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State General Assembly Ought To ...?

December 20, 2012

Right off, let me confess, I have often looked with trepidation upon the annual gathering of state leaders in Atlanta. Too often we get politically-popular, self-serving laws that do more harm than good; over many years, things in the state regress; they get worse and worse NOT better and better! Of course, in the big picture, I feel the same way about Congress! Finally, there is plenty of evidence to back up the contention on both the state and federal levels!

Perhaps we should dissolve both legislative bodies and just keep things the way they are? Unfortunately, though things might not get progressively worse, I liken stasis, say, to driving a vehicle with a blown head gasket: You feel like something is going to "happen" all the time ...

Jim Thompson, today, in an editorial about the upcoming session, focused on one proposal that might correct a geographic boundary so that part of the, um, "Tennessee" river actually resides in GA! (BTW, I believe the T River is actually called the Alabama River in Alabama!)

Of course, I realize Thompson is simply filling space with light-hearted banter intended neither to savage state leaders or necessarily bother ABH readers and advertisers. "Good show, I think you did it," BTW!

As for GA water resources, I can think of at least two ways the state could actually get hold of a new river or two:

1. We could buy the land and then divert the water into GA.
2. We could pursue the line inherent in the pre-filed bill: Part of the river actually lies on GA land; and, of course, the water is OURs!

Should the Gen Assembly attempt to get more water for GA? How should it do so?

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