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Unfilled jobs, or not?

February 8, 2013

I continue to get little bits of news about the jobs situation in GA and around the nation. I remember there was news of a welder shortage in GA over at Plant Votgle. And, in his "state-of-state" address Gov. Nathan Deal lamented the "hundreds" of jobs in the trucking industry that were going unfilled; I believe he tied this "need" to funding truck driving school programs in the Technical College system.

Last Sun., the AJC ran an article on transportation jobs including information about truck driving; it would seem wages are falling even as truck firms are forced to pay less to remain competitive. This competition, then, is reducing the number of workers willing to work and making trucking firms try to get by with more workers who will do the job more cheaply.

Now, I know all that "splaining" about doesn't quite cut it! BUT, I went back to the AJC archives to pull up the story again; initially, the story quoted some authority who said there was really "no shortage of truckers." When I went back to set up a link, I could not find THAT story; instead, there were two articles noting a "shortage" but giving no information about the counter-argument;

Of course, I do not wish to demoralize job hunters; any job is better than no job!

But in the Great Depression, it was common for California growers to advertise along the east coast advising all the jobless men that jobs were available in the West! These hordes of migrating labor drove DOWN wage rates enabling the hard-pressed growers to "make it" in tough times.

I wonder if Nathan Deal and the AJC have been fooled by the trucking industry; isn't the talk about all the high-paying jobs just a way to drive-up the supply of labor to drive down the wage rates?

One wonders if truckers will work for minimum wage? Might "truck driving" join the long list of jobs Americans "refuse to do?" Or, like in the poultry and textiles, might a new troop of Mexican immigrants take up the slack in the trucking industry and destroy one more economic niche for working Americans?! (How many Americans are left in poultry, carpets, etc.?) I have no hatred of those looking for work including illegal immigrants; but I think I do have a real hatred for folks who allowed so many American jobs to be "downsized." Many of these elites in government and public institutions have not missed narry a paycheck -- has there been any REAL downsizing in the numbers of government workers; name one government worker in GA who received a bonified wage reduction -- and a lot of them have even gotten fat raises or otherwise figured-out ways to steal via graft. What will it take to get rid of these self-satisfied elitists, and replace them with the sort who will stand up for working people?

And, Nathan Deal wears his "average man" concerns on his shoulder! More like, your average state pol looking to "cash-in" on politics, and steal his way to wealth in his retirement!

And ... what will it take to get honest journalists and media; and not the "happy talk" called "news" but really coming from folks who wish to pay working people even less?!

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