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December 19, 2012

Hey tell you what, if you folks stop dishonoring the memory of the 20 little ones that died in Newtown, Connecticut by calling each other horrid names, when we should all be showing support for one another, maybe people would stop dishonoring them by not politicizing the issue. It's a two way street guys. I suggest you folks ignore it. You all are big boys and girls. People have as much right under the First Amendment to speak their mind as you do, despite their alleged insensitivity.

But oh hey, Republicans may be right that only some children are precious in Obama's eyes, and that while he mourns for them, he advocates for the wanton slaughter of unborn babies on a daily basis..or that he constantly uses drone strikes to kill innocent children in the Middle East.. but who cares about that. Perhaps he had his eyes opened that day. Perhaps he realized the frailty of life children possess---who knows?

OR, Democrats could be correct that we need stricter controls on guns, or that Adam Lanza had mental issues, but that is far, FAR from the point. Look at what this madman is doing to our country! He has sown more discord amongst us than the most trained terrorist ever could. Gun control or no, it won't dissolve the divisions we have amongst one another, unless we choose to lessen the ties that bind us.

Frankly I am weary of hearing it. If we can't come together as one to mourn a loss, like we did for 3,000 others on September 11th, 2001; then all hope for this country is lost. If we are to be United, let us be. We dishonor these young ones by this petty bickering. Trust me, each time we do, the murderer wins.

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