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January 9, 2013

From the New York Daily News article on the subject:

"Despite such rhetoric, sources say Biden's group is is eyeing undramatic unilateral actions Obama could take.
They include improving federal mental health programs and requiring all federal agencies to send information to a national database used for gun background checks.
Other executive actions on the table include using his recess appointment power to install a director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives a post left vacant for six years due to holds by Senate Republicans, and ordering the Justice Department to step up prosecutions, now almost nonexistent, of people caught lying on forms used for gun background checks."

So, let's see...mental health programs, coordinating gun background checks, finally getting a director for the BATF, and prosecute people who lie on background check forms.
I'm not seeing the tyranny here.
The fact that Weird went from the limited list of things that the president could do via executive order to dire and overwrought warnings of the government "sending armed representatives to disarm the citizenry" may indicate a bit of histrionics on his part.
Obama is not a tyrant and no one is violating the second amendment. There will not be armed government agents coming to your door to "take your means of self-protection" away from you. Relax.

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