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Pot Votes End "Progressivism"?

November 8, 2012

I have waxed long in other comments about what I see as a new-age Progressivism that is ramping-up behavior codes and laws restricting personal behaviors and consumption of intoxicating substances; historically-speaking, we have the main-event, Prohibition Repeal course, and a more recent course beginning with the 1980s era nationwide 21 "drinking age," and continuing all the way through the various bans on smoking, tobacco use, consumption of transfats and ... big gulps.

Then, isn't the recent vote for "recreational" pot in Colorado and Washington state the beginning of a reversal of the "progressive tide," and possibly an indication this intolerance and associated imprisonment and enforcement regimes (WAR ON DRUGS) is about ... DONE?! And, even before THESE votes, what about the votes in many GA cities to legalize SUNDAY sales of alcohol?

Well .... let's break it down:

In every case, here, the rule changes were at least PARTLY a sort of "welcome mat" and invitation to tourists and potential new-comers to come and visit .... Georgia; Colorado; and Washington State!

WHY? Because most of the states are facing budget cutbacks due to declining revenues; and tourism can really boost a states' revenues and allow it to keep spending UP!

No doubt the 1933 Repeal provided some boost to the Depression-era economy, as well;

Then, this anti-Progressive latent bent is mostly propped-up by concern for the larger economy; and these measures are designed to bring new folks to visit these states!

As for "Progressivism," I still believe the fundamental foundation is growing and not shrinking; but again, the financial crisis and economic crisis are very powerful forces that might even help defeat the "Blue Noses." We shall see ...

What sorts of quality-of-life policy changes -- in addition to Sunday sales -- might GA enact to send-out a "green light" to would be visitors, tourists, and business investors?

PS: In this context, does Paul Broun's outspoken tenets of his religious faith help or harm the recruitment drive?

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