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Paul Broun For Senate!!??

February 1, 2013

No doubt the liberals are salivating over Broun's apparent interest in the race to replace our latest deserter in the battle, (Saxby Chambliss)! They want to get him on the national stage and ask, "Mr. Broun, can you tell us how old the Earth is?"

Granted, even the King was surprised at Broun's recent remarks about evolution, the age of the earth, and embryology. Of course, I think I also know what he meant.

Course, to be fair, the King still only casts one vote; and likely GA's 10th District and our Congressional Delegation is on the way to replacing a reliable conservative vote (Broun) with a more liberal vote. You see, I have already done the math!

In fact, too many local GA conservatives turned a blind eye and deaf ear to PBO's election rout and believe GA remains a "safe" red state where the GOP can continue to control the state house for years into the future; overly-optimistic, they believe the more conservative Broun would be a "good choice" to replace the waffling and then whining Saxby!

Surprisingly, the local paper (ABH) did a sort of "equal-time" personal attack on Democrat Barrow's son in, I guess, advance of the notion that their former attacks on Broun (mostly by Blake Aued) did not represent a one-sided, out-of-bound's personal attack in return for his stated conservative views and beliefs;

I will not belabor the details about the attacks on Broun: They are well documented and include personal stuff that had nothing to do with his fitness, or performance in office. Gossip, really. AND the reason for those attacks -- surprise -- was because a handful (Blake; Flagpole; Jim; Pete; guy-who-moderates "ANM" on NPR, and Rebecca) of liberals in the local media wished to PUNISH the conservative Broun for his views and opinions not in agreement with the radical liberal left still well ensconced in local media outlets.

On election night, a liberal commentator, on the air, began to characterize the 10th district voters, essentially, as toothless hicks and rubes! He was SO angry that the voters returned the conservative Broun to office, he lashed out at the citizens of the entire 10th District; this sort of reckless rage ought to caution citizens locally, and in the District, from EVER entrusting political power to the liberal left!

In regards to the stuff on Broun, then, Barrow's kids: Two wrongs do NOT make a right! (Course, the liberals never intended to act with integrity or remain objective EVEN while employed as supposedly real journalists!)

We are here:

A Broun run for Senate may well end in swift, humiliating defeat; along the path of re-tarring Brown, no doubt, the liberal radicals will run down the entire 10th District! Granted, it IS fair play; and the King would rue the day those nasty liberals are punished, themselves, for playing those games; they are indeed entitled to their opinions; and we are better off, as a people, for tolerating and even listening to them!

On the other hand ... knowing all that ... and seeing a Senate race as something approaching a national-level race; we need to understand that the level of media coverage will be tilted towards the national level; and those outlets and journalists are much more rabidly pro-Obama and anti-South and anti-Religion and anti-Guns than even the handful of local liberal losers!

But shouldn't Broun fight the good fight, win-lose-or-draw? And wouldn't backing away from this challenge lead to more backing away ... and maybe even provoke the liberal dogs into attacking more conservatives? Yeah, maybe.

But when the German's attacked Stalingrad, the Russian army almost lost it; then they re-grouped, counter-attacked; and encircled and utterly defeated the Nazis.

Churchhill characterized the Allied victory, simply, "As the practical application of overwhelming force!" In GA, and in the 10th CD, we have that overwhelming force; let's NOT waste it with strategic missteps!

With regard to PBO's election and changing national moods, now is the time for us Republicans and conservatives to unify and re-group; let's not be taunted into showing our manhood, or wearing our values on our sleeves.

Instead of marching to the drum beats of the opposing side, let's call our own shots!

This is not about courage, manhood, religion or even gun rights. This is about prevailing in that great war over whether GA and the US is to be the nation we have been traditionally; and whether our values or those of the liberal left radicals will triumph! The battle is too important to allow a handful of radical, hateful liberals dictate the terms!

On the plus side, now we all KNOW Saxby! Good riddance!

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