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November 24, 2012

@Willow: Since you plussed one of my comments and negged the other, let me see if you can neutrally receive some insight.

E.J. makes a plan to antagonize. Her first and second post on this thread were nothing but efforts to antagonize. If you cannot see that, you have not been paying attention.

The first post: Hitting the absolute height of either passive-aggression or purposeful obtuseness, I saw it quite clearly as an effort to begin an attack on this thread.

The second post: in an attempt to reframe this thread and then create drama where none existed (note that none of us had said much about the overall conflict prior), she decided to make this about preferring one nationality over another. None of us had done that. She was trying to tell us what our "point" was, then tell us why it was wrong.

As to your offense at this thread, I'm sorry to have to say it, but you are being woefully one-sided. You berate some of the posters for making quips, but not E.J. Was her first post not merely a quip meant to denigrate the idea that this item should be highlighted? Think on it and get back to me.

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