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Print Media: End Time?

February 14, 2013

Print publishing may have lost significant currency with consumers and advertisers in a digital age, but investors have a far deeper animus. They see little possibility that the business as a whole will right itself, and they find its lack of growth wanting compared to the cable, television and film businesses that are now the epicenter of the media business.

The King doubts it mostly because print media, proper, offers the best hope of preserving information.

A strange thing to say ...

Well ... if humans and their societies wish to leave accurate records of their own affairs ... then they CANNOT trust private or public information to the "electronic media."

Why not? Because it can, and will, be hacked, in order to "change history," or otherwise manipulate the information;

This is the unavoidable problem with the concept of a digital library as well.

In history, you have many accounts of "book burnings," where passionate believers and or non-believers decided to obliterate certain information. Yet, they could only be sure of burning the books they found; not the ones hiding out in libraries and private collections.

"History," per se, is commonly regarded as a written preservation based on print and language; information prior to this was passed on, orally, and may or may not have had a different fidelity; in other words, YES, there is something worse than our current "electronic" media: A time when history cannot be recorded due to illiteracy or an inability to remember and re-tell it.

YET, on the electronic frontier, it should be relatively easy to amend or get rid of whole texts, treatises and opinions; once print is dead, and actual books are obsolete, then humans will have lost an important ability to record their own history; and they will have lost all the implications of that memory including learning from the past in order to avoid future mistakes.*

If the KING were an investor, I'd put it this way: Print media is nearing a "bottom!" It is time to invest, TIME, not give up! Print offers stolid gravitas; deliberation and permanence. Why give that up for alleged higher market share? Why sink to believing the Jerry Springer or Honey-Boo-Boo audience is worth having?

Granted, these are business decisions made mostly by folks who have no business being publishers in the first place; these numbsculls themselves have set our policy-making back decades via their stupid foray into attempting to mill the "first draft of history" into gold!

*Personal experience with digital format "loss" of important information: I have participated in two forums that were shut down; all the published threads -- including opinions about various political opinions -- were summarily destroyed forever; as for as I know, there is NO record or anything at all indicating these discussions EVER took place. A single technician or other authority was able to instantly wipe-out literally years worth of information, conversations and opinions.

PS: Q: If the King already had this bad experience, then why is he on another site aka "Athens Talks."
A: First, I want to warn people; second, I would like to create a more permanent media institution: A competitor to the extant media. I am not interested in trying to make digital more robust or permanent; that possibility can only be a tantalizing, misleading delusion. WORD, on paper, hidden away!

PSS: In addition to their vulnerability to be changed or deleted; the electronic, digital world will always be an unsafe repository of all information placed there. In other words, the electronic revolution is more constrained than popularly believed; we can crunch numbers and get answers; but private individuals should NEVER allow storage of their personal information in an electronic database; and especially NOT on something like a social media website; no email; no google ... Sad

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