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Thurmond On "Sinking Ship?"!

February 18, 2013

Well, assuming he can weather this equivalent of a Cat 5 "Education Hurricane," perhaps he deserves to be the next Senator from Georgia!

Clearly, however, the little people in DeKalb are sick and tired of the bad news coming from the DeKalb Board of Education!

DeKalb County school board Chairman Eugene Walker announced Monday that he will be stepping down from his leadership role over the troubled school district.
Walker will remain on the board but will relinquish his chairmanship so someone else can lead.
“I will be stepping down as chair and we will elect a new chair,” Walker said at the close of a meeting that was called over the weekend.

Will it be enough?

As is, this District remains on probation and probably even "double-secret" probation! The Governor, of course, can move to simply sack the entire BOE, and then appoint interim folks to steady the leadership.

(If the BOE is sacked, one wonders if Thurmond -- who has no formal experience in education -- might be tossed over as well? OR, could Thurmond use the threat of a "sacking" to influence the BOE to get its act together?)

Walker may yet have other rabbits up his sleeve: He was instrumental in getting Thurmond "IN" as the new Super; but whether or not Teflon Mike has enough slippery-ness to keep accreditation, AND prevent the ouster of the entire BOE ... remains to be seen! As is, Walker may have family connections in both the Gwinnett County School District, and its Court system; he probably retains influence, as well, from his days in the state house.

I'd say we'll be at a tipping point if Walker, Thurmond, or other BOE members throw down the race card; that'll be near a final resolution of the mess.

While I wish him the best, I do note his appointment, itself, seems like an attempt to find a "political" solution for what is, itself, a political problem caused by too much politicking among the DeKalb BOE members!

Observers in DeKalb, across the state -- and across the nation -- may have an eye on what happens in DeKalb in an attempt to predict long-term trends in K12 education:

Either the experiment in elected school boards, and pro-racial, "politically-correct," politicized institutions will be deemed a "success;"

or an apolitical, color-blind practical-management solution may be declared "the winner" for DeKalb's, and the nation's, children.

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