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Obama's interview in a fashion magazine

@jtsim: I couldn't agree more.

posted @ Monday, August 27, 2012 - 23:09

Should leggings be worn as pants?

I totally agree with Blake on this one.

One of the worst cases I've ever seen was one day on campus. A girl had on a shirt that hit right at the waistline and her leggings were completely see-through. She had on NEON green underwear and everyone knew it.

I've been saying this for quite some time now, but people continue to sport the unsightly look.

posted @ Monday, March 5, 2012 - 21:36

Reality show casting in Athens

[quote][b]slickmcdight[/b] - You must not be a "playa"!


actually he strolled into work today with an oversized, purple hat and a limp. He's QUITE the playa Wink

posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 14:40

New development planned near downtown Athens

@Eventual Habit: I've lived in a few of the places that you've mentioned and for the simple fact that they are newer, nicer and relatively safer than most places in Athens.

I know that sounds bratty (so please dont eat me alive), BUT when you come from living in Atlanta or similar cities, you arent going to rent a run-down apartment. Plus, as a college student and young professional, my parents wanted me to live in a safe, gated community.

I think the problem here is that many of the older places around Athens are run by management companies who don't care and eventually just let the places go. I agree that the last thing Athens needs is another apartment community, but its inevitable considering the lack of consistency with owners and property management companies.

I love the Georgia Traditions building, but I think its a prime example of this problem. How many owners has that place had??? And, the units are SO small. Yes, they are very nice and convenient BUT the living space is ridiculously small especially considering how much it costs to live there.

posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 14:17

Man arrested after cooking own meal at Denny's


posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 14:02

Reality show casting in Athens

terrible, terrible, terrible idea. JUST STUPID!

I think they are really going to have trouble finding people to do it. Don't get me wrong I know they are looking for party people, but partying and putting it on TV is something different.

I know that at first BRAVO had a hard time finding quality candidates for the Real Housewives of Atlanta because of that southern rule of not airing dirty laundry in public and keeping a clean image. I think the same will happen here.

No girl wants to get sloppy drunk on a bus, do idiotic things and put it out there for their grandma to see.

Notice that when MTV came here for "Room Raiders," mainly guys participated.

posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 13:58

How to get a child interested in reading?

@kayron4: thank you for such a great suggestion. They have programs like the six flags thing at his school and he is just totally uninterested until the last minute. Funny that you bring that up though because he actually had that due on Monday and decided Friday after school that he wanted to do it because all of his friends were doing it. So he was supposed to read 6 hours this weekend but didnt.

What's sad is that he can read something over and over and not retain anything. He literally just reads the words aloud without connecting the dots.

He's not an idiot at all...he's actually very witty and smart. That's the frustrating part.

Any other suggestions?

posted @ Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 18:24

Should M.I.A. apologize for Super Bowl incident?

There's a 7 second delay on T.V. and radio to protect things like this however I'm pretty sure she was briefed beforehand on the Do's and Dont's so there shouldnt have even been an incident. You would think it would be a given not to do those things though.

Someone will get fined by the FCC most likely, and I think she should be the one to have to pay it.

I heard someone say this morning on the radio that most entertainers would give anything to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime experience, such as the Super Bowl Half-time show, and this girl went on there and made a fool of herself. She literally said to the camera "I don't give a ****." If you dont give a "hoot," then why'd you agree to it in the first place?

People these days...

posted @ Monday, February 6, 2012 - 12:47

What did you think of the Super Bowl halftime show?

I thought it was boring. The first bit was alright but Madonna looked very uncomfortable walking around, almost like she thought she was about to trip and fall. I also thought Nicki Minaj, CeeLo and M.I.A. were unnecessary. However, I did like LMFAO in there. They actually did something.

And, the cheerleader thing was just weird.

I'm apathetic toward Madonna, but I think she was a good choice. They should have just stuck with her not tried to add in random hip-hop artists for 2 second segments.

I also thought it was poorly choreographed for the most part. It was very cheesy.

posted @ Monday, February 6, 2012 - 12:41

Poll: 61 percent want income cap for HOPE

This is a terrible idea.

I had HOPE all four years of college and it is something that I am very proud of. I worked very hard to get and keep HOPE.

My decision to go to UGA was based on two things: 1) The journalism school is fantastic and 2) I didn't want my parents to have to pay 30k+ in tuition or to have to take out loans to go to an out-of-state school.

I agree that the qualifications should be higher or harder to get HOPE, but I dont think it should be based on your parents income.

Most high school graduates are 18 and considered legal adults. Why should their parents' income be a deciding factor in whether or not they get HOPE? They are technically adults and it should be based on merit.

Would this change consider families with multiple children?

posted @ Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 18:12

What's up with The Loft?

We've heard that the owners of Pauley's and Magnolia's owned "The Loft" (the bar) and sold it to someone else.

Does anyone know who it was sold to and if it is going to reopen as the same concept?

posted @ Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - 13:07

4-Year-Old Attacked By Pit Bull

@Mad Pierrot: I really value your feedback Puzzled

I'm completely aware of what my dog is capable of and her strength. I know that pitbulls attack people and other animals, but I also know that other dogs are just as capable of mauling someone.

My family had a boxer for 12 years, who at his prime, was much larger, stronger, and stubborn than my pitbull. He was one of the best dogs I've had, but I would put money on the fact that his bite would have hurt just as much, if not worse, than my 50 lb. pitbull's.

and BTW...for the record, its extremely ignorant of you to say stuff like "How long until angry rednecks start posting, "It's not the dog it's the owner" b.s."

I guarantee if you met me you would never deem me as a pitbull owner or advocate, yet I'm FAR from stupid or a redneck.

posted @ Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 16:17

4-Year-Old Attacked By Pit Bull

There are studies and statistics that show that pitbulls and other "vicious" breeds are just as friendly, helpful and trustworthy as other more accepted breeds. As a matter of fact, it might even shock you to know that statistics show that the temperament of a Pitbull is better than that of a Golden Retriever.

Go here: The American Temperament Testing Society tests all breeds and their temperament. Anything over 80% is considered good.

Let's just compare Pitbulls and Golden Retrievers...

Golden Retrievers: Tested:764 Passed: 649 Failed:115 Rating: 84.9%
Pitbulls: Tested:804 Passed:695 Failed:109 Rating: 86.4%

People also believe the myth that pitbulls have a "lockjaw." NOT THE CASE.
Your dog can do just as much damage as my dog.

National Geographic and doctors did a study on the difference in pitbulls, their bite and attacks. Here are their findings:

Hows that for some logic?

posted @ Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 13:39

4-Year-Old Attacked By Pit Bull

And, @mad pierrot you dont necessarily know that your prissy little poodle isn't going to attack you either...

My dog on the other hand has been through extensive training and is well on her way to becoming a K-9 Good Citizen. Through this training, she has been put in various situations that would ordinarily stress any dog out and cause aggression, however she's passed with flying colors along with 3 other Pitbulls in her section.

The only thing that my dog does "viciously" is lick you to death.

Go to any dog park in the Athens area and you will find a friendly, loving pitbull or pit mix.

and @catman here's an article about a pitbull who SAVED a child's life who was being attacked by two Akita's.

posted @ Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 10:53

4-Year-Old Attacked By Pit Bull


I am a proud owner of a 2 year old Pitbull. I can honestly say that my dog would NEVER hurt anyone unless that person was viciously coming after me or my family.

I can understand how people have a negative opinion of pitbulls based on all of the news reports and videos like this, BUT that doesnt mean that ALL pitbulls are vicious.

My dog is the sweetest, most caring, gentle dog. I also have a Weimaraner who actually is more unpredictable than my pitbull.

Let's just face it... if you were cooped up in a pin or cage all day with very little interaction with other animals or people, you'd be mean too. That's why with pitbulls and other high energy dogs (or any dog for that matter) you need to socialize them, take them to obedience training and give them attention and affection.

And, you can say that a pitbull is more vicious by nature all you want, but the fact is that as a RESPONSIBLE OWNER you have to have control over your dog. It is the owner NOT the dog.

posted @ Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 22:36

What Are Your Favorite iPhone Apps/Games?

Henry-- mine is ANGRY BIRDS RIO!!!

posted @ Tuesday, December 20, 2011 - 16:34

Athens' Most Amazing Women

y'all are all so funny! Although Andrea is superwoman, we can't exactly include her in what we are trying to do.

Any more suggestions???

posted @ Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 17:17

Athens' Most Amazing Women

You're right Andrea is superwoman!

posted @ Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 13:26

Do I get compensated for pain/suffering/disruption of lifestyle in the workers' comp system?

Off topic, but I am currently renting a condo from a private homeowner here in Athens. Unfortunately, due to recent problems, I need to get out of my lease ASAP and move. I need advice on how to do this and ways to get out of not having to pay the remainder of my lease (if there are any).

I have the worlds-worst roommate. Not only does my roommate treat the entire condo as her pig pin, she's totally inconsiderate of my space, time and money.

I have tried for MONTHS to solve these problems with roommate, but apparently she doesn't understand the concept of common space and cleanliness in an apartment.

There's more to the story, but these are the basics.

I have contacted my landlord to tell him what is going on and that I am looking for a new place and he informed me that he would make me pay the remainder of my lease.

My question there any way around having to pay the remainder of the rent due to an unbearable living situation?

posted @ Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 13:44

Need advice on breaking a lease

Thanks everyone for your help!

We have separate leases with the landlord, so no HE is not on my lease!

posted @ Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 13:39

Need advice on breaking a lease

Sorry about the he/she thing. Because some people know my situation, I was trying to be as ambiguous as possible. OOOPS

posted @ Thursday, June 2, 2011 - 12:57

UGG Boots?!

Trust me, once you put a pair of UGGs on your feet, you'll never want to take them off. I agree they aren't the most attractive pair of shoes, but they probably the warmest and most comfortable!

posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 - 19:26

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