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December 11, 2012

Rah rah rah for belt-tightening and stiff upper lip in the face of economic adversity. The photo in the print edition of two very overweight good ole boys shows two people who have never had much experience of prudent self-denial, much less classically defined temperence or chastity (the oposite of luxury). You can bet their pensions, health care and salaries will not be affected by budget cuts.

The university system has been big on new giant buildings ("job creation" for legislative buddies) but not on staff quality or quality of life. "Useless" departments that teach people how to think and expose them to the larger world of ideas have had to bow down to advanced job training courses. What grand iteration of the Terry College of business are we up to now?--teaching things at student and taxpayer expense that corporations used to have to do on their own dime.

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