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Rihanna and Chris Brown: Together again?

February 22, 2012

Chris Brown and Rihanna are making headlines once again. They have recently reunited to record two new songs together. Everyone is arguing whether this is acceptable, justifiable, or moral.

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Domestic abuse is no laughing matter and that is what people are questioning Rihanna about. Did she forgive Brown to quickly? Is she setting a bad example by forgiving and parterning back up with Brown? Or is she teaching us all a good lesson that sometimes in life you need to forgive and move on? She has been interviewed many times saying she will never forget but forgiving is the first step to get past all of this.

Rihanna isn't the only one who has appeared to forgive Brown. The Grammy's booked Brown for two performances. Their opinion is that they should not judge artists by their personal lives and rather judge their professional/career lives.

So will you listen to the new songs recorded by Brown and Rihanna? Or better yet, do you even care that these two are making all the headlines again?


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