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Planned Parenthood to Tucker Max: Keep your money

April 3, 2012

Tucker Max has made a living degrading women and writing about it.

I remember the first time I read something by Tucker Max. It was a tale of how he screwed over a woman and then treated her like garbage. 

Max has made a living out of being crass and misogynistic and there is an audience for his type of entertainment.

His memoir, "I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell," was an enormous success but the movie with the same name that followed did not fare as well.

You can read his stories and more about him at his site

Max recently offered to donate $500,000 to Planned Parenthood in Texas. The agency recently lost funding from Medicaid. Max needed a tax deduction and thought he might be able to get a clinic named after him.

Planned Parenthood refused the donation.  Based on some of the things Max has said about women, abortion, and specifically about Planned Parenthood, it is no wonder.

In July 2011, Max tweeted, "Planned Parenthood would be cooler if it was a giant flight of stairs, w/someone pushing girls down, like a water park slide." This is not the only nasty thing Max has written but it is the only one I am willing to post on our site.


Have you read anything written by Tucker Max?

Do you think Planned Parenthood was right to refuse his donation?  

Do you think maybe Planned Parenthood should take the donation and make a statement that they will turn something negative into something positive?

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