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Students walk on water for class assignment

November 8, 2012

Students from Florida International University have been walking on water for a class assignment.

To do it, they wear water shoes that they created.

The students had to make it to the other side of a 175-foot lake on campus Thursday while wearing the aquatic shoes in order to earn an "A'' on the assignment. Alex Quinones was the first to do so in just over a minute, earning himself $500 and major bragging rights.

A total of 79 students competed in the race.

Architecture professor Jaime Canaves says the annual race is a lesson in life as well as architecture. He says he wants to show his students that as long as they research and test their work, anything is possible — even "walking on water."

- Associated Press

I'm not sure I would want to try this even if with the special shoes. 

I started thinking back to classes in college where we had crazy prohects to complete for a grade.

I remember taking this class in college as part our Jan Term session called "Woodstock as a Religious Phenomenon." The class was taught by the head ot the religion department.

Our big class project was to plan, promote and run a music festival just like Woodstock right on our campus (minus the drugs of course).

I had a lot of fun with that class but it was a lot of work.  We ended up taking all the proceeds and giving it to the homeless network in Montgomery (where I went to school).

What are memorable projects you participated in while you were in school?

What did you learn from the project? 

Have you ever used any of the skills you learned from that project in real life as an adult?

Would you choose to take that class again given the choice?


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