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December 14, 2012

*sigh* Another person who has it completely backward.

God did not put pen to paper and write a single line of the Bible. Of all the Bibles on all the shelves in all the world, not one single letter was written by the hand of God. All of it is the creation of men.

By contrast, not one iota of the evidence of geology, cosmology and evolution is created by man. The geologic strata, the galaxies, the DNA in our cells, the fossils - none of them were put there by man.

If you believe God created our natural world, then it is the natural world you should study to better understand God. Therefore it is scientists, not priests or theologians (or scriptural literalists like Sue) who are studying God's direct evidence and truly reading the word of God.

That's why the story told to us by science is so much grander, greater, longer, wider than any creation story written by men.

Science tells us that the universe came into existence through a cataclysm of immeasurable power, so strong that the heat from the event still warms the universe over 13 billion years later. Science tells us of stellar birth and death, events so powerful they could strip the atmosphere off a planet from 1000 light years away. Science tells us of minerals created in the vast atomic forges in the center of giant stars. Science tells us of a massive, glorious dance of the heavens over billions of years, and of the creation of our precious planet among billions of trillions of other stars and planets. Science tells us of an incredibly simple, elegant process of gradual change driven by the reproductive success, leading to stunningly varied, adaptable, resilient life - life so vibrant and sweeping that it changed the very nature and composition of our planet.

The creation story of the Bible takes a few short verses suitable for discussion around a Stone Age campfire and hasn't changed in 2000 years. The creation story of science consumes entire libraries, is supported by warehouses of samples and evidence, and is growing every day. The creation story of science challenges the comprehension of even modern, educated man, and science freely admits the story is not yet complete or fully understood. Scientists face the unknown not with fear and denial, but with eager curiosity and a drive to add just bit more to humanity's real understanding of the universe.

If you want to better understand your God, close the Bible and look through a telescope or a microscope.

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