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Is she fat? Does it matter?

January 4, 2013

Attn: Luis Macedo, LAZ Parking, about fat woman in red dress

South Florida Woman "Mortified" by Description Written on Valet Ticket

Sharyn Peoples

Florida actress says she’s ‘humiliated’ and ‘angry’ after valet ticket identifies her as ‘fat’

"Give the kid who parked her car a break. I parked cars at the Radisson Ramp in Minneapolis in 1947 and 1948, and we too had to remember customers one way or another. To keep any future crybabies from going on TV, give your drivers a simple code.
Fat = 1, bald = 2, drunk = 3, Asian = 4, Mexican = 5, snooty = 6, Ugly = 7, and so on. Example— “12735” means the customer is a fat, bald, ugly, drunk Mexican. Just don’t keep any copies of your code system laying around!"
--JJ Luna

Outrage as woman finds valet ticket with insulting description of her as fat

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