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Sacking BOEs No "Public" Ed Fix!

February 23, 2013

Of course, let's admit, "It feels good!"

GA's Constitutional requirement for elected school boards guarantees "politicized" BOEs and public school systems all over the state!

There will always be a few good systems where, for whatever reason, a bunch of hot heads NEVER bothered to organize, and "take-over" the system in order to install their special agenda!

But such a thing could come out of the blue, at any time! And, as in DeKalb, take a once fine system, and destroy its reputation virtually over-night!

Proponents of democracy say an elected school board is the best option; otherwise, there is no fair way to address the real or imagined grievances of the folks served by the system.

The reality, though, remains that public schools, and the students they educate, might be BETTER served if their BOE members were NOT picked via elections!

Far into the future -- absent a change in the GA Constitution -- we'll see political shenanigans occuring in our hyper-political public school systems; and that should bode very well for those who favor tuition vouchers that allow parents, and not "public" school boards, to decide how they spend their tuition dollars.

Ultimately, we seem destined to return to a "separate but equal" public K12 system;

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