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Pregnant Women And Little Boys As Shooting Targets?

February 20, 2013

I know that some of you socialists that love posting here will now scream and call me names and say that I should be banned. Why? This is in the mainstream news. This is your government buying up targets called "No More Hesitation". This is pictures of women, pregnant, and children, so that "law enforcement officers" (Boris doesn't believe that I was a peace officer for GSP, and Boris supports the police state and law enforcement as opposed to peace officers.) can become desensitized to killing women and children in Amerika. So go ahead Boris and all the socialists, who support the pigs in Washington, go ahead and call me names while the police state marches forward.

Isn't anyone here sick to their stomach about these targets?

Law Enforcement Targets, Inc., a provider of shooting targets to the Department of Homeland Security, has admitted that targets depicting pregnant women were “requested” by law enforcement agencies.

These targets “feature children, elderly gun owners and mothers in playgrounds, and… a pregnant woman.”

DHS Target Supplier Includes Pregnant Women & Old Men For Target Practice

Is Your Local Police Department Using Pictures of Pregnant Women and Children for Target Practice?

"What if I told you police in your town could desensitize themselves to the idea of shooting a (armed) child, pregnant woman, or young mother, for just a couple of bucks? "--Mike Riggs Feb. 19, 2013. Mike Riggs is an associate editor at Reason magazine.

Law Enforcement Targets INC

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