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February 19, 2013

It's simple. We're all being taken to the cleaners. And why? Remember before Katrina when gas was a dollar something? Then right after Katrina, gas went through the roof at over $3 a gallon? And the lame excuse was "Oh...the refinery in Louisiana was taken off line because the pipes that transport the gas were damaged and it would take a few months to fix."
Well, Katrina is long gone, but the gas prices NEVER went down. And why? Because during post Katrina the oil companies saw that the American people would pay anything for gas, so why lower the price. Why charge $1.50 when people will pay $3.95 a gallon?! There's NO valid reason why gas needs to be so high. We've had trouble in the Middle East before. We always have since 1948, but this never caused gas prices to remain high for so long. Not even during Desert Storm. But now the oil companies, who are in bed with the government, are continually manufacturing reasons why gas "has to be" so high. And we just have to sit there and take it! Does the word "Monopoly" come to mind. I mean...where else can we as citizens go for gas? And the oil companies know it, so they can charge whatever they want to.

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