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Police investigating shooting in west Athens

Just another day in high crime Athens. Yet our inept police chief disbanded the street crimes unit, the K-9 unit, and has no gang unit.

posted @ Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:37

Texas executes man despite opposition from Mexico

"Secretary of State John Kerry previously asked Abbott to delay Tamayo's punishment, saying it "could impact the way American citizens are treated in other countries."

Sorry John, this thug blew a police officers brains out all over the dash of his patrol car by shooting him in the back of the head execution style 3 times.

The US Supreme Court also examined this case and ruled in favor of Texas.

posted @ Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:34

Athens man on parole for cop-assault conviction arrested again

Should have shot him when they had the chance with the car assault.

Good job parole board for letting this animal back into the ACCesspool.

posted @ Thursday, January 23, 2014 - 12:28

Wildfire threatening homes in west Athens, residents evacuating

@Lady of the Lake: Joe's job is about to get really hard after ACC builds out its new digital and encrypted $10 million dollar police/fire radio system. He wont be able to hear anything going on and will rely only upon what the public information officer wants him to know when he wants him to know it.

posted @ Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 17:47

Masked gunmen rob west Athens convenience store

[quote][b]woofie11[/b] - It will only continue to get worse imo as the cost of goods and services goes up and people become desperate to survive....Maybe this poor nutjob had to make his health insurance premium payment (in advance) for February!!!......And in 3, 2, 1, ..........

Desperate to survive? Lets see, in Athens you can get a free place to live from the housing authority, free food, free healthcare, rent assistance/section 8, free cell phone from the govt, and unemployment is below 8% here with many vacant low skill jobs available all over town.

Being born poor is no excuse for committing a violent armed felony to "survive".

If ACCPD's administration would form a gang unit, they would learn there are dozens of full time criminal organized street gangs committing a lot of the crime in town.

posted @ Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 17:44

Athens police identify Lowe’s shoplifter, investigation continues

Note to criminals: If you drive reckless enough the cops wont chase you in Athens and you can get away.

posted @ Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 12:38

3 people shot, 1 stabbed at metro Atlanta motel

@gman129: This wasn't in Atlanta, it was in the dump known as south Dekalb County, the Detroit of the South. Most of North Dekalb and Most of North Atlanta is rather nice with low crime.

In fact the incorporated cities of North Dekalb and all of the cities in north Fulton County have a much lower crime rate than Athens.

posted @ Wednesday, January 22, 2014 - 12:35

Judge to sentence Halliburton manager in oil spill

[quote][b]mpd0.59[/b] - Free market capitalism at its worst, yet some folks want more deregulation. SMHD.

How is one guy committing a crime somehow representative of all free market capitalism.

posted @ Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 14:59

BLOG: Athens mayoral candidate Tim Denson releases campaign platform

@CUnknown: You are incorrect, ACC govt is a political subdivision of the state, therefore it must follow state law. The state has preemption over drug laws among other things and no local govt can pass a law which is directly contrary to a state law.

The previous mayor tried to do this by banning guns in ACC parks and lost that law suit in federal court when the judge ruled that the state clearly has the exclusive right to regulate firearms.

A mayor has no legal authority to order a police officer to not enforce laws they simply don't agree with.

The lesson here is that if you want to change state drug laws, do it at the state level.

Second, much of what this guy wants to do, he has no legal authority to do and will find no money to do. Notice how there is not one mention of public safety in his platform. The left could car less that much of Athens is a violent gang infested open air drug market with daily beatings, robberies, rapes, children without parents, etc.

You can read about ACC's failed attempts to circumvent state law here, and the local and federal courts which stopped them:

posted @ Tuesday, January 21, 2014 - 12:20

Obamacare enrollment jumps in Georgia

Wall Street Journal had a nice article last week that showed the vast majority of people signing up and buying insurance on the state and federal exchanges were previously covered under another policy, which means the millions of uninsured aren't signing up.

The subsidies are another welfare program designed to keep people on the welfare plantation, just like section 8. As soon as you start making a little money you get cut the incentive is to not work, not pull yourself out of poverty and just let uncle sam foot the bill.

posted @ Monday, January 20, 2014 - 19:12

Commerce man caught going 100 mph

[quote][b]iluvfestivals[/b] - Sorry Joe, but that's BS. A cop will manipulate the law to his own benefit. Happens all the time. Welfare checks are a common excuse for cops to bend the law.

Your posts are proof that weed makes you dumb.

posted @ Monday, January 20, 2014 - 16:39

Man charged with drug possession after search warrant executed

@jasonterryy: actually those of us who actually work and pay taxes foot every dime of the medical bills for these dope heads. Not to mention the addicts who steal and rob to support their habit.

When you step back into reality let us know.

posted @ Monday, January 20, 2014 - 16:32

Athens police find 'people owe me' lists in suspected meth dealer's car

[quote][b]electroman[/b] - so the metal toolbox was seized as evidence, before said vehicle was towed to impound. evidence of what? driving uninsured. i dont know if that part would hold water in court? anyone else care to weigh in ?

Convicted felon meth dealer under investigation, driving a car belonging to another convicted felon meth dealer. The officer saw contraband indicative of illegal drug sales/use in plain view.

The officer held the vehicle while he applied for a search warrant to a judge. To which a judge agreed probable existed and issued the warrant. Perfectly legal under current case law.

posted @ Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 19:53

POLL: Most Georgians support medical pot, oppose campus guns

The bill doesn't allow "students" to carry guns. It simply allows the less than 3% of Georgians over 21 who have carry permit, to carry on a campus.

The vast majority of undergrad students aren't even 21 and couldn't even apply or own a handgun.

How is a law abiding permit holder standing off campus, somehow become a crazed killer by stepping onto a campus?

California and Colorado have allowed permit holders to carry on campus for more than 40 years, not one single incident.

Punishing law abiding gun owner does NOTHING to make people safe from crazy people or criminals.

posted @ Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 17:58

Athens police find 'people owe me' lists in suspected meth dealer's car

[quote][b]OCCountry[/b] - The guy was not arrested, yet there appears to have been spoons, needles, and residue.
Next time I'm pulled over my excuse will be "it's not my car, the owner is in jail". [/quote]

He was either flipped into an informant and/or will be indicted at a later time.

posted @ Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 14:00

Deal promises funds for rural air ambulances, economic development

In Georgia its always been two states, metro Atlanta, and the rest of the state. Glad to see the issue of rural emergency medical service is being taken seriously.

People seriously hurt in south GA have to rely on a Florida based air ambulance to fly them to Gainesville, FL or Tallahassee.

posted @ Thursday, January 16, 2014 - 11:43

Police radios, Ware-Lyndon House projects in the pipe for Athens-Clarke County

[quote][b]OCCountry[/b] - @Joe Johnson: Good point. I often use the scanner app on my phone when I want to know about an ongoing incident.
Some of the systems are capable of on/off encryption mode. This would allow offices to go to encryption when needed. I also know that some private security groups choose to only operate in encryption mode.
It would be interesting to learn how other larger cities are addressing these concerns. [/quote]

Atlanta PD has a brand new digital radio system as do Cobb, Forsyth, Dekalb, etc. the only channels they encrypt are used for surveillance and narcotics, no need to encrypt routine patrol channels. Most cities in the US, same story.

Gwinnett paid an extra 8.5 million dollars to encrypt everything, total waste of money so the tax payers could fund some Motorola salesman giant commission check and the police could operate in secret.

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 19:03

Two men injured in eastside Athens shotgun assault

[quote][b]keepitsimple[/b] -
Start by raiding these drug houses. Put the pressure on them so hard they are scared to do business. Right now they run the streets and they know it. Work with property owners to get these places in rentable condition.

It takes a search warrant to raid a drug house. To obtain a search warrant takes an entire narcotics unit days if not weeks to obtain through the use of informants.

ACCPD has a small drug task force which cant possible handle the # of dealers and houses in town. Plus there is no gang unit to even track what dope gang is selling and where.

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 18:54

Police radios, Ware-Lyndon House projects in the pipe for Athens-Clarke County

[quote][b]OCCountry[/b] - The radio upgrade is critical. The encryption can be used to stop scanners from intercepting communications. This is important since suspects often use scanners, or these days an app on their phone, to monitor radio traffic. [/quote]

Please cite once instance in ACC where a suspect was found to be using a scanner for a criminal purpose.

The only reason encryption is on the table is because the Motorola sales people push it into the deal so they can get a bigger commission. Encryption is an expensive add on.

ACC is more interested in hiding the radio traffic from the media than equipping their officers with safety tools like a taser. UGA and the sheriff's office have taser...but ACC refuses to properly find its agency with them, or K-9's, or a gang unit.

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 18:49

Barrow County burglary suspect runs and screams after shotgun blast

ahhh the sting of bird shot!

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 18:43

Four arrested in Madison County convenience store robbery

"Madison County sheriff’s Investigator Chris Guest had dealt with the woman before and she felt comfortable giving him the information, according to Thomas."

Perfect example of community policing. He established a rapport with her and she trusted him enough to talk. No better measure of a law enforcement officer than their ability to cultivate and work informants and witnesses through trust.

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 15:45

Carter: Deal is forgetting about the middle class

"throw more money blindly at govt schools" wow Carter, never heard that one before...seems to work so well!

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 15:42

Best Buy pulls permits to move to Epps Bridge Centre

[quote][b]The Invisible Hand[/b] - Will the last person in Clarke County please turn out the Obamabulbs?

I love how the inept clueless commissioners somehow think they know how to run business here. Spend money on studies and have endless meetings, o and some art decco bus stops maybe. What comes out of city hall is laughable at best when it comes to business development.

posted @ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 12:17

Police: Shooting at middle school in New Mexico

[quote][b]Used2baFreeCountry[/b] - Believe it or not, when I was a kid, it was possible to order firearms by mail, including handguns. That shows how few restrictions there were on obtaining and using firearms (excluding fully automatic).
Yet, back then you almost never heard about random or mass shootings in the news.
So the increase in shootings like this in today's society must be due to factors other than firearm restrictions, which have increased over the years.

There is no increase in shootings, firearm homicides in the US are at a 40 year low.

The only increase is in the media hyper sensationalism in reporting these. The average person associates more media coverage to more shootings. The argument simply does not hold up to the facts.

The liberals only answer to crime is to punish those who obey the law by further restricting their civil and constitutional rights, which is absurd.

posted @ Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 20:34

Police: Shooting at middle school in New Mexico

[quote][b]franklingrady[/b] - Here we go again. Seems like it happens just about everyday, doesn't it? It's time to do something about our gun laws; the idea that guns are so easy to obtain gets more absurd all the time. No, I don't think gun control is the only piece of the puzzle. Yes, I think upgraded mental health care is vital; but alongside that principle, we should make screenings to obtain guns and ammo more thorough. Screenings should include psychological history, criminal records, and all the rest. There should be a waiting period. The point is we need to start making some real changes, and stop making excuses.

ummm, the suspect was 12, meaning he couldn't purchase a gun or ammo. The suspect is also a gang member with previous criminal past.

Please tell us how taking the guns away from law abiding citizens is going to keep a criminal gang from illegally obtaining weapons? Every single place that bans guns, every city and every country, sees INCREASED gun violence.

How does abusing my civil rights of gun ownership, somehow magically stop the criminal behavior of a gang member? I'm sure a ban on guns will go about as well as our ban on illegals or the metric tons of cocaine that enter this county has gone.

posted @ Tuesday, January 14, 2014 - 20:25

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