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February 19, 2013

[quote] a one-time title tax that replaces sales tax and the annual "birthday" tax. [/quote]

Let's clear one thing up. Currently, there is no sales tax on "casual sales"-- sales of used cars between private individuals. The "no new taxes" republicans are now going to make you pay sales tax on that junker, and get this, the sales tax is based on what the state says it worth, not what you the actual purchase price. So that piece of crap with the blown motor that you are going to fix up just so you can have a ride is going to pay the same sales tax as a cherry model off some dealer's lot. And you have to pay the tax before you get your tag.

But as Ron Popiel would say, WAIT, THERE'S MORE. So you get stuck with the sales tax when you buy it, AND THEN every purchaser after that has to pay the sales tax again. So the "no tax Republicans" are not only taxing your car purchase, they are doing it two or three time.

And you still have to buy a tag on your birthday, so so much for eliminating the "birthday tax."

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