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February 11, 2013

This story has been told before and will meet with the same predictable outcome, citizens outrage,at least from those who have jobs. Our mother country had taxed it's citizens to the point of revolt, due to HUGE debt from wars with France & Spain, with those in charge retaining their wealth, as opposed to the "common man". So they chose to tax the new colonies.

There is no correlation of todays overspending by Congress with pork laden bills, to that of ENG. I'm sure 16 TRILLION of DEBT was never, ever, in the minds of OF our FOUNDERS. BOTH sides of the aisles are to blame. TERM LIMITS, ONE BILL ONE ITEM, & NO full salary with paid healthcare after 5 yrs as a Rep/ 6 yrs as a Sen.

Where is the "FOR the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE & of the PEOPLE ??

TOTAL BS........HSIF..............................

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