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[quote][b]FairFacts[/b] -
TL;DR Just follow the law and it wont be an issue for anyone anymore.

Not if the "issue" is that a person is spreading lies about us on the internet, which is what I was responding to. If you actually DID read what I would write you'd know that we DO follow the law, hence why we haven't gotten a noise ticket in the entire time I've lived here until Sunday. The ISSUE however is that fire fighter is telling people on the internet something about us that isn't true: He's never come over here to talk to any of us.

You remind me of the college kids who come into the bookstore I work at: 90% of them have no idea what they're looking for because they can't be bothered to read their 1 and a half page syllabus. Refusing to read things isn't a virtue, it's a sign of idiocy.

posted @ Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 03:46

Also for future reference: everyone who lives here works (multiple jobs) so you can't use the phrase "working people" to exclude us. I played music at the May Day rally last year and I struggle to survive off of 11k a year (before taxes) so I don't need anybody to tell me what it's like for "working people" in this country. I also know for a fact that nobody on our block of chase st has a baby. Please stop applying generalizations to an article about our specific house.

posted @ Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 21:56

[quote][b]firefighter1[/b] - fire[/quote]

Hey buddy, I'm another one of your neighbors who was at the movie. In fact, I sleep in the back room which is immediately adjacent to the backyard where the movie was screened. Since this is a public forum concerning my community, I'd like to take some time to balance out your post here with some factual information. Here are a number of things for people to consider: (NOTE: all capitalization is for EMPHASIS and CLARITY, it doesn't mean "I'm yelling." I'm not mad at you, buddy!)

1. The "last time" we time had fireworks at our house was New Years Eve 2010/2011. Neither me, nor the person cited in this report lived here at the time. One person who lives here now was living here at that time and it...
2. Was the only the second time that he had had an open invitation party. Obviously he and all of us have learned a lot since then.
3. I was in the backyard when the kid was setting off fireworks for the second time. He didn't live here, and the host of the party (who has been my roommate since I moved in Fall 2011) didn't have any knowledge that someone was going to set off fireworks in the backyard. As I say, that was TWO YEARS AGO and it's not a model for how we have events anymore.
4. It was NEW YEARS EVE so there were noise ordinance violations all throughout the neighborhood. Even if everyone had left that party there were other parties down the street.
5. If you are the guy I'm assuming you are (I could be wrong) then you didn't ask nicely for anyone to stop anything. The first time a police car was already in the neighborhood and stopped the kid from setting off a mortar like literally under a minute after he set the first one off. I was in the backyard the second time, the host of the party was not. The second time you yelled a violent threat filled with expletives at the kid who set off the fireworks. Nobody that lived at the house at that time knew that you were upset because you didn't introduce yourself or come over for a friendly chat. You just cussed and yelled at the first person you saw and then angrily went inside, so good job.
6. Regardless of whether or not that was you, the fact remains that you DID NOT actually register a complaint with anyone that lives here, as you are claiming that you did.

As for last night, here are a number of facts that I think are pertinent.
1. I currently live and sleep in the back room of our house, immediately adjacent to the yard in question and I went to bed around 12:00 AM and got up for work at 8 the next day.
2. There were about 5 people that hung out and "kept partying" after the cop came, or as some of us call it "talking to their friends in their back yard."
3. Susie is a trained fire spinner and does so professionally for entertainment, thank you very much.

Here are the facts about our house in general:
1. We have had 3 shows so far in 2013. As of right now there are none planned for the immediate future.
2. Every show we book we PLAN ON ENDING with the noise ordinance in mind, as we did at the Thursday night show in question. We're not idiots, and as we have said a $250 ticket is about a week of work for each of us. That we got a noise violation for a movie was a complete surprise to us.
3. Shows have occasionally gone over the 11 pm limit but that is always because the show ran late due to the bands taking to long to set up or people taking to long to get here. As I said, we do TRY to be respectful of other people needing to sleep and we figure out better ways to make things run smoothly each time we have a show.
4. This is probably the most important thing: WE ARE NOT THE ONLY HOUSE ON CHASE STREET THAT HAS SHOWS AND PARTIES! I've attended parties at three other houses on Chase St alone and heard loud parties happening late at night on Franklin St too. Both of our immediate neighbors on the right and left side of us have bands that practice and have parties at their house, so unless you actually come over and check you may not even be hearing a party or show that we are hosting. Last Halloween, 2 different houses right down the street from us both had bands play and got noise citations.
5. Our house is called the Plush Palace and we post about all of shows on Facebook well in advance so there's no reason for anyone to be surprised about a show. If you had ever talked to any of us in a civil way you would already know that and you would be able to see weeks in advance every night that we are potentially having a show or party.

And here are a number of things that I would like for you personally to consider, along with anybody else that thinks we are just a bunch of hooligans that don't care about their neighbors concerns:
1. You seem to believe that just because YOU PERSONALLY don't want to hear loud music no one else should be allowed to have fun at night. Well I'm sorry but in a democracy, everyone counts. The fact that our house on Facebook has in excess of 500 followers should demonstrate that not everyone feels the same as you do. I'm not saying your opinion doesn't count (it totally does!) but it doesn't mean OUR opinions don't count either. We also have jobs and pay taxes. We're not less important or less of a citizen than you are. We're human beings just like you and the fact that we value music and togetherness doesn't mean you get to talk down to us like this. As I said, the noise ordinance is the existing law and we always set out with intention to follow it.
2. The last show you claim to have complained to "us" about (remember, you never actually talked to anyone that lives here then or now) was on a New Years Eve. I'm sorry dude, but if you expect the city of Athens to stop having fun on New Years because you value your sleep so much you have expectations that are out of sync with reality, which is a good way to go through life if you want to constantly be frustrated and angry.
3. The police officer literally told us that having a movie in our backyard is not against the law. Parties aren't against the law. Having bands play at our house is not against the law. You seem to be of the opinion that it's your right to stop us from doing these things because you don't want us to, but it's not your decision to make. Again: the noise ordinance is the existing law and we intend to follow it.
4. I get up at 8 am every week day for my job, and I also value my sleep. You are not special. I have a pay stub in my desk for a 60 hour work week that I just did earlier this month and I do it several times a year, getting up at 7AM each day. YOUR personal preferences have to be balanced against other people's. You happen to have a job where you get up at 4 AM, so what? MOST PEOPLE stay up til past 11:00 PM on week nights. The Colbert Report comes on at 11:30 for God's sake. If you are going to choose a job where you have to get up early and commute or do an early shift you have to be aware of the fact that the world is out of sync with you. You think people that do graveyard shifts go and yell at the birds singing outside so they can get some sleep during the day? It doesn't mean I don't feel for you, but it never hurts to have some perspective, buddy.
5. As I mentioned before, we're not even the only house on our BLOCK that does this. There was one night in 2012 when TWO DIFFERENT HOUSES within about 100 yards of our house got noise citations. Not only does that mean that you're probably forming a grudge based on stuff that we didn't do, but it goes to show that we're not the only people that like doing this. We weren't the first house in Athens to have shows and we won't be the last so even if you were to get us evicted and arrested and tortured for being "horrible neighbors" you'd still have a plenty of other "horrible neighbors" to deal with.
6. If everyone that throws parties or shows were as respectful as we are there wouldn't be anymore noise violations. WE haven't gotten a citation in like a year and a half until last night, which as I said, was because we literally had no idea that it would be that loud. I imagine there are a lot of loud college kids in this city that want to have loud parties and don't care how it effects their neighbors, and you're right: THOSE PEOPLE SUCK! We don't like them either! Mainly because they give people like us a bad name and make our neighbors feel justified in refusing to talk to us and passive aggressively calling the police.

Oh and one final thing that I want to get out for the record: A lot of people are probably wondering why we are so insistent on having shows. It's not just to make ourselves feel really popular! We book shows to support touring bands from all over the country. Several bands have come through from as far away as Washington and California. A lot of them are friends of ours and booking tours are the only way we can afford to go around the country and visit each other. Playing at bars downtown has a whole host of problems: the spots fill up with local shows that are more profitable, they're all 21 and up so younger fans can't see your show, and they take part of your money to pay for a door guy or sound guy some times. As I said before: we DO care about our neighbors so we DO try to abide by the noise ordinance and we are getting better at it all the time.

Anyway, that's about it. I hope you read this, Firefighter and please don't think I'm trying to bash you on the internet. None of us are, and none of us is happy about having one of our neighbors hate us. I've totally been where you are, man. I HATE being tired in the morning at work because I couldn't sleep the night before. (My deepest and darkest secret is that once when I was 19, I called the cops on a jam band that was practicing at 4 in the morning.) In the future, we will refrain from having people hanging out late in the backyard because I know that even just a bunch of people talking all at once too close to your window can drive a person insane if they're trying to sleep. I know kids that like to party all night can be rude and disrespectful, that's why people like us make it a priority to tell other kids to keep the neighbors in mind when they have shows and parties. When people in the community don't respect each other, nobody has fun!

Peace and love, buddy!
As I said we don't have any shows booked for a while now so if you have trouble sleeping tonight please don't blame it on us!

posted @ Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 21:51

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