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Smile for the drone: Coming to police stations near you soon

February 24, 2012

If you are in, for example, a legal medical marijuana state, and one of the 30,000 drones happens to fly over when you are outside smoking a medical marijuana cigarette, which is legal under your state law but illegal under federal law, what would you think about that? Are you in plain sight under legal rules? What do you think about being spied upon? What do you think about each drone costing approximately $36,000? What do you think about 30,000 of them flying over the USA? Does anyone here besides me believe that the USA is a police state, and that things are only getting worse? Should we have any privacy at all in the future? Do we have a right to privacy?

Human Right #12 "The Right to Privacy".

"Businesses having to do with aerial photography—not to mention law enforcement agencies!—are extremely happy with the latest news— the skies are being opened up to private unmanned aerial vehicles, i.e., drones. How much detail will these drones capture about your life down below? And what will be done with that information? Might two drones collide and crash in your back yard?"--JJ Luna

Support EPIC's Petition: Tell the FAA to Begin a Rulemaking on Drones and Privacy

"If you would like to sign EPIC's petition, please send an e-mail with the subject line "I support the EPIC Drone Privacy Petition to the FAA," your full name, and email address or twitter handle to Your name will be added as a signatory. All emails must be received by midnight on Friday, February 24, 2012."

Smile for the drone: Coming to police stations near you soon

"Bug-sized spies and Big Brother's prying eyes, domestic surveillance drones are coming to your local cops soon. When the EFF, ACLU and EPIC all sound a red alert surveillance warning, if you care about your privacy then it would be wise to heed it."--By Ms. Smith on Fri, 02/24/12

U.S. opening up airspace to use of drones 2/23/2012

Drones Set Sights on U.S. Skies February 17, 2012

U.S. drones looking to share room in sky with planes

Crisis and the creeping militarization of American society

"The ubiquitous drones join the ubiquitous surveillance cameras that join the ubiquitous ubiquity of the surveillance society. Kids don’t understand the warning, the sentinel’s trumpet. And the old folks are just tired and scared and the intermediate folks, my generation who represent the leadership levels are too fat, slow, torpid, bloated, ssri`d, tranquilized, martinized and narcotized. Frozen and paralyzed by a fear of everything. Learned helplessness will leech into our psyche. And the Ted Baxter mainstream media who are themselves shell-shocked and shell-acked by their shrinking penetration and atrophied relevance won’t utter a peep...Up to 30,000 drones could be flying in U.S. airspace by the end of this decade."-- by Chris Smith, February 22, 2012

Lionel: Drones And Big Brother

"Known to the clueless as the “FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012″, but recognized by the concerned as the “Skynet Surveillance Enabling Act of 2012″, H.R. 658 is now hovering at the White House just one corporate fascist puppet presidential signature away from authorizing the filling of America’s skies with as many as 30,000 “1984 Meets Terminator” Big Brother Police State citizen surveillance drones"--From Amerikan Reich

Drones over U.S. may pose security risks

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