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Stripped of glory: The Armstrong interview

January 18, 2013

Last night millions of American tuned in to watch Lance Armstrong speak openly about his use of performance enhancing drugs in his long cycling career.

Dressed in a sports jacket, collared shirt and jeans, Armstrong was almost unrecognizable outside of his iconic yellow biking jersey and Oakley sunglasses.

His apologetic tone was one fans aren't used to hearing.

"It's just this mythic, perfect story," he said life prior to the doping accusations.  "You overcome the disease, you win the Tour De France seven times, you have a happy marriage, you have children..."

"But now," he said, "this story is so bad and so toxic, and a lot of it is true."

Armstrong went on to say that while he was doping, he didn't feel like he was doing anything wrong; the within the culture of the sport it was common.  Common enough, he said, that he felt that taking performance enhancing drugs simply gave him "a level playing field."

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Do you think Armstrong is actually sorry for doping, or is he just sorry he got caught?

What does this mean for the other competitors in the Tour De France?

Do you think there is a similar sophisticated doping culture that surrounds other professional sports?


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