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If Guns Didn't Help America Win It's Independence

If we go say that all things should stay the same as they were during 1776 we wouldn't have the healthcare, homes, standard of living, ease of transportation and many many other things....

The gun folks love to talk about how guns solved our problems back then. Yes, guns in all homes were are militia and provide food.

Today the United States has a militia and we are able to get our food at a store.

Times change....

For those wanting to carry a holster and fire arm to protect themselves and talk about the way things are in the constitution and how the right to bare arms saved them I say lets put them all in a time capsule and transport them to 1776 where they hunt for their food, have no electricity, heat, healthcare and a life expectancy of 50 at best.

I saw a video earlier today

This smells of the old wild wild west to me.

I think if we can get 100,000 more guys like this to "bare arms" we will have enough businesses lobbying on the other side as their businesses will be adversely impacted and we will have meaningful change.

posted @ Saturday, January 19, 2013 - 00:55

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