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This is not Motes first problem with abuse/anger issues...just ask her ex husband's (yes plural), her other child..see her rants about the ACCPD on her facebook page...these problems have been going on and been ignored for a long time..her daughter does have behavioral problems and in no way am I saying she should not be disciplined..but everyone knows the difference between discipline and abuse..hitting someone in the head, leaving marks with the broom handle on their abdomen plus more is not disciple..but why it surprised anyone the children are turning out this way when they live in an environment where the mothers acts like this and the father is absent? Looks like her lies and excuses have caught up with her. The whole family needs help - maybe if she loses her job it will be the wake up call that is long overdue for them. What a way for a family to start the new year....

posted @ Thursday, January 2, 2014 - 07:54

I cannot say enough positive things about the UGA Vet school - both large and small animal as well as wildlife services - we have used all of them on several occasions and continue to be impressed with the compassionate, quality care that they provide. The Athens Area Humane Society is actually located in Watkinsville. Have used them in the past for spay/neuters for a few of our animals and they too provided excellent care. This is a wonderful partnership that is going to benefit so many animals and the communities overall. Donate if you can - it's money well spent!

posted @ Tuesday, December 31, 2013 - 14:11

Not that anyone on here is going to care - but..the animal - regardless of what it is - is a living creature that does have feelings - to what extent no one on here can say but there its obvious animals - including possums - experience fear - this is a redneck ritual that is no cute/funny/entertaining in any form. The possum cannot give permission to be caged/dropped etc so for those who think this is ok - what if they used a dog? A newborn baby? Yes, I'm sure I will get bashed for comparing those w/a possum but the point is - those that think this is ok should volunteer to go in the possums place - how about a little compassion? Wait - it's 2013 - there is little left in the world for those animals and humans who cannot defend or speak for themselves..I forgot.

posted @ Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 20:11

As a past employee of the Charlie Norwood VA clinic I can honestly say that this situation is the least of the worries of the VA..Vets are waiting months to years - literally - for routine care and are expected to drive hours to only sit and wait hours on end to be seen or only to be told the have to come back yet again for another appointment or to see someone else. There are good people there who genuinely care but the fact is the VA system - at least this one - is drowning in policy/procedures, low staff and lack of resources to efficiently handle the Vets and their medical and psychological needs. And there is no referral to a non-VA hospital or specialist except under extenuating circumstances. For those who care about and care for the Vets it's extremely frustrating - which is why the staff remains low and employee turn over high - the Vets continue to wait ridiculous amounts of time for appointments/tests/ etc and the higher ups -all the way to BOTH parties in Washington sadly don't "get it" and don't seem to care to "get it"

posted @ Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - 20:05

About time this place was shut down - this is not the first time she has opened/been forced to close a rescue - never understood how they could perform spay/neutered in that nasty trailer beside the dump of a thrift store or what Vet performed them.
Meth was found in the store - if you recall previous ABH stories - and I highly doubt the people working there - including the owner - were unaware.
2500 dogs saved - I also highly doubt that.

Anyone know where the dogs that are currently or were currently there are now? I hope in better hands than hers.

posted @ Wednesday, December 18, 2013 - 06:01

Stories like THIS are what the holidays and the Spirit of the holidays are suppose to be about! Thank you, ABH for letting us readers know about this.

posted @ Tuesday, December 3, 2013 - 06:34

People continue to disgust me. What kind of future Vet would agree to this? Not one I would ever want to use for my pets.

posted @ Thursday, November 21, 2013 - 06:47

gman129 - I'm sorry Buster and Baby died too. Like gooddogmom I buy nothing made in China or any other foreign country for my pets. I am so glad the FDA is finally taking the complaints and needless deaths of these animals seriously.

posted @ Friday, October 25, 2013 - 16:17

Maybe the owner of these defenseless animals will catch them and defend their property in the same way these POS are finding their "fun"

posted @ Friday, October 25, 2013 - 06:40

Not to mention she doesn't report this incident until the next day....anyone who genuinely lost this amount of money/items or less would've called the police from the restaurant.

posted @ Monday, October 21, 2013 - 15:38

@grove600: There is an outpatient based VA clinic on 29N. Psych services (outpatient) are offered there. If inpatient is needed the Vet can go private if he/she has the insurance/money or can go to Augusta (the Athens clinic is attached to Augusta not ATL) for help at the inpatient psych unit there.

As you said, a person can't be forced to comply with medications/therapy...sometimes it's lack of money to be able to afford them, sometimes its lack of transportation to get to appointments, sometimes it's a side effects or the stigma of mental illness that catches people up..regardless, mental illness - from anxiety to depression to more complicated disorders - are real and cost people time/money and life. It's more than just "thinking happy thoughts" -

Just glad this situation turned out w/o him or anyone else getting hurt/killed.

posted @ Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 10:26

I'm thinking we taxpayers who are keeping ALL the Hoods (parents included) up both in and out of jail should get some kind of family discount on the money we are paying for their up keep...

posted @ Monday, October 7, 2013 - 15:24

@bobbidiboo: Majority of arrests at Wal-mart and Kohls are not people from Oconee Co - read the blotter and other items of news and you will see they are usually, not always but usually, ACC or Barrow..and the two incidents in this article were also not people living in Oconee..

posted @ Monday, August 26, 2013 - 19:41

@Colonel McCheese: Um..don't care if a muslim is offended by my opinion.

Don't know of any muslims who responded to 9-11..not saying they didn't but not aware of any. Will make sure to do research.

Don't argue that Christianity has spilled blood as well. Agreed.

In the Bible and other religions writings, including islamic, it is documented that war/terrorism and blood shed are a part of their heritage and continues to be. Unless I am mistaken, I am not aware of Baptists, Catholics or any other Christian based group in todays times, going around blowing up buildings, blowing up people, etc.

Look, you can defend this culture all you will not change my position. And my advice to you is this: if they are such good, peaceful people, then you should join their cause.

posted @ Friday, August 9, 2013 - 14:37

@ppensyl: Don't think Auntbee ever stated his/her religion - so why assume he/she is Christian?

Contrary to popular belief - one can believe in a higher power without believing in a specific religion. Am not stating this for Auntbee just commenting that I think your comment assuming this poster is Christian but "not very Christian" for not liking muslims is "interesting, not surprising, but interesting."

As other people have posted - if one is truly muslim but professes to be about peace then that muslim is not following the Qoran. Period.

And I, for the record, agree with Auntbee. I have no interest in getting to know a muslim anymore than a Nazi.

posted @ Friday, August 9, 2013 - 14:26

@Thomas Jefferson Snodgrass: I don't care for some of their, unlike the muslims I don't see them bombing our cities and killing our citizens or marrying a child or beating or killing a rape victim. They religions are not cut from the same cloth.

posted @ Friday, August 9, 2013 - 14:15

@Ben-Shockley: 50 isn't a senior. I'm not to that age yet but I know plenty of people in their 20's and 30's that are in terrible shape. Genetics also play a part in a persons health and can cause early death.

posted @ Friday, August 9, 2013 - 07:49

@hack: I do when their religion is based upon the principles of submission or killing or both. I have a problem with it when men and women of our country and others are getting killed and only body parts are being sent back for the families to bury, when these religious groups target innocent people at marathons, or use their own children or mentally handicapped adults to strap weapons on to go into crowds with the intention of doing harm, their marrying off children as young as 6 to men in their 50's, where a woman is a victim of rape but ends up being killed or beaten because of it.. Ask the people of NYC how if they have a problem with this religion. If one is a true Muslim then it is NOT a peaceful religion. Look at the countries where this is the dominant choice of worship - literally decades upon decades of war. The Founding Fathers of THIS country did support freedom of religion but they did not ever envision a religion that was based upon such ideologies as muslim is.

posted @ Friday, August 9, 2013 - 07:40

I'm sure the parents of college girl in the photo are proud...exactly what you want your little girl to grow up and be - a beer guzzling, sex act simulating co-ed.

posted @ Tuesday, August 6, 2013 - 06:52

@Civil_Unrest:'re on here too commenting.....just saying...

posted @ Saturday, August 3, 2013 - 12:10

@Green: Not even close to the amount in Clarke Co - and at least in Oconee the law enforcement does something other than arrive at the mock speed of 35 mph in Prius' then "ask" the thug to please stop their bad behavior

posted @ Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 15:53

@ppensyl: NO - read the above posts from the Sheriff - he offered to pay for it - the owner, who was assisting, said no. So neither you nor anyone else on here is going to pay for it -

posted @ Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 15:50

@loveUSA: You are incorrect - please see the Sheriffs post re: the fence ABOVE yours..

posted @ Wednesday, July 31, 2013 - 15:49

With sooooo much else going on in the US and world does who cares if two consenting adults of the same gender want to be in a relationship? And for the Bible thumpers - homosexuality did not make God's Top Ten..but a lot of other things did - some of laws which I'm sure those who go around squawking about same sex relationships have broken or are breaking. There are FAR more important and pressing issues than someone else's consenting adult personal life.

And mpd0.59 - I agree w/you - this Pope is a much needed change to the Catholic church for many reasons.

posted @ Monday, July 29, 2013 - 12:27

@mpd0.59: Usually the handler is responsible for purchasing the dog....regardless, this particular officer should NEVER be allowed to be a K-9 handler again. Can only imagine the suffering the dog endured before people "forget" an animal or child in a car I don't understand..forgetting your wallet, keys, phone, something small and insignificant, yes, but a living being? If a person is THAT forgetful they don't need to be driving.

posted @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 - 14:50

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