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Pear, Ham, & Stilton on Sourdough Recipe

October 25, 2010

Pears are one of my favorite fruits. Their sweet flavor and juicy tender texture are delicious in any recipe, from desserts to salads to main dishes. I love to use pears for Vinaigrettes, Compotes, Sauces, purées, and most definitely, I love pears with my good aged Stilton or Brie cheese.
Some people describe pears as 'smooth textured'. I think it is because the pear flesh contains a type of cell, called a stone cell with ultra-thick walls, that gives the flesh a somewhat gritty texture. But if pears are picked unripe and ripened off the tree, they will contain fewer stone cells.

Recipe of the month:

Pear, Ham, & Stilton on Sourdough

You will fall in love with this sandwich! It is so tasty! And you can always substitute stilton for a smoked Gouda, if you don’t like the strong flavors of the blue cheese. I make mine with a Prosciutto, so go ahead and make your self one today!

Boursin Cheese for the spread
1 Ripen Pear, sliced
1-2oz Stilton cheese, sliced or crumbled
3 oz Sliced Ham or Prosciutto
Fresh Sourdough Bread, Sliced
2 cups Arugula Lettuce
½ cup Olive oil, salt to taste

Spread the Boursin Cheese on two slices of sourdough. Then Lay down the ham, sliced pear, then Stilton, and Arugula mixed with little Olive oil and salt. Place the other bread slice on the top and make a sear the sandwich in a sauté pan or use a Panini machine if available. Visit our vebsite to see Chef martin’s cooking demo for this recipe.

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Enjoy! Chef Martin

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