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Obama, Clinton Wrong On Benghazi

November 16, 2012

Mr. Petraeus said that classified intelligence showed that the deadly raid on the diplomatic mission was a terrorist attack, but that the administration withheld the suspected role of specific affiliates of Al Qaeda to avoid tipping off the terrorist groups.

And, apparently, Mr. Petraeus "dressed up" his testimony today to kinda sorta make "ok" the fact that both the President and SoS wrongly assumed the killing of the Ambassador was brought on by yet another video insulting Islam!

The problem, really, in positing that the President wanted the terrorists to feel as though they were "safe," revolves around the fact that the Obama White House along with Ms. Clinton actually took-out ads in some Muslim countries where they apologized for the offensive video, and said it was not backed by the U.S. government!

In other words, blaming the video up front might have thrown the perps off, but going further and having the video maker arrested (on trumped-up charges) and apologizing in radio and TV ads ... well, that's so over the top as to convince the King, at least, that the President was wrong in his first assumption -- and really believed the video caused the attack just as he said; and then had his now deposed CIA director go in and put some spin on the whole thing.

Bottom-line: PBO's assumption about the offensive video -- emanating from America -- was wrong; in fact, his long-held belief that "American arrogance" and "insensitivity" contributed both to 911 and the killing of our ambassador really represent a good dose of "on the job" training and reality!

Unfortunately, all over the Middle East, today, we see amassed ruling powers brought to power with the White House's tacit support; the President THOUGHT if America was "nice" to our sworn enemies, then they'd nice right back!

Instead, they struck at the heart of the then unprotected soft belly of America; and they are now baiting our last real ally into an alley fight with the vicious dogs of the Arab spring!

Two things: Obama is WRONG about a lot of other things, too, too numerous to list here; because of his assumptions, policy has been made and followed that will create severe problems in the future for America and for Americans;

The Middle East conflict between a purposefully isolated Israel and other Arab states could blow-up into an unprecedented confrontation between the "Super Powers," shut-off oil exports and provoke sky-high gas prices and shortages; looks like we'll not have to wait until the election to begin seeing and feeling the effects of having a President who is wrong on so many major policy issues; it matters, always, did, and voters supporting Santa Clause -- or the man who looks like them -- are likely to "get that" even as the Hoax-in-Chief remains too proud to admit when he is wrong!

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