient as I write this. No one has been told who they are, where they are from, or where the contracted the disease. WSB-TV said this morning that there are two patients at Emory. Anyone else want to know what's going on here?

The problem with the Obama adminstration is that there response to any problem, question or crisis is always first and foremost political. How can they manage to (1) keep blame away from Obama, and (2) maximize any possible political gain or minimize any potential political fallout.

Their approach to domestic economic policy has been to richly reward their friends and cronies in the banking and brokerage houses, yet they want to claim that Republicans are the friends of "big business" and "the rich". Other than a stock market bouyed by the free-interest policies of the Federal Reserve, the rest of the economy has been virtually flat. The administration has had to resort to changing the way unemployment is calculated in order to avoid criticism. The GDP and other numbers are less easily manipulated. After six years, we have more people on public assistance that at any time in our history, and our labor force is shrinking. Many people have just given up looking for jobs.

Any time there has been a racial incident in this country, Obama and his administration have stepped right in the middle of it, instead of letting the rule of law be followed. When has another president in our history made personal statements about the guilt or innocence of any given defendant? Instead of improving race relations, he has polarized both sides even more.

We have lost credibility on the world stage, mostly due to weak, waffling, and often confusing statements from all parties in the administration:

We "pressed the reset button" with Russia, only to see Putin stick it in our eye, and annex Crimea. He'll have the Ukraine back in the Russian fold before long. Iran laughs at us, as we ease sanctions, thinking they won't use the time and money to help build their bomb.

We just sent Hamas a bunch of money, thinking we're going to help rebuild Gaza. What do you think they'll really use that money to do? Obama supported the Arab Spring, along with Hillary Clinton. Now, we're fighting those very people with ISIS. The administration continues to stonewall about Benghazi, instead of admitting that it was a colossal failure of policy and procedure, and holding people accountable.

His administration promised to be the "most transparent in history:, yet we have an unprecedented NSA spying scandal, a Justice Dept. that refuses to provide records on a government program which funneled guns to Mexican drug lords, an IRS which plainly targeted groups that didn't agree with the administration politically, even to the point of destroying emails before they could be subpeonaed.

With every turn, we have had intentional missteps and unintentional blunders, one after another. No one takes responsibility, and it seems that no one is in charge. Blaming someone else is the order of the day, even if that extends to their own people, as they did with the intelligence community over the ISIS surge.

And, of course, if you disagree with any part of this debacle, you're a racist. I never thought we'd see an administration as inept as the Carter administration, or more corrupt than the Nixon or Clinton administrations, but I believe we have achieved just that.

posted @ Monday, October 20, 2014 - 17:22

Deal, Carter, Hunt clash in debate

@ponsoldt: Being "bright" does not equate to being a good leader. Barack Obama is "bright", but he has no leadership skills whatsoever.

You have been around for a while and so have I. Let's take the partisanship out of the equation for a minute, and be honest. Georgia's unemployment rate has more to do with the over-all condition of the economy than anything Nathan Deal has done. Keep in mind, I'm not a Deal fan, but he has been successful in bringing several companies to Georgia with good-paying jobs.

When you talk about "Republican economic orthodoxy", how do you explain states like Texas, who have gained jobs, and been much less affected by the recession than others? Texas has a Republican governor and legislature. "Democratic economic orthodoxy" has been in place since 2008. How well has that worked for the country? The stock market has done well, due to Fed monetary policy, and that rise has helped increase the wealth gap between the rich and poor. The rest of the economy has been stagnant, even with $800 billion in stimulus funds which were spent with almost no discernable results. Democratic economic orthodoxy has given us cities like Detroit, which is in bankruptcy. How do you explain that?

Rural hospitals have been in trouble for the last 30 years. Medicaid reimbursement rates have gone down, while the cost of treatment has gone up. Adding more people to the Medicaid rolls will send more people for treatment. If I remember correctly, the federal government was only going to pick up the extra cost for something like three years. After that, how do you propose to fund the cost of treating these extra people? How will treating more people at a greater cost, with shrinking reimbursements help rural hospitals? Grady in Atlanta is struggling to stay open, due to the demographics of its patients. Treatment costs haven't gone down there, either. They can barely stay open with what they have, and they are also supported by the taxpayers of Fulton and Dekalb counties. What's your answer to that problem?

Deal has ethics problems. He appoints his friends and cronies to important positions. Do you really think, given the nature of state politics, that Carter will not do the same, and appoint longtime Democratic cronies to important positions? Moreover, what will Carter be able to do with a Republican legislature? When we had Tom Murphy as Speaker, and Hugh Gillis as DOT commissioner, you couldn't get more ethically challenged than that, Both were Democrats.

Looking at the total picture, and taking out your personal dislike of Republicans in general and Deal in particular, give me specifics on how you think Carter will help this state.

posted @ Monday, October 20, 2014 - 15:51

Deal, Carter, Hunt clash in debate

@Beck: It's important to remember that Carter has no experience in running anything. It's also important to remember that the Democratic party in Georgia decided some years ago that they were only going to represent the extreme left, and black metro Atlanta. You'll find that most people outside I-285 spit when they say the word "Democrat".

posted @ Monday, October 20, 2014 - 13:31

GBI investigating death of man in Athens-Clarke County police custody

I have known John Marsden for years. He was a fine man, and my heart goes out to his family.

Police officers have no way of knowing when someone is having a health issue when they stop someone. I have suffered from low blood sugar issues in the past, before I became diabetic. I've been stopped before, and the symptoms mimic drunkenness. I knew what was wrong, and I was finally able to tell the officer through garbled speech that I needed orange juice or something similar, and needed it quickly before I passed out. I'm sure this was a health issue, knowing John as I did.

Again, my heart goes out to his family. I will miss his advice.

posted @ Monday, October 20, 2014 - 12:14

Sources: Hunter Biden leaves Navy after drug test

Now, where are all those people who love to say snotty things about Sarah Palin and her family? There's a BIG difference between being in high school and making a dumb choice, and being 44 years old and making the same dumb choice twice.

posted @ Friday, October 17, 2014 - 15:02

Carter, Poythress, Cleland blast Deal's National Guard appointees

@Beck: Uhhh.....I hate to break it to you, but Deal will get a second term. Outside of metro Atlanta, and few little enclaves like Athens, or Savannah, this state is solidly Republican. There aren't enough minority voters to change that, unless they all vote twice.

I'm also not surprised at Democrats ganging up to criticize something a Republican does in an election year. The ONLY voice of credibility in the whole bunch (and yes, that includes Max Cleland) is David Poythress. If he ran for governor again, I'd vote for him.

Listen up, folks. Appointing cronies is what political officials do. Nathan Deal has a long history of appointing his buddies to important positions, because he trusts them. He's no different than any other politician, regardless of party affiliation.

THE ONLY THING that will change if Carter gets elected, is that there will be a different set of fingers in the cash drawer, and someone else's brother in law will get state contracts....that, and businesses will have a "wait and see" attitude before making the decision to come to Georgia.

posted @ Friday, October 17, 2014 - 14:47

UGA student clad only in jockstrap treated for injuries suffered at west Athens apartment complex

Gosh....I don't know why this happened. Everything on the internet is true. By the way, I'm a French model.....

Bon jour!

posted @ Friday, October 17, 2014 - 12:51

Obama names Ebola 'czar' as precautions expand

Great! Put a party hack in charge, so that the response will toe the party line and spout the same message. I guess putting someone with a medical background in charge just didn't occur to people who only think in terms of what political benefit they can reap off any given crisis. Another fail by Obama.

posted @ Friday, October 17, 2014 - 12:45

Woman reports ‘slave labor’ on Arnoldsville farm

[quote][b]helligater69[/b] - @snarkydude: Now, Snarky, you know full well that no dyed in the wool democrat would ever be caught actually working for a living, much less, doing physical labor on a farm!

You're absolutely right. A dyed in the wool Democrat would be collecting a welfare check, sitting in their air conditioned subsidized apartment, watching their rented flat screen TV, smoking cigarettes and drinking booze purchased with money obtained fraudulently off an EBT card.

posted @ Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 18:09

Michelle Nunn visits Athens, says Perdue trying to “change the subject”

@helligater69: Again....the policies that set the state for this recession began under the Carter administration and were ramped up during the Clinton administration. I think the GOP should have done more to reign in the excesses of the welfare state/

Obama has increased the deficit twice the amount it was when he took office. The Republicans spent too much money, but Obama put it on steroids. I believe that history will prove GWB right on Iraq, and he took the fight to the terrorists in Afghanistan. Had Obama pressed harder to keep troops in Iraq, we would not have the chaos brought on by ISIS now. Even your little Clinton darling, Panetta, said so.

George Bush tried to reform Social Security, and was rebuffed. The Republicans did put in a limited work requirement for welfare recipients during the Clinton administration. Clinton had to sign it in order to stay in office and keep getting free poon-tang. Obama eliminated those requirements.

Eliminating the Depts. of Energy and Education have long been pet projects of conservatives. I'm sorry it hasn't been done. You don't get all you ask for.

Obama did get Bin Laden. I still don't believe it was his idea. I think it was Panetta and Clinton not wanting to have that hanging around their necks when she ran. Obama has also killed some terrorists with drones, however, he released five of the worst of them for a deserter, without the approval of Congress. He also supported the Muslim Brotherhood at every step of the way, and has given support to the people who are now part of ISIS in Syria and Libya. He has indeed made the world less safe for Americans. Now, he can't even bring himself to do what's necessary and protect Americans from Ebola. He is a weak man and a failed president. It's your fault. You elected him.

posted @ Thursday, October 16, 2014 - 18:05

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