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Lanoue Magoo Superintendent of the Year. Let us first ask who nominated him and why?? Has anyone taken the time to speak to the employee's of Clarke County. Both ceritified and classified employee's may just nominate Lanoue for Circus Clown of the year.
Example of working close to Lanoue: Human Resource Department.
Since August of 2012 you had 7 employees that resigned, 2 employees that were "terminated". Since this time they have filled one HR position twice in which the first employee survived 11 days of employment, while the second employee hired survived only 5 days.

posted @ Tuesday, September 10, 2013 - 19:18

@CCSDMoleslayer: No not pretty accurate - Accurate is the truth. I agree that this is soleley to Lanoue's inability to admit that he was wrong - which was the point made when saying he ask three employee's to leave until the audit was completed, once completed and results of No findings Lanoue should have ask each employee to return to work and move forward.
However Lanoue had already "changed locks" on doors, sent out emails, talked to his three stooges and made choices based on personal feelings.
The change that is coming to HR is very related since Lanoue feels that the three that were there are idots who knew nothing about our system since they worked outside of it to complete reports.
The two that resigned the other day may have needed additional training in their area just like the first two who were forced to leave and the one that remains employed. However CC does not believe in correct training they would much rather insult you and still think that you will continue to accept this barbaric behavior from them. Keese had been a long time employee with CC and served as a leader in the community, He was ask to step in as PR and multiple other position when a true leader was needed. His job was not Teacher Retirment (once Hayes left) so he was not familiar - however his health benefits employee should have been able to pick this piece up and go with it -
And speaking of the two that resigned as being incompetent - LOOK at what CC has now trying to serve the district. Plan for things to get worse before they ever get better.
For all of the CC employee's that have beneftis you need to hold on to your hats because this ride is going to be UGLY - you have already sampled the unproffesional dress, language, and attitude of her - multiple, daily, complaints have been made by the employee's of CC but Lanoue continues to support this type of behavior. Mothers of newborn babies return to work with no benefits because our "benefits" person doesn't know the difference in leave or left. (leave = out for a small amount of time - left = no longer with CC) newborn babies are not being added to the benefits - retired employee's are not receiving benefits - please don't make me go on and on and on.
Bottom line is 2 were forced to resign/retire, one is not at work but continues receiving pay as he should, 2 left for personal reasons - and one remains as incompent as ever. Have fun with that CC you are the best at being the worst.

posted @ Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 11:15

@pumpkie: This past Thursday night behind closed doors. Lanoue and his board members approved to move a current female CCSD employee into Bierly's office - This leaving Hardaway with the title of Interim SI only - he will return to his old office so he will not have to remain as an involved party to Lanoues out of control actions and the out of control behavior of that department.
The first two to resign/retire were Lanoue inflicted - Bierly remains an employee of CC on contract.
The additional two resigned - "Smiling and Laughing as they turned in the letter of resignation and walked out"

posted @ Sunday, November 4, 2012 - 10:35

@CiCi2012: New to this - sorry to sound uppity - upset would describe it better.
Please follow my lead to watch the changes happen and know that my source is accurate -

posted @ Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 21:47

CCSD: As a community please get informed.
Bierly and Wilson were advised on a Saturday and Hayes on a Monday afternoon to not return until a audit result had been completed.
Results: No findings - Suggestion: All three employee's return to work and receive additional training on Policy.
The two additional employee's that have left HR - both resigned on their own leaving one very incompetent person in the benefits department.
As a community you should be scared of the leadership of Lanoue - As an employee you should beware of your future -
Watch for Monday morning changes in the HR department of CCSD.

posted @ Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 21:08

CCSD - Please get informed with the facts:
Bierly and Wilson were advised on Saturday and Hayes on the following Monday to not return to work until further notice. An audit was completed with the results of No findings. Suggestion made: A letter be placed into each employee file with additonal training on policy and they return to work.
There were NO wrong doings on any of the three employee's.
The two additional employee's that resigned/ran from CC last week worked in the benefits department - leaving one very incompetent employee.
As a community everyone should be in fear of Lanoue -

posted @ Saturday, November 3, 2012 - 20:41

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