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Huckaby says he won't whine about budget cuts

[quote][b]Abbesays[/b] -
There's several that spend a good part of the day posting on here.

Seriously, Abbesays, do you expect people to just sit back when lies are posted about them and not respond? Do you expect the university system employees, who have suffered constant budget cuts since 2001, NOT to be upset and frustrated at being told that we don't do a full day's work and don't deserve the little money and less respect that we get?

Spend a day or a week in our shoes. Stop parroting the nonsense that because we are in the classroom for 3 hours a day, we are only WORKING 3 hours a day. Have you ever prepared a class, written a test, graded a paper, met with a student who is struggling to understand something or who is so excited that s/he wants to learn more? Do you think that this takes no time at all?

Are lawyers only working when they are in court?

Are politicians only working when they are debating legislation?

Quality education has costs, folks. One of those costs is respecting that those of us who do it for a living might know what we are talking about and might be right when we say that taking more money away is like depriving a garden of water when a plant dies. It will make matters WORSE.

posted @ Tuesday, December 11, 2012 - 09:18

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