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TSA Abuses in the news--Females beware!

December 13, 2011

I have not flown in years, and so my family and I have not experienced any of this, because we just don't fly now because we feel that the searches are a violation of our 4th Amendment rights. Disgusting!

I thought that since some folks would be flying soon, this would be interesting, to say the least. And for those that want to attack me for posting a news story, for the love of all that's right, holy, or whatever you want to say, why in the world won't you get angry about the abuses that are going on against US citizens instead of making some snide and hateful comment about me for something that I post? So go ahead and attack me and criticise me while we lose all our freedoms. No wonder we live in AmeriKa now!

Well, here are some news links and the top ten list:

More Claims Of TSA Abuse Against Elderly Surface 12/6/2011

Senators want TSA passenger advocates at airports 12/12/2011

Ten TSA Outrages


"1. Disabled four-year-old Ryan Thomas was on the way to Disney World when he was accosted by TSA agents at Philadelphia Airport and forced to walk through the scanner without his leg-braces.

2. Elderly business traveler Penny Moroney described her TSA experience at St. Louis as “like being raped.”

3. Flying while pregnant can be uncomfortable enough, but for one diabetic traveler who did not want to be named for fear of “retaliation,” her day was about to get much worse.

4. Former Baywatch star and Playboy playmate Donna D’Errico felt singled out at LAX when a TSA agent told her that she had been chosen for a security search “because you caught my eye and [the other passengers] didn’t.”

5. TSA officials...[an] eight-month-old bab[y] a full body pat-down and scan.

6. A 95-year-old wheelchair-bound woman with late-stage cancer was given a full pat-down before boarding a flight from Florida to Michigan.

7. The “pat or scan” choice usually proffered to air travelers was rendered moot for a female Army veteran when the body scanner showed her wearing a sanitary towel, and prompted a “horrible experience.”

"An increasing number of women are querying if the use of feminine products will subject them to greater security screening"

"Germs: Some doctors are questioning the hygiene of TSA agents wearing the same gloves to patdown numerous passengers saying diseases could be spread via their latex gloves"

8. Drew Mandy was also on his way to Disney World...unable to comprehend what was happening, because...he has the mental capacity of a two-year-old.

9. Susie Castillo’s tearful testimony went viral on YouTube, after the former Miss USA reacted with outrage to a pat-down at Dallas–Fort Worth International Airport. [Watch her cry as she describes how her private area was touched over and over.]

Susie's TSA Petition to Congress

My TSA Pat Down Experience

10. Eliana Sutherland was travelling from Orlando International Airport when she was singled out because of her large breasts."

by Charlie Cooke, National Review

“Those that would give up their liberty for security deserve neither and lose both.”--- Benjamin Franklin

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