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January 26, 2013

[quote] she said the mass killings at Virginia Tech and Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., all began with guns. [/quote]

Oh no. They started way before the guns. Deep, deep down you know that.

Their hatred, their "issues", their planning, and yes, they planned their actions, all started well before any of them picked up a gun.

So protest all you like. Institute bans, more stringent background checks, longer waiting periods, and otherwise crack down on the 99.9+% of weapons owners that have never misused their weapons.

Feel good, rejoice, go home and sleep knowing that you've done absolutely nothing to stem the violence. Nothing to reduce the number of murder victims (about 1 every 30 minutes). Nothing to put an end to multiple homicides (didn't work under the last "assault weapons ban). The Virginia Tech shooter had two handguns, a .22 and a 9mm, a plan, and lots and lots of time.

What it's going to take is a change within each of us. A change in society where we respect each other and ourselves. A change where murder and murderers are dealt with swiftly and assuredly. Where they're not given rock star status.

And there will have to be a change in society where we understand that these things will happen from time to time. That we can't lock up every potential kook without locking us all up. We can't guarantee that someone won't handle their anger, shame, failure, or whatever in a manner that doesn't have fatal implications to others.

And society has to accept that we each are responsible for our own protection from those that wish us harm. And that those entrusted with our kids safety have that responsibility to ensure their safety while our kids are in their care. That the police can't be everywhere all the time, even more so in today's economic climate.

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