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Pre-K: New Political Emergency!

February 14, 2013

Apparently, a memo went out to all of the liberal politicos and most of the GOP whack jobs as well: Support "Pre-K," or garner the wrath of the all-encompassing and powerful liberal media establishment!

Well, that's the only thing I could think of that might explain Obama's jet trip to Decatur to hob-nob with a few little kids for photo-ops! Let's not forget, either, the way His Holiness pointedly mentioned the "GA Pre-K" program as one of the greatest things ever ... in the recent State of the Disunion! THEN, the King kinda remembers the recently departed UGA Econ Dean (Sumachrist) adding a blurb about the importance of funding for "early childhood ed" (in the same speech where he called for an end to public "derision" of education)!

ALSO, just last night, "20-20" did a nice little program about ECE in Chicago; and I think the McNeil Lehrer included an installment about the beauty of the whole thing as well ...

So ... it's official: Early Childhood Education is one of the most important things EVER, if America wishes to depart its path of violence and poverty among the young and dark skinned! PBO pledges to give free, voluntary ece (Pre-K) to every kid and parent willing!

What's it all mean?

It means, rather than hang out with other politicos and make the American economy better, some leaders, now, feel they might have more success posing with young children; as it's been in our local CCSD (ever since they managed their budget into the ground and had to fire some, uh, early childhood ed teachers), so it is with our President, many of our pols, and our media: The neoliberals are using children, now, in a renewed bid for political policy-making dominance!

As the Rush said: "I hope he /they/ fails!"

WHY? Because whether or not kids go to pre-K has NOTHING to do with the U.S. budget deficit or political gridlock! It has nothing to do with the deficit! And, it has nothing to do with the huge job losses Americans have suffered at the hands of globalization over the last three decades!

Would someone in the public actually expect a government funded study of the impact of "Pre-K" to report little or no effect on future learning? Truly, we are in the dark on this one; and have no hope of knowing the truth given our current media and government "sources."

America has thousands and thousands of high school and college graduates today who are unemployed or underemployed; spending more on ECE cannot fix the unemployment crisis, put folks back to work and relieve poverty!

And, if the American government has trouble funding "Pre-K," -- and almost everything else! -- then might that be related to declining economic fortunes in America, and declining government revenues? Shall we borrow from the Chinese to send American kids to Pre-K so they can get jobs that do not exist in America? (But do exist in China and other "low wage" countries that can now loan us money!)

It's not EDUCATION Mr. President! It's your own policies on trade, labor and capital flows!!

If our leaders have discovered a little poverty in the land -- so far, only among dark-skinned urban children -- well, "Welcome to America!"

You see, when you leaders "globalized" our economy -- and stepped on the accelerator to widen income gaps -- YOU actually did "build" the new "developing" U.S. economy!

When you leaders refused to balance the budget and turned to foreign economic competitors to "bail out" your access to borrowed money aka "political power," you also CHOSE to sell-out working Americans in the bargain!

You stripped-out the U.S. working class living wage jobs and you impoverished the families and children of the kids you now claim to want to help! Remember the crack, meth and ongoing pill epidemics: Yeah, that was you too Mr. President, and your fellow political leaders!

Pre-K, really, is just another big new liberal entitlement program that employs a bunch of people in a high faluting day care for folks who either do not wish to, or cannot take care of, their own kids; these kids may do a little better in school, but isn't it cruel to portray a "lack of access to pre-K" as the reason kids and schools fail; and to imply, by extension, all of this leads to the failure of the broader economy?

And, wouldn't they do a lot better if their own parents had jobs good enough to afford to send them to Pre-K in the first place? !

PBO, today, stooped to using children in his political power game. The King remains unduped and distinctly disrespectful towards a chief executive and President who has steadily undermined the job opportunities for the middle class only to hide among children, offer false hope, and play "hero" for a brain-addled, ever-swooning, national media of nitwits and sycophants.

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